Tom Hanks in a Broadway Show

01-lucky-guy Tom Hanks makes his official debut on Broadway next month in Lucky Guy. The play is about Pulitzer Prize winner Mike McAlary, a columnist in Daily News. McAlary won the Pulitzer for covering the Abner Louima police-brutality case in 1998. 8 months later he died of cancer. Lucky Guy was written by Nora Ephron, Tom’s good friend who passed away last June.

Speaking about the rehearsals Hanks said: “We had, quite frankly, steeled ourselves for Ephron’s absence. There’s no other way of putting it. In many ways, I hear Nora’s voice and think of her in the present tense.” Also, he revealed what she used to say to him if he had problems with a certain line: “She’d say, ‘Well, Tom, you know me. We’ve worked together. If a line doesn’t work, we’ll change it.’ So I can hear her saying, ‘Yeah, maybe we should change that.’ And if she shook her head, it was very slowly. Very slooowly. And that meant, ‘It’s not going to happen.’ I can see her doing that in some of the ideas that we have.”

The Oscar-winning actor admits that the theater is all about hard work involving a physical strain but quite fun. The play opens April 1.

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