Top 10 Twitter’s most followed celebrities

Celebrities have long recognized the potential and realized the importance of social networks. Twitter is the most popular at the moment and stars love using it to upload their photos and share some interesting (or not-so-interesting) thoughts with their followers. Even President Obama likes to tweet. Here is the list of most followed celebrities on Twitter.

Justin Bieber








With 41,995,047 followers (and counting) Justin is the top celebrity on Twitter. He follows 122,318 people and is also very active with 22,846 tweets, which is 9 tweets a day on average.

Katy Perry








Katy currently has 39,495,455 followers on her profile and that makes her the second most popular celebrity on Twitter. The singer follows 122 profiles and has posted 4,674 tweets so far.

Lady Gaga








She was the number one celebrity on the network for quite some time. However, with “only” 39,199,196 followers, Gaga comes in at number three now. She hasn’t been very active recently and has total of 2,638 tweets so far.

Taylor Swift








Happy. Free. Confused. Lonely. At the same time. – This is how Taylor describes herself on her profile, but judging by the number of her followers (30,964,572), she is not so lonely after all. She follows 106 people on the network and has tweeted 1,825 times.









The Barbados beauty has 30,644,313 people following her on Twitter, whereas she is following only 967. Rihanna is one of the most active celebs with the average of 3 tweets per day (8,104 total).

Britney Spears








Controversy, bad times aside, pop princess Britney has 29,425,514 followers, which puts her in the top ten most followed celebrities on Twitter. Britney has tweeted 2,485 times so far.

Justin Timberlake








Justin joined Twitter in September 2008 and has managed to gather 22,943,094 followers. He follows only 49 profiles and tweets 3 times a day on average.









With 21,361,591 followers, Shakira is strong at number 8. She is following 86 profiles and has total of 1,985 tweets so far.

Jennifer Lopez








JLo has 21,052,632 followers and follows 331. She tweets almost every day and has 2,281 posts currently.

Ellen DeGeneres








Famous comedian and talk show host, Ellen is our number 10 with 20,715,162 followers. She follows 46,801 profiles and has tweeted 7,643 times so far.


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