Top 15 most unexpected celebrity’s divorces

Top 15 most unexpected celebrity’s divorces A long time ago people knew how to fix things that were broken, nowadays it is much easier to throw away the things and getting other ones instead of fixing the good old ones, unfortunately same happens with people in their relationships.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

Johnny Depp and Vanessa ParadisFourteen years of marriage for Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, and their two children would not compare with the lack of emotional comfort in the relationship, that is the conclusion to which both of them come, and they decided to get split. Nevertheless it was not an easy breakup for both of them, only a while later they were able to talk about the breakup and their methods of going through it. The last few years were very difficult for both of them, but they kept struggling for the sake of their family, as they hoped they could save it. For Vanessa it was quite hard the fact that Jonny was never around her when she needed him, as a result it was not very easy for Johnny as well.  Well they tried playing as much as they could, but they eventually lost. The good thing is that no matter he already got a new girlfriend Amber Heard, he is still taking care of Vanessa and their children. Vanessa was always trying to save their relation, she believed that if there is love, than people should continue struggling for being with each other, but it works only if two people are trying, as soon as she realized that Johnny is not there with her anymore she put the divorce papers. After the breakup Vanessa has released a new music album which she called as her own “therapy” from the divorce.

Vensan Cassel and Monica Belucci

Vensan Cassel and Monica BelucciMonica Belucci and Vensan Cassel have met each other on the motion set of the movie where they both performed. The gorgeous Italian has caught Vensan’s eye, and he fall for her, especially he was always amazed by the power of her will and soul. She never was getting into his business, and he was doing same for her, they both were very independent, and didn’t ever had even mutual friends. They were considered as one of the strongest couples in the cinema industry, but in august 2013 they announced their separation. Monica has found the strength in order to comment why it happened, she said she was always hoping that their relationship will last forever, but at the same time she kept living every day like it is the last day of her life. At one moment she noticed that their relation has turned into some sort of routine, and that is something she didn’t really want for them. And being together just for the sake of their children, was also pointless, that is why they divorced, but their love towards their children would be eternal. Together they have two children: daughter Deva born in September 2004, and another daughter Leonie, who was born in 2010. Nevertheless there is a slide chance that the couple will be together again, but of course that needs time and patience, and desire from the both people in the couple, as Monica stated that she is still crazy about Vensan. Also she added that Vensan is an unusual man, she loves him a lot, but sometimes she really wants to kill him.

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica ParkerIt is not a secret for a very long time that Sarah Jessica Parker’s husband is cheating her for a very long time and with various women. Sarah kept forgiving them and even tried saving their marriage when the twins were born in 2009, but she failed and couldn’t save something, that was already dead for a too long time. The last time when Matthew cheated on her, was very painful and humiliating as he was eating from the same plate and cuddling with Marcy. That was the last drop and Sarah decided to divorce. She tried to save the marriage, but it was just not meant for them to be together. So she started working a lot, and going out with friends more, that has helped her healing the wounds. And she realized that honestly speaking they are living separate lives for a very long period of time, there is no passion between them anymore. Sarah Jessica Parker was struggling for such a long period of time, not for herself, but for the sake of their children, but that also have lost all of its sense. Rumors say that Broderick was simply not able to go through the fame of his wife.

Courtney Cox and David Arquette

Courtney Cox and David ArquetteWhen Courtney Cox married David Arquette in 1999 she was the happiest woman on Earth and it was clearly obvious on her face. They were crazy about each other and very happy, but in one of his interviews David touched the subject of their intimate life, this and also a variety of his cheatings on her Courtney was not able to forgive. In one of her interviews she stated that she is not mad at him though he done many bad things, and also she added that they are getting separated while being very good friends, she said that David is not a bad person and didn’t mean to harm her, it just happened and nevertheless she still stays as his best defender. Their marriage lasted more than twelve years, and the reason of breakup was the irreconcilable disputes. No matter they are divorced, they are still very good friends and are talking about each other in a very nice and warm way.  They tried saving their marriage while having another baby (they have a daughter Coco Riley Arquette born in 2006), but Courtney had seven miscarriages, so it never helped them solving their problem.

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan PhilippeReese met Ryan on her birthday when she turned 21, someone invited him to her party, he was very popular at that time, the star of the movie “I know what you did last summer” ,with great carrier in football was really admired by a lot of women, while Reese came to him and declared that he is her main birthday gift. That is how they start their communication through the letters, as after that they both left to work upon different movies, they met each other again on the filming set of “Cruel intentions” after which Reese stayed pregnant and as a result they made a quick wedding in 1999. Their daughter Ava was born, and they were called as one of the exemplary families. She could be called as one of the most charming and attractive actresses in Hollywood due to her physical appearance, but instead she was called as the most ambitious actress of the 21 century. After the success of the “Cruel intentions” she built a company of her own which allowed her to get a big honorary for the movie “Legally blonde”. After that she had a few other very successful movies, while Ryan’s carrier was going down, that volcano has erupted in 2002 when Ryan showed in public how irritated he is that she is earning more money. Reese started struggling for her own family, and made a second honeymoon in the Caribbean for them, in 2003 their second child was born- a son who was named Diacon. The situation got worse after Reese got her Oscar that has brought Ryan to cheating and speaking even worse to his wife. So they got official divorce.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise and Nicole KidmanTom Cruise and Nicole Kidman divorced the entire Hollywood was shocked that something like that happen, they were one of the strongest couples in the land of dreams, that is why when he started his relationship with the young actress Katie Holmes, no one believed it will last for too long, but due to Katie’s kindness and unconditional love towards Tom their marriage lasted for quite a long period of time. Together they have a daughter Suri. Their divorce was one of the fastest in the Hollywood’s history, as only after two weeks after Katie asked for it, they were officially separated. Actors were very convincing while they “played” their love in public, and it was silly not to believe in their love, but it turned that love didn’t really ever existed.  That is why it was not such a surprising shock for the society when they divorced; they simply revealed that in their couple everything was not that well as it seemed to be.

Seal and Heidi Klum

Seal and Heidi KlumAt the beginning of the year 2013 the famous top model Heidi Klum and her husband Seal have made official the news about their separation. After seven years of a happy family life and having four children the couple officially divorced, though rumors say that Christmas they have spent together showing to the entire world that being parents is the most important thing for them. At the beginning the news of their breakup looked as a rumor spread by the media, as their life seemed to be so happy, though Heidi’s fans were completely sure that main model of the Victoria’s Secret was simply not able to stand her husband’s bad character anymore. They were convinced, until in the case of the divorce haven’t appeared the third party- who was Heidi’s bodyguard. It looked that the reason for divorce was Klum’s cheating on Seal with him. After seeing a picture where Heidi and her bodyguard Martin Kristen were resting in Sardinia, Seal declared that it is exactly what happens to people when they are getting distant from each other, also he added that he was not expecting Heidi to go to the convent, but at the same time was not expecting her to show her affair in public at least till the end of the divorce process. The only thing that was making him worry was the emotional and psychological condition of their children. Martin was her bodyguard for the past four years, but the star’s friends insist that all that time until divorce their relationship was strictly professional.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

Demi Moore and Ashton KutcherDemi’s divorce with Bruce Willis was quite easy, as she stopped loving him for a long time before that, while her divorce with Ashton Kutcher has almost killed her. She loved him so much and was simply not able to realize how it happened with them that they became so distant, and he doesn’t love her anymore it was very difficult for her, especially as she saw him having fun with other girls’ right immediately after their separation.  A long time ago she was an alcoholic, so the hardest thing for her was not to get back to the old bad habit. The reason for their divorce was stated the “non  compatibility” of the actors, while rumors were saying that Ashton got bored with Demi, and was looking already for a younger partner in order to have fun, and maybe  children of his own later (Demi had three daughters from her previous marriage with Bruce Willis). The procedure of the official divorce was enclosed only in November 2013, when the ex husband and wife finally agreed about the way their mutual gatherings would be shared. Later Ashton started a relationship with the actress Mila Kunis, the couple got the fifth place according to the richest couples in Hollywood in conformity with Forbes.

Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony

Jennifer Lopez and Mark AnthonyAfter divorcing with Mark Anthony in one of her concerts while performing the song “If you had my loveJennifer Lopez started crying, later in her first interview after the split she confessed that sometimes people understand that they are not good for each other, and being with each other is a mistake, also she added that she loves her for the fact that she always has enough strength in order to leave. Some people were saying that the reason for their separation was the fact that during their marriage, Jennifer’s carrier went up, while Mark was mostly known as a Latin salsa star, though no one was taking into consideration that Mark was helping her becoming what she became, as well as he was always supporting her. The other possible reason was that they eventually hurried while getting married, as their wedding took place only five months after JLo’s separation from Ben Affleck. Rumors were saying that Jennifer still loved Ben, and was very sad with the fact that there was nothing she could do in order to have him back, as he was already married with Jennifer Garner and looked pretty happy with her. According to another rumor, mutual jealousy has eaten their marriage, as well as the fact that Mark cheated on Jen with a stewardess on his private jet. But still it is truth that when love goes away there is nothing that can be saved on its ruins, this was the main reason of their breakup, and even their lovely twins were not able to save the family.

Madonna and Guy Richie

Madonna and Guy RichieMadonna considers that her marriage with Guy Richie has collapsed due to the fact that romantics has died in their relationship and made her doubt whether their love really existed. The singer confessed that at the beginning everything was “perfect”, but while years were passing she started noticing “cracks in their cardboard relation”. She started doubting and realized that their marriage was not exactly what she expected from it. That is how the beginning of the end in their relationship has come; all she was able to think was “what other sacrifices I should overcome for the sake of our marriage, and how long will it last”. Together they have a son Rocco, and an adopted son David. In the interview to the “Newsweek” magazine Madonna claimed that she started writing the scenario for the movie “W.E” when she realized that her marriage will not last for too long. Guy Richie said about his life with the diva that he doesn’t regret it, but still there were too many dramas, that turned their life into a soap opera. His friends were also adding that Madonna’s anxiety about kabala; yoga and diets have made their life simply impossible. Today both of them have new people in their life, Madonna is dating with Brahim Zaibat, while Guy Richie became a father again in September, and his love Jackie Ainsley bore him a boy.


Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

Jessica Simpson and Nick LacheyNick and Jessica was a very romantic couple, as she was all adorable and cute, and he was all strong and madly in love with her. Their wedding as well as life after the wedding were shown in a TV show to the entire world. After three years of family life they announced of their separation.  Rumors say that real reason of their breakup was the fact that Jessica’s carrier was much more successful when Nick’s. As a reason for divorce she stated that all the last year of their marriage she was performing for the society and now is very sorry that Nick will have to earn his own money for living, as she will not pay for him anymore, Nick has returned the compliment by saying that she was awful in bedroom.

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman

Christina Aguilera and Jordan BratmanThe breakup with Jordan was the most difficult thing and time she ever went through, and it almost killed her, as she loved him more than anything in this life. It was very hard for her to change life completely after their divorce, the good thing is that she had her family around her and they really helped her a lot. Christina even went through the time when she didn’t had enough power in order to get up from the bed, that was the time when she gained a lot of weight, but love towards her and Jordan’s son Max has helped her going through this time. And at the same time Matt Rutler has appeared in her life and helped her overcoming everything.

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

Eva Longoria and Tony ParkerEva Longoria made an official statement that she and Tony Parker are getting divorced, it happened after she found out about his cheating on her, that was the most difficult moment in her life, as she was a really loving wife, and put her entire soul in that marriage, so when everything happened she simply lost herself and didn’t know what to do, and that was pretty obvious on her face, on every interview she was giving.  Their life seemed to be so happy, and nothing was showing that soon they will go through all the drama. Later Eva found out everything, during their marriage Tony had a few women at the same time. That was a tough time, as they spent together seven years. Probably the real problem was the fact that they didn’t have children, though Tony really wanted to. A year ago his new girlfriend has bore him a child.

Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston Brad PittJennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were really happy together until the moment when Brad took part in the filming of the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, according to a source, as soon as Jennifer realized he fall in love with Angelina she kicked him out of their house in Beverly Hills, but the whole divorce procedure she started a bit later, after she saw his pictures with Angelina and Maddox in Kenya.  Right now the actress is very happy with her new boyfriend Justin Theroux, though there were very hard times for her, but she knew why she was divorcing Brad, she knew it was his choice, and all what she could do was simply going through it with dignity. Only some time later Jennifer realized that all the nerves she and tears she spent were not worthy

Kim Kardashian and Chris Humphries

Kim Kardashian and Chris HumphriesKim Kardashian finally got the divorce from Chris Humphries who was not giving her the divorce for longer time than their marriage actually lasted, as he was simply upset with her, and wanted to piss her off in any possible way, but he gave up when realized Kim is pregnant. Chris friends stated that he was very mad at Kim for the way their marriage ended, but when he saw she is pregnant and how stressed she is, he didn’t wanted to be a part of it. There were rumors stating that Chris was not giving the divorce to Kim as he wanted some money, but that wasn’t true, he has enough money, all he ever wanted is to “clean” his name, and prove Kim was cheating on him, but he realized that anyways he will never be able to do that, so gave up before the situation got worse. This gave Kim the chance to bore North West, as a free woman. Currently she is engaged with Kanye West and they are looking for the perfect place for their wedding.

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4 responses to “Top 15 most unexpected celebrity’s divorces”

  1. Vicky says:

    When people deal so well with each other and look so good on a magazine’s cover it is hard to think they are going to divorce. Still, life is life and there are many pitfalls waiting for the couples. Only willing people to make a marriage work can stay together till the end of their days no matter what! There are no real obstacles that people cannot endure; there is no willingness of one (or both) partners to work on it. IMHO!

  2. Sarah says:

    Hmm, honestly speaking the most unexpected divorce to me was Vensan Cassel and Monica Belucci divorce. I mean how come, they seemed to be such a perfect couple, and in one minute they managed to destroy everything, their love, their family and everything that they had. I feel very much sorry about it, as I believe that people can meet their true love only once per their life, and if they do, than they should hold it as much as they can, because they cannot be sure that they will ever meet someone who they will love more and till the rest of their lives. I think that even if there are some conflicts in the family, and sometimes it seems that there is no way out and life isn’t feel same happy as it felt before, it is still much better than the miserable living without each other, that is why I do not understand how people can let go on each other so easily, just like never happened and they never shared those moments of ultimate happiness.

  3. Kathy says:

    I guess one of the most unexpected divorces of the year was the one between the singer Seal and the top model Heidi Klum. I still find it very hard to believe, especially considering the fact that those two have four children together. I think that when you are making the decision to create a big family, than you are supposed to be perfectly aware of the fact that you are responsible for the happiness and normal psychical condition of your children, because eventually if parents are divorced it affects the further fate of their children, and in the majority of cases they grow up without having the faith in the bounds of marriage and family. I think that everyone does mistakes while being married, Heidi is not an exception, yes she has done a mistake, but her husband could have considered at least the idea of forgiving her if not for his own sake, than for the sake of their children.

  4. Linda says:

    Two of the most painful divorces in Hollywood that the entire America was going through very difficult, were the divorces between: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, and the divorce between Eva Longoria and Tony Parker. The worst thing about those divorces is the fact that those two women truly, madly and deeply loved their husbands, and were able to do anything for them, they were literally “glittering” from happiness while being together, but it was just not meant to be an everlasting family. But the worse thing is that those men were such cowards, they couldn’t say honestly that they got feelings for other women, instead of that they betrayed those women, and humiliated them. I felt so sorry for Jen and Eva, as it took many years for them to let go this situation and to continue living their life, to rebuild it and at least think of the possibility to be happy.