Tom Hiddleston: I don’t want to have regrets

tom-hiddleston The thing that worries Tom Hiddleston the most is having regrets. The actor says he has no fear of dying but he wouldn’t want to look back someday and realize he hasn’t made the most of his life.

”I have terrible fear of wasting time. Who knows? Maybe I should relax a bit. Maybe working too hard is wasting time. I have a fear of regret. I’m not afraid of death, although I know that sounds odd,” he said.

The 32-year-old actor rose to fame after his portrayal of mischievous villain Loki in Thor and Avengers.

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One response to “Tom Hiddleston: I don’t want to have regrets”

  1. Alec says:

    Yes, dude, relax! This worst fear stops you from achieving the heights you want to achieve. I know you have achieved many things, but the only things that prevent you from more accomplishments in life ids your on fear. So, move on and never look back!