Top Estonian Women Celebrities

Top Estonian Women Celebrities 2018 Restraint and intelligence, self-respect and romance are the qualities that distinguish Estonian women.

The beauty of Estonians conquers foreigners for many years. These women always take care of our appearance, dress stylishly, so that men can not pass by without looking back. Most of the beautiful Estonian women are natural blondes with perfectly fair skin, a beautiful figure. But many of the girls have dark hair and eyes.

Beautiful Estonian women like to dress nicely. But at the same time they prefer wearing convenient casual style. Apparently, Estonia in this regard is trying to be like its western neighbors. It is extremely rare to see shoes with high heels. Women consider this: “Shoes in the afternoon should be comfortable. If women always wore high-heeled shoes, they would always be evil, and after a few years no one would look at the feet of these women”.

A modest make-up, impeccable handkerchief and a delicate unobtrusive fragrance are the highest class of business dress code. Dressing ensembles are selected in such a way that woman can easily transfer business negotiations from the office to the restaurant. These things are necessarily high quality, not too bright in color and tone, which perfectly fit the figure, do not crumple strongly and in which a woman can feel comfortable in any situation.

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One more vivid feature of Estonian women is that in their cultural space one can not do without good manners. A man should open a door to a woman, help put on or take off her coat, and put it in a wardrobe. And also men carry heavy packages and open the door to the women in the car. Estonians are always next to their men in joy and in sorrow. You can call this abnormal self-sacrifice or even a reference to Siberia. If it is difficult for men, women support. If men need to speak out, then they will listen. If a man is sick, then girls take care of him.

Among the most attractive girls from Estonia you can find famous models or representatives of show business, singers. We would like to present the top of the hottest and most beautiful Estonian women celebrities 2018.

Piret Jarvis – singer. She appeared on the cover of the cult magazine Sports Illustrated as the first model from Eastern Europe.

Piret Jarvis

Piret Jarvis

Merit Reigham, she took part in the Eurovision contest as one of the dancers of the Kreisiraadio group in 2008. Since 2009 she has been the sole owner of the SolarBalt firm, closely associated with the father of Merit, the famous basketball player Taavi Reagam.

Reet Roos – deputy, she owns shares in several advertising companies and media agencies operating in the Baltic market.

Tiiu Kuik – supermodel. At age 19, she started her modeling career and moved to New York, almost without knowing English. There she achieved great success and appeared on the covers of the famous magazines. In the fashion industry, she received the nickname “chameleon” for the ability to quickly change its image beyond recognition.

Tiiu Kuik

Tiiu Kuik


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