Top 7 celebrities who trashed hotel rooms

Rich and famous tend to think they can get away with almost anything. Well, the truth is they probably can. Take hotel rooms – celebrities have been known to wreak havoc on the hotels they stay in. Burning carpets, breaking glasses, slashing furniture – you name it. Why do they do that? Now, that’s a mystery. Anyway, here’s the list of the worst celebrity hotel guests.

Scott Weiland








In 2007, rocker Scott Weiland and his then-wife Mary trashed a hotel room in Burbank. The two of them got into a terrible fight and made some serious damage to the room. They ripped out alarm clocks and phones from their sockets, made dents and gauges in the walls and there was even blood on the linens. Not surprisingly, Scott and Mary divorced later that year. Mary wrote about the divorce: “Fall to Pieces: A Memoir of Drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Mental Illness.”

Amy Winehouse








When a celebrity orders room service, it better be just the way he or she likes it. Otherwise, the room might see some serious rage. In one of a seemingly endless series of mini meltdowns, Amy threw a plate of spaghetti Bolognese at the wall of her Munich hotel room. Why did she do it? Well, the spaghetti were overheated. But this room wasn’t the only victim of Amy’s temper. She once made almost $18000 worth of damage to her room at London’s Sanderson hotel after a fight with her husband. Speaking about the incident, a hotel worker said: “I’ve certainly never seen anything like it before. They had to get an outside firm to clean blood off the walls, and then there was a hefty paint job.”

Britney Spears








Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and Britney’s kids proved it. We all know how the pop star can be ill-tempered sometimes, so it’s no wonder her kids are the same. In 2009 while staying at the Mohegan Sun Resort & Casino in Connecticut, Sean Preston and Jayden James (then age 3 and 2) “destroyed the curtains, drew with crayons and even did their business in the hotel pool.” The damages came to a reported $20,000. What on earth were they doing?

Johnny Depp








In September 1994, Johnny Depp and his then-girlfriend, supermodel Kate Moss were staying at Manhattan’s Mark Hotel. One morning, at 5:30 a.m., other guests heard the sounds of shattering glass, snapping wood, and loud domestic squabbling. When the police came, they found the couple sitting amidst a pile of debris and Johnny claimed that an armadillo was the one to blame for the vandalism. Depp was taken to the city’s 19th Precinct station house, booked on felony criminal mischief charges, and billed $9,767 for the damages.

Lindsay Lohan








Considering how often she gets in trouble and what kind of trouble it is, trashing a hotel room is a minor thing for Lindsay. In 2007 she was banned from Shutters on the Beach Hotel in Santa Monica, California after she spent three days there with her then-boyfriend Riley Giles. According to Star Magazine, “Staffers went into clean and were shocked. It was a pigpen. There was filth everywhere. There was also a bloody syringe that someone left lying on the bedside table.”

Charlie Sheen








Famous Hollywood bad boy Charlie made a $7000 worth of damage to his room at The Plaza Hotel in New York City in 2010. Tables and chairs were in disarray and an expensive chandelier was ruined. When the police came, Sheen told them he had been drinking and snorted cocaine before flipping out. His reps later said the actor was taken to the hospital after an allergic reaction.

Marilyn Manson








In 1998, Marilyn Manson and his band trashed their Sheraton hotel rooms in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. According to People magazine, there was a telephone stuck in a wall, burns marred the carpets and sinks and bathtubs were stained from the group’s hair dye. The band paid for the damage with no complaint.

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