Top 5 most expensive celebrity cars

Car industry has really gone far and you can’t easily tell which one is most famous or which car offers more features. It is true that most of the automobile companies are coming up with such car models that have almost same features. One thing that really makes a product expensive and worth buying is the person/ celebrity associated with it. The stars know how to travel in style and aren’t afraid to spend some serious bucks for their wheels. Here’s a list of what some celebrities can afford to ride in.

Nicolas Cage – Ferrari Enzo

nicolas cage







When it comes to actors, Nicolas Cage is the proud owner of the most expensive car. He owns Ferrari Enzo which is one of the finest cars every introduced by this company. The cost of the car is $670,000 which is really a huge price. We are not sure what special features he has got in his car but the car must be so special to cost such a big fortune.

Jerry Seinfeld – Porsche 959








Porsche is definitely one of the top rated luxury car making and selling companies in the world. The best thing about Porsche is that, they have a standard quality of their products and no matter what, they never compromise over their quality neither they copy the style and features of other car making companies. May be that is the biggest reason why Jerry Seinfeld decided to buy Porsche 959. The price of this car is $700,000.

Simon Cowell – Bugatti Veyron








Another famous luxury car manufacturer is Bugatti. They really have this unique and exceptional design that stands out. The bold look of their cars is what makes them so special. Of course, the technological features are second to none. Simon Cowell definitely knows what quality is as he owns Bugatti Veyron and the price of his car is $1.7 million.

Birdman – Bugatti Veyron








It appears that Simon Cowell is not the only celebrity who has fallen for Bugatti Veyron as the next celebrity in our list also owns that same car in a different color and with some additional features. This time it is Birdman who happens to own a special version of Bugatti Veyron. What is so special about this car? Well, we haven’t had the chance to try it out but we must mention here that this version of the car cost him around $2 million.

Jay Z – Maybach Exelero

jay z







All of the cars we mentioned above are really beautiful and extremely expensive, however, this one is the top of the tops. Many of you may not have even heard about the name of Maybach Exelero. Well, this is because the cars made by this company are not for ordinary consumers. They make custom cars that are equipped with special features. One of such cars is owned by Jay Z and you will be surprised to know that this car cost him the incredible $8 million. This is the most expensive celebrity car on our list. But, at the top of his game, Jay Z can definitely afford it.

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