Top most educated top models

Top most educated top models Usually the entire society has a certain opinion about models, they think that if a woman is being a top model than it certainly means that she has no brain, but despite all of those beliefs, some models are showing a proof of great intellect as well as a variety of degrees in different fields of studying. Some of the models have a few degrees in different fields at the same time. How they are able to comprise their studies with work only they know, but they really are successful in everything they do. A few of the most successful models on the planet are easily breaking the stereotype that the podium stars are not the most educated people.

Tyra Banks

Tyra BanksTyra a few years ago was studying management in the Harvard business school, according to the top model; the most difficult thing for her during her studies was studying financial management. She stated that the first half of the hour she was raising her hand as she understood everything in the theory, but by the end of the lesson she was going through some craziness and felt that she needs to be Einstein in order to understand everything the teacher is explaining. And after that she was already praying in her mind that the teacher would not ask her some questions as she was afraid to look awkward. Tyra tried the carrier of a model since being fifteen years old, after appearing on the cover of “Seventeen Magazine”, later when she was seventeen she went to Paris where she became a model for a variety of fashion shows on the podium. On the first week of living in Paris, Tyra has made a real breakthrough on the podium- as twenty five famous designers have offered her participation in their shows. That was the most successful result for a new person in the fashion world. This way Tyra started working with such famous brands as: Chanel, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Donna Karan and even with Oscar de la Renta.

Sasha Pivovarova

Sasha PivovarovaThe second place belongs to the Russian model Sasha Pivovarova, she was a student of Russian State Humanitarian University in Moscow, and she studied the history major. That was the moment in her life, when the friend of the model, and her future husband the photographer Igor Vishnyakov who sent the photos of the girl into IMG modeling agency, this way the beginning of her successful carrier has started. Sasha was born in January 1985 in Moscow, since her childhood she always dreamed of drawing, and this dream of her was actively supported by her parents, together with mother they went through all the museums of the capital, as well as all the exhibitions, and after school she started studying history where she met her future husband Igor. Pivovarova never dreamed of becoming a model until 2005 when Igor had made pictures that were so good that they started her carrier, two weeks after the photographs were sent to IMG she was already opening Prada show in Milano. Though she had to leave the university she continues drawing. The model is travelling a lot; she is attending the best museums in the world and the drawing studios. She is drawing everywhere on the paper on napkins in the notepads and anything where she can draw. Alexandra is a vegetarian and a person who never drinks alcohol, the secret of her beauty is the complete “no” word towards alcohol as well as the rational use of cosmetics.

Christy Turlington

Christy TurlingtonThe legendary supermodel in her time has made a serious break in her carrier in order to have the ability to start her education time. Christy was studying religion and the East philosophy in the New York University. Since her childhood Christy never dreamed of a carrier in the fashion industry. When she was thirteen she was obsessed with horses and was training horse riding every single day for the local contest. Approximately the same time she was discovered by the photographer Danny Cody, whom got her parents’ consent for Christy becoming a model. Christy also haven’t took it serious, as she later was stating she thought that the carrier of a model will bring her money that she needed for horse riding. The girl signed a contract with a local agency. She worked in the evenings and on weekends after lessons. Her first working task was for the Emporium Capwell shopping mall, at that time her wage was one hundred dollars per hour. And soon in the fashion industry in Miami where wasn’t any person who wouldn’t know her face. The news about the young and talented model was spread to New York and soon Eileen Ford; the head of Ford Models have offered Christy Turlington a contract in Paris.

Cindy Crawford

Cindy CrawfordAfter finishing the school with the highest possible marks, Cindy was offered a grant for studying in the North West University of Illinois. She could become a chemistry engineer, but after the first semester she had to leave studying in order to concentrate working as a model. That is why Cindy is placed on the forth place. After working for awhile with the photographer Victor Skrebneski in Chicago, Crawford has moved to Manhattan in 1986. A famous newspaper photographer has turned his attention upon the sixteen years old during the summer work while she was gathering corn. That photography and the positive reaction they brought have convinced the girl that she needs to start a carrier in the modeling industry. Cindy took part in the “Look of the year” contest set by Elite Model Management agency in New York where she took the second place. Her special distinctive feature – is the noticeable birthmark above her lip. She was so strongly connected with that feature that she appeared in the chocolate advertising where she licks her own birthmark. Nevertheless it is a fact that her special birthmark was deleted from the majority of her early pictures, including the first picture that was made for the cover of the Vogue magazine.


ImanThe Somalia Iman was studying world politics in the Nairobi University. Also she is the person who knows five languages- the Somalia, Arabian, Italian, French and English. She is based on the fifth place. In 1975 Iman was invited in the quality of a model by the American photographer Peter Beard, and she moved to the United States. Her first appearance was in the quality of a model in Vogue magazine in 1976. Yves Saint Laurent once said that Iman is the woman of his dreams. She remembers her experience of work as a top model for Yves Saint Laurent in the “African Queen” collection as one of the best moments in her carrier in the modeling. As actress Iman appeared in 1991 in “Star Road 6” where she played a role of a princess Marcia, and also in the Oscar winner movie “From Africa” where also performed Robert Redford and Meryl Streep. Also she appeared in the music video by Michael Jackson “Remember the time” in which she played the role of the Egyptian pharaoh’s wife.  As a guest star she also appeared in a episode of a popular TV show “Project Runway” and in a episode of a reality show “America’s Next Top Model” as a teacher. Currently the famous model is leading the show “Project Runway Canada” on the television.

Brooke Shields

Brooke ShieldsOn the sixth place is placed the actress and a very successful model in the past Brooke Shields who was studying in Princeton University- one of the best American Universities. In 1987 she was granted bachelor degree in the field of French literature. Shields carrier as a model started in the middle of 1970, when she was a child. Her first work was for the TV show “Ivory” filmed by the movie director Francesco Scavulo. Her agent was the famous Eileen Ford who stated in her biography “Lifetime Network” that she has opened a child section especially for Brooke Shields. In 1975 when she was ten years old, Brooke with the consent of her mother took part in the erotic photo shooting by Harry Gross for the “Playboy Press” were she appeared completely nude. Many, many years later she sued the magazine and tried to get the right for those pictures and negatives, but she lost the case in the court. The original script made from a picture by Richard Prince was supposed to be exposed in the London’s Tate Gallery, but police has forbidden the exposition of this photography, as they called it child “pornography”. Five years later Shields became the youngest top model ever appeared on the cover of “Vogue” magazine.

Edie Campbell

Edie CampbellThe twenty two years old British model is placed on the seventh place of the rating, she graduated the London’s Institute of Arts in Kurto, where she was studying the history of arts. The last year of studying the girl had a lot of work, as she appeared in the fashion shows for: Valentino, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, for the advertising campaigns by Jil Sander and Marc Jacobs. Nevertheless the English model has managed to finish her studies being among the best students. The model is stating that sometimes she wakes up and thinks that sometimes she wants to look like Sherlock Holmes today, but the next time she wants to look like the witch from Macbeth. In one case she likes one thing while in the other case she likes wearing things that Tilda Sinton is wearing. Also the model added that Kristen Stewart always looks great, because she wears the things that she wants to.  The same thing is with Allison Mosshart who chooses clothes that she likes, and not the clothes that according to the opinion of third person she is supposed to wear. Anyways the model is so successful that quite soon she will stop thinking or carrying about the opinion of other people and will wear limitless the things that she wants to.

Laura Bailey

Laura BaileyOn the eighth place is based the British model Laura Bailey who was studying in South Hampton University and which she graduated being among the best students. Her specialization was studying the English language. She began her modeling carrier at the beginning of nineties since that moment of her life when she was working with a few famous firms and publish houses, including such brands as: “Guess”, “L’Oreal”, “Vogue” and others. Laura is in an official marriage with the movie producer Eric Fellner. Together they have two children: a son Luke Fellner who was born in January 2005 and a daughter Lola Tiger Fellner who was born in May 2008. Laura has stepped away from her carrier since the time when she met Eric who made her life complete and without whom she could not imagine her life anymore. And after she had the first child she realized that she wants to dedicate herself completely to the family life and concentrate on her family only. So after it appearing in the magazines she was only along with her famous husband.

Lily Cole

Lily ColeOn the ninth place is the red head beauty Lily Cole who graduated Cambridge University being among the best students. The girl has got her scientific degree in the history of arts and entered the quantity of students who were leading according to their marks in the first as well as last years of studies. And the interesting thing is that during studies Lily was not only working as a model, but was also actively engaged into the cinema industry. The advice to work as a model she got from a famous English model and actor Benjamin Hart by the time she was fourteen years old. Later Cole has signed a contract with the modeling agency Storm Models. Her first success in the carrier was the photo session for the Italian version of Vogue magazine on which she was invited by the famous American photographer Steven Meisel. Later Cole appeared not once of the covers of famous magazines, such as Vogue or Citizen. In November 2004 on the ceremony of British Fashion Awards, Lily Cole was named the model of the year. During her carrier Lily appeared in the advertising campaigns of such brands as: Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace, Alexander McQueen, Christian Lacroix, Hermes, Cacharel and many, many others.

Anouck Lepere

Anouck LepereThe tenth place is occupied by the Belgian model who used to be a student of Architecture major in Antwerpen, when her friends, the designers Dreece Van Noten and Olivier Teiskens have convinced her to try the modeling business. Anouck, though was studying in the modeling school she never planned of being a model. She loved studying the architecture, but some of her friends who appeared in various modeling shows in Paris have convinced her to try this business, and she tried her powers by appearing in a few fashion shows. She began her carrier of a model from casting for the autumn Chanel collection. She worked with Hugo Boss while advertising “Deep Red” perfumes with Steven Meisel, later she appeared in the cover of such magazines like “Vogue”, “Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire and even for the French Playboy. She was the face of Shiseido brand for some time. It is interesting to know that besides being a model Anouck is able to do a few other things, such as design of jewelry for a French jewelry store “Colette”. Anouck Lepere is considered one of the most stylish models, and currently she represents the Stella McCartney brand. Currently the top model is in a relationship with Jefferson Heck.


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