Top 10 Sexiest Serbian Women 2018

Top 10 Sexiest Serbian Women 2018-min
Wonderful Serbian girls are waiting to meet you. The most beautiful and sexiest women in Serbia online.
Serbs are famous for their attractive female beauty, sexuality, emotionality. They are not like everyone else – it’s better not to mess with them. Daring, sharp, fearless – and beautiful; bright features, burning eyes – this is a short description of a real Serbian woman.

In Serbia every woman is fond of sports. If you do not do something, it causes sincere bewilderment of the interlocutor. Also these girls like coffee very much. They drink coffee everywhere at home, at work, in a cafe. With a cigarette, rahat-lukum or with a stack of vinyak (local brandy). Tea in Serbia is often perceived as something from the category of traditional medicine and to find a normal tea is not easy.

The most popular website of Serbia is Facebook. There are a lot of advertising in public transport and on TV, contacts that even some state organizations indicate. Some state organizations use their page on the facebook as an official website. Facebook in Serbia is everywhere. Even the most popular Serbian women celebrities use this social media as the way of communication with their friends and fans.

Bojana Panic

Bojana Panic

One of the main values in Serbia, is the rest. Whoever you are, whatever you do, whatever your life goals are, the main thing is to always have time for a rest. This is the main reason of great numbers of cafes in the country. Even if the Serbian girl doesn’t have a lot of money, she can still spend the last money on beer, snacks and something else, to get together a couple of friends and relax.

Barbara Tatalovic

Barbara Tatalovic

In Serbia, it is difficult to determine the true age, especially for women. You look – a beautiful girl, and she has three children, the oldest one is 15 already. Or: you look – the beautiful little girl, and she is only 12. Or: you look from the back – a cool chick with great figure, and a gait … you think the she is probably 20 years, hut when you see her face, you realize that she’s 40-45 years old.

But now we would like to present you top the most beautiful Serbian women, who are popular all over the world.

  1. Aleksandra Vukovic – model.
  2. Ana Ivanovic – is a Serbian professional tennis player. In 2008 she was the first racket of the world.
  3. Barbara Tatalovic – model.
  4. Bojana Panic – model and actress.
  5. Danica Curcic – one of the most famous young actresses of Scandinavia. She is very popular not only in her country but in Europe.
  6. Natasha Petroviс – actress.
  7. Nina Jankovic – actress.
  8. Olya Ivanisevic is a Serbian model.
  9. Sanja Papic – model, represented Serbia and Montenegro at the Miss Universe-2003, where she took 3rd place, at the Miss Europe 2003 competition she became 2nd vice-Miss.
  10. Sonja Kolacaric is a Serbian actress. Known for the films “Celestial fishing rod” and “Charleston & Vendetta”.

Serbian women: top 15 most beautiful women from Serbia

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