Top 15 Successful Hollywood Marriages.

best top 15 marrieges Those people are a great example not only to Hollywood, but to entire world, as they managed to stay loyal and loving towards each other even through years of difficulties of the marriage. They truly know the meaning of the words together for better and for worse.

Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori

Adriano Celentano and Claudia MoriAdriano Celentano, a famous Italian heartbreaker is happily married for almost fifty years, and his secret of happiness is having more love in the days than existing. His future wife Claudia Mori he met on the filming of the movie “Some weird fellow”. They both were young, wild and beautiful. Claudia’s first impression of Adriano was not a very positive one, she considered that he looked very much same as a monkey, though only a few hours later, their acquaintance became much closer, due to Claudia’s mistake the light died on the motion stage and Adriano got a few injuries. Their love sparkled really fast, and no one expected that kind of continue. On one of the concerts while singing a romantic song Adriano confessed to Claudia that he loves her, same year, in 1964 they got secretly married. The couple has three children: daughters Rosita and Rosalinda (cinema actress) and a son Jacomo who is also a singer like his father. In 2004 was born the first grandchild Samuele, who is Jacomo’s son. Currently Adriano continues his carrier as a singer, while his wife Claudia is the executive director in the Clan Celentano Company.

Christopher Walken and Joanne Walken

Christopher Walken and Joanne WalkenThe famous actor Christopher Walken, has met his future wife Georgianne, while filming the movie “West Side Story” in 1969, she was very modest, and the most quiet girl he ever seen, but as soon as she looked into his eyes when he asked her some random question he realized that he will marry this woman, so same year they got married. Together they appeared only in one TV show, “The Sopranos” family, which was aired on the HBO channel.  The actor doesn’t have any secrets regarding his personal life, he is married for almost forty five years, and during that time was and always is loyal to his wife who is a casting agent. The other interesting thing about him is that he doesn’t like children, he never hid this truth from his wife, even before their marriage, that is why they never had children, and the other reason was Christopher’s fear that children will harm his carrier. His wife as well as brothers: Ken Walken and Glenn Walken are still calling him “Ronnie”.


Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston

Jeff Bridges and Susan GestonTheir story was not the most romantic one, but certainly one of the most interesting and funny ones. They met each other in the state of Montana, where Jeff Bridges was filmed in a movie, while Susan worked as a waitress.  She looked awesome, and he fell in love in her immediately, so he asked her for a date, and was very surprised when she said that he should stop even dreaming about that, as she is not one of those girls who only after seeing a Hollywood star jumps into his bed, but he didn’t give up, and only three months later she was already living in his house in Malibu. So they lived like this for three years, after which Susan got mad, the problem was, that the actor had a phobia, he was deadly afraid of getting married, so when his future wife put him in front of a choice: or wedding or separation, he got so terrified that started crying. And when Susan asked him what is wrong, he replied that he has a terrible feeling that he should marry her and that he is terribly afraid about that. Today, the actor is happily married with his wife Susan for more than thirty six years, together they have three daughters, and his wife he calls only with the word “love”, and he still loves her. The actor confesses- “After thirty six years of marriage I am still in love with my wife, same as many years ago when I met her, our relationship is getting only better and better by each year passing. I have never cheated on my wife with the actresses with whom I worked as it is silly to risk for a one moment distraction, the strong and everlasting relationship is way much better than that”. According to Jeff, the secret of a successful marriage is not getting divorced, not even trying to, also it is very important to understand and defend each other. During their marriage they made up their own technique of solving the issues appeared, which is sitting in front of each other and saying your own vision to the partner without being stopped even for a moment, and after that the partner does the same thing, this way a common compromise is being achieved.


 Meryl Streep and Don Gummer

Meryl Streep and Don GummerMeryl Streep has met Don Gummer (famous American architect) through her brother Harry who was friends with Don for a very long period of time. Before meeting him, Meryl was engaged for two years, with the actor John Kazale, who died from cancer in March 1978. Same year the actress got married with Don in the house of her parents on the Stone Island. Later they celebrated their wedding with friends in May 1979, since that time Meryl has never appeared in public without wearing her wedding ring. Together they have four children: Henry Woolf Gummer (became a musician), Mary Villa Gummer (became an actress), Grace Jane Gummer (became an actress) and Louise Jacobson Gummer. Meryl’s secret of long and happy marriage, is the ability of each partner to keep the mouth shot as well as giving up on some things for the sake of the beloved person, there is no instruction of how to keep the family, and it is always some sort of great conversations. Every person desperately needs both love and work, and Meryl is exactly the person who cannot imagine one of those without the other one. Once Meryl said- “I don’t know what would I do without my husband, I would be dead the least, emotionally dead if I wouldn’t meet him, and Don is the best”. When Meryl was getting the award for the role in “Steel lady” the first thing that she mentioned was how thankful she is to her husband, as everything that she got in her life, she got from him.


Samuel L Jackson and LaTanya Richardson

Samuel L Jackson and LaTanya RichardsonSamuel L Jackson is one of those people who do not like showing their personal life off. In 1980 the actor married LaTanya Richardson, whom he met during College times, and since that times always kept the image of that girl in his heart and mind. Two years later was born their daughter Zoe, it was a hard time for them, as Samuel was not that famous yet, and LaTanya didn’t worked while Zoe was small. Nowadays Zoe grew up being a very artistic and ambitious lady; she works as a general producer on one of the American TV’s. The entire family lives in Los Angeles and is very much into charity. In 2009 they created their own charity organization that is struggling for the education in the third world countries.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

Ozzy and Sharon OsbourneOzzy and Sharon Osbourne are one of the craziest couples in Hollywood, but at the same time, they are one of the strongest also. The Great and Terrifying Ozzy married Sharon Rachel Levi (she worked as a TV presenter at that moment) in 1982, and since that time he stayed a loyal husband, a wonderful family man, and a father of three children, two of them appeared in the family reality show on MTV: those were Kelly and Jack. And the first child’s name is Aimee, she is the one who doesn’t really like the bohemia life, and showing in public. Ozzy was very lucky to meet Sharon, as she is helping him with everything, she stand behind his back, and is ready to cover him as much as needed, she is his biggest fan, and takes care of all his business, as well as concerts. She was also the producer of the family reality show “The Osbourne Family”, which was very successful on TV.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell

Goldie Hawn and Kurt RussellGoldie Hawn, as well as Kurt Russell are two people who love their freedom most of all, they both were married, and those marriages in their life were simply performing role of the cage, and brought them to nothing good accept children that they had with their previous spouses.  They met each other the first time on the filming stage in 1968, which was filming of “One and only unique family ensemble”. There wasn’t any sparkle between them at that time; rumors say that it was even vice versa, as they didn’t quite like each other.  Their relationship started only fifteen years later, than they both were performing in the movie “Change of Shifts”. The actress thinks, that the most important thing in her life is not marriage itself, but the feeling that she loves and being loved. Each morning she wakes up with the thought that she can gather all of her clothes and leave, but she doesn’t want to do that, because her “cage” is open all the time. Their couple is one of the strongest in Hollywood, though they never got married officially, and their nickname in Hollywood is “always in love”. Together they have four children: Oliver and Kate Hudson (from Goldie’s previous and only official marriage), Boston Russell he is Kurt’s son from the first marriage, and Wyatt who is their mutual child.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks and Rita WilsonTom Hanks, have met his future wife in 1985, they both were taking part in the movie “Volunteers”, and since that moment they never fell apart, their official marriage took place only three years later, in 1988. Rita Wilson is exactly the type of woman that was created for family, as she sacrificed her entire carrier for the sake of her husband and family. Together they have two children: Chester and Truman, also Tom has two other children from the previous marriage: Elizabeth and Colin. Rita is supporting and helping her husband in everything, starting from choice of the project, and finishing with the work upon the role. Tom is never taking any decision without his wife’s approval about it. At the same time, Rita is able to comprise her own carrier, after their children grew up; she started a carrier of producer, and due to her movies, a famous actress Nia Vardalos, was discovered in the movie “My big Greek wedding”. While Tom appears in the most wanted Hollywood movies, Rita plays some small parts in the movies produced by her. In February 2011, Tom became a grandfather, as his elder son Colin got a daughter- Olivia.


Denzel and Pauletta Washington

Denzel and Pauletta WashingtonTheir marriage lasts for almost thirty years together, and it is all due to mutual love and care towards each other. During his marriage, he never cheated on his wife, and never appeared in a bedroom scene, as he respects his wife and marriage, also he considers himself as a Christian person, and reads Bible on the daily basis. Denzel takes his family very serious. He loves all four of his children: John David (born in 1985), Cathy (born in 1988), Malcolm and Olivia (born in 1991). Denzel Washington once, got “burned” while talking about his private life, and since that time he is quite reserved regarding this subject towards the media. His life’s ambition was creating the best possible conditions for his family: such as best house, best car, an own fly jet and so on. After turning forty , he already stopped paying attention to the articles and rumors spread about him, as he perfectly realizes that the fact he is a superstar will always lead people to curiosity and the more “interesting” things they will know about him, the better they will feel. on one of the interviews he stated, that the most important thing for him is not allowing media world in the private life of his family.


John Travolta and Kelly Preston

John Travolta and Kelly PrestonBefore meeting Kelly Preston, John Travolta, already was married and hot multiple relationships, as in his due time he was a love symbol in Hollywood, but everything changed completely in the moment when he met Kelly in 1991 on the motion of the movie “Look who is talking”. Her nice and modest physical appearance was able to win his heart, and since that time he became an exemplar family man. Together they bore two sons and a daughter. The elder son Jett, has died in 2009 from Kawasaki syndrome, and it was a very hard time for the entire family, but they managed somehow, mostly due to scientology to stay together and continue living for their daughter, later in 2010 was born their younger son Benjamin, who helped them overcoming the sorrow in their family even more.


Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith

Antonio Banderas and Melanie GriffithThe couple met each other while working in the same movie “Two is already too much” in 1995, at that time Antonio was a married man, but he fall in love with Melanie, so he immediately started the divorce process after finishing which, he got married with Melanie. There were always a lot of rumors around this couple, one of them were stating that Melanie Griffith is addicted to drugs and alcohol, the others that Antonio Banderas is threatening her with divorce if Melanie will gain an overweight, and so on. Nevertheless, any of those ever happened and the tattoo with the husband’s name on the shoulder of the actress is clearly stating that their relationship is based on something greater than weight. Although they are together for so many years, but still in each and every interview they are confessing their love towards each other, and they appear on all of the red carpets together and holding each other’s hand, just like they fall in love with each other only yesterday.


Will Smith and Jada Smith

Will Smith and Jada SmithThis famous couple met each other, on the filming of Will Smith’s show in 1990. Their wedding was held only seven years later, in 1997. They have two mutual children: Jaden and Willow also Will have an elder son from a previous relationship- Trey. Will Smith and Jada, are very good at solving problems not only at home, but also on the motion stage, they appeared together in the movie “Ali” in 2000, besides mutual filming, they also sing together a lot, Will is singing rap, while Jada is being a back vocal.  Their children are also very talented, Jaden already performed in a movie with his father “Chasing happiness”, why not, they are in a wonderful relation, plus Will was the producer of the movie “Karate- boy” there his son performed the main role. Their daughter Willow is showing more interest towards music, than towards cinema industry, and has all the chances to become a famous singer in the future. She already has a few music videos, and is performing very actively. The good thing in their family is that they all are a great support for each other.


David and Victoria Becham

David and Victoria BechamDavid Becham and Victoria Adams met each other in 1998. Before their personal meeting he saw her in the Spice Girls video “Say you’ll be there”, and that was the moment when he realized that it is his future girlfriend. They met each other a few months later on a charity game. That was love from the first sight; they could sit in David’s car for hours and talk on various topics. That is how their relationship started.  Their relationship was developing quite fast, as only one year later Victoria born their first son Brooklyn, and a few months after that they got married. Their wedding was in a very beautiful Irish castle in Dublin. The bride and the groom were sitting on the Thrones, and all of their guests were wearing black and white clothes.  This couple really found each other, as there are no other people in this world who would love fashion and their own physical appearance, as much as they do. That is why they are considered as the most stylish couple in the media. Together they have three boys, and a baby girl, though there are many rumors around this couple, as well as stating that David ever had relationships with other women, and even their own nanny, they are still together and enjoy every single moment they spend together. They lived in England, Spain, and now they live in America, they relocate that often mostly due to David’s carrier, her own carrier Victoria has sacrificed for the sake of her family.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta JonesTheir relationship started in august 1998, when they met each other on the cinema festival in France, and till next spring there was not that much going on between them, as each of them got back to the usual life, and projects they were involved in. But the summer of 1999 has brought them not only love, but also Catherine’s pregnancy. But I am sure that those two celebrities have decided to engage, not because of the future child, as their cloudless family life (they got married in 2000), have continued, and in 2003 they welcomed their second child, who was another proof of their strong feelings towards each other. Michael Douglas and Catherine are still together, and they are still truly, madly and deeply in love with each other. Two years ago Michael was struggling with throat cancer, and the media was reporting that he will not last long, but his wife’s love, care and support made the impossible- and Michael beat the cancer. after that Catherine Zeta Jones went to rehab in order to get better spiritually, as she went through many stresses during her husband’s disease, so that was the moment when they switched roles, and Michael became that person who was supporting his wife now.


Julia Roberts Denny Moder

Julia Roberts Denny ModerIn nineties, Julia Roberts was famous not only due to her successful movies, but also due to her interesting personal life. She dated many celebrities, such as: Kiefer Sutherland, Matthew Perry, Liam Neeson and Benjamin Bratt. Her first marriage with the country singer Lyle Lovett lasted not longer than two years. In 2002, she married cameraman Daniel Moder, whom she met on the filming stage of the movie “The Mexican” where she performed one of the main roles. Together they have twins: Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus Walter, who were born in 2004, and Henry Daniel (born in 2007). Of course Denny was much more modest than the stars whom she used to date, so there were always a lot of rumors around their couple, but in one of her multiple interviews Julia stated that he is the only man in her life whose last name she is proud to have.  In 2004 Julia took a two year break from filming, as she wanted to spent some time with the twins and her husband, and only two years later she appeared again playing one of the main roles, but even today the actress puts her family on the first place, her family and not filming in a movie. Julia loves her children, and is craving for some more of them in the future; she says that without her husband she wouldn’t be ever able to be that happy as she is now.



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  1. Maria says:

    So nice when people stick together as a family especially in Hollywood – the world where things are changing rapidly and sometimes quite drastically. These couples are a great example of love and dedication of two people to each other and staying together no matter what life offers. They deserve my deep admiration and I wish them many more common family years to come.