Top most wanted bachelors

JUAN PABLO GALAVIS Women were always attracted by men they could not get that easily as the other ones, and they were attracted by various features in the characters of those men, some ones by charisma, others by intelligence, but the majorities were attracted by the power and material things. Here is the list of top wanted men.

Prince Harry

Prince HarrySince the year 2004, till January 2009 he was in a romantic relationship with Chelsea Davey, they were all the time together, and it was truly a couple that was able to set example to everyone around. In September 2009, they got back together and tried to solve the issues they had problems before, but it was just not same as it used to be, so they split and remain friends.  Those two met each other on the Prince William’s wedding which was in 2011, and took place in London; there Chelsea has been invited as a very good friend of the family. After this wedding Miss Davey made an announcement, that she is not ready to become a wife of a prince, as that was not the life for her. It was a tough time for Harry, as he could not understand whether he truly loved Chelsea or it was just a too long habit, but he found the power to overcome it.  Since March 2013 Prince began a relationship with Cressida Bonas. Their romantic affair started in spring 2012, but lasted only for a few months, so almost one year later the couple started their relation from the beginning. Same year the quantity of Prince Harry’s personal bodyguards has increased frequently, as there were a few significant threats to his life, so the royal family wanted to secure his protection at the maximum level.

Alexander Soros

Alexander SorosAlexander Soros is the son of the director of hedge foundation milliner George Soros, and his wife Susan Weber Soros. In 2009 Alexander has finished the New York University, and in 2010, while getting a degree in University of California, Soros became the most active sponsor of student political campaigns throughout the entire country. The first significant impact into the charity organization made by Alexander Soros was for the Jewish Funds of Justice, according to the “Wall Street Journal” magazine, in its charity Soros is being concentrated in the first place on the progressive tasks that require large support. Currently Alexander is actively collaborating with a row of such organizations, and at the same time is the head of the “Global Witness” board- it is an organization that is fighting with the violations of the ecological norms and rights of the human in the use of natural resources. Also he is sponsoring political campaigns, in 2012 was created the Alexander Soros Foundation- which is struggling for the social justice and human rights. In July 2012 the Alexander Soros Foundation has made the first award ceremony for the achievements in the ecology sphere and legal rights of the people sphere which was won by Silas Siakor.

Stavros Niarchos

Stavros NiarchosStavros was born in New York City, but grew up in Paris. His father Philip Niarchos is one of the most famous Greek entrepreneurs and who is famous also for his collection of the modern, also Philip’s father Stavros is widely known throughout the world as the ship magnate. Stavros Jr. mother Victoria is from the Guinness family, in her veins there is a mixture of Mexican and Irish blood.  Stavros was studying in the College Stanislas in Paris for some time, besides that he spent at least one year at the preparing school in Maui. On Maui their family has their own mansion, and it is exactly the place there they prefer spending Christmas time. His education he got in Paris and New York, his specialization is cinema. His younger sister is a famous jewelry designer, while her brother Stavros is mostly famous for quite typical behavior of a child coming from a rich family. He is very active in the sphere of love affairs, just like his grandfather who been married five times as far as for now. Stavros is very handsome that is why it is not difficult for him to start an affair with such famous girls as Lindsay Lohan, Mary-Kate Olsen and the longest relationship he had with Paris Hilton. Some rumors state that he was the reason why Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan who were friends for a long time fight with each other.

Scott Eastwood

Scott EastwoodScott Eastwood was born in Carmel, but grew up in Hawaii, he is the son of the legendary actor and movie producer Clint Eastwood, and of a stewardess Jacelyn Reeves, beside that he is the elder brother of Kathryn Reeves and step brother to Kimber Eastwood Tunis, Kyle Eastwood, Alison Eastwood, and Francesca Fisher- Eastwood and to Morgan Eastwood. It is interesting to know that Scott Reeves grew up without a father, as Clint was not recognizing himself as his and Kathryn’s father till the year 2002. In their both birth certificates was written that their father refused them, that is why they both had their mother’s last name, though later changed it to the father’s one. The first rumors about Scott and his sister’s provenience appeared in the media by the middle of nineties, and in 1996 Clint Eastwood biographer Richard Schickel mentioned about the secret children of the actor in his book. The official recognition came much later as Clint didn’t wanted to open the entire story about him and stewardess to the press, mostly due to the fact that he was officially married with Sondra Locke by that time. Scott’s carrier started with small roles in a few movies. Being an actor is the most important but not the only thing he does, the son of American western’s star is also a popular model for Abercrombie & Fitch, and worked in a few commercials.

Charles Rockefeller

Charles RockefellerCharles is the younger son of the West Virginia senator, and of an ex governor of the state Jay Rockefeller, who is the grand grandson of the famous John Davison Rockefeller business magnate, and the first billionaire in the history of the dynasty. Charles is the alumni of the Stanford University. He worked a few years in one of the oldest and most prestigious auction houses in the world, at “Sotheby’s” after which he got back to studying and got the master degree in Georgetown University, but that was not enough for the young and ambitious man, that is why he went to the University of Pennsylvania where he got the doctor’s degree and in order to start a carrier in the social corporate responsibility. Today he is the regular person in all the possible ratings of the most wanted grooms in the world, but he keeps being calm, and shows that it is not that easy to win his heart. He has two strong passions in this life: for the eastern objects of art, and to the blue suits. The woman who will win his heart has all the chances to become not only one of the richest women in the world, but also one of the happiest ones, as Charles is a very interesting person with good sense of humor and charming charisma.

George Clooney

George ClooneyGeorge Clooney was married only ones in his life, with the actress Talia Balsam, whom he divorce in 1992. During his carrier he was in a relationship with many of the Hollywood’s most wanted and most beautiful women, such as: Rene Zellveger, Kelly Preston, and Julia Roberts and even with the model Cindy Crawford. In the summer 2011, George Clooney announced of his split with the Italian model Elizabeth Canalis, they there together for almost two years, and George even planned on having children with her, but she disappointed him that is why he broke up with her. But he wasn’t single for a too long time, well as usually in his life. In autumn 2012 it was announced of his parting with another girlfriend, the sportive Stacy Keibler, but in October same year the couple announced they got back together and now both happily live at Clooney’s house. In July 2013 they broke up again. It is interesting to know that George is the face of the “Omega” watch trademark for many years, once he even took part in its commercial advertising. His pet for many years was a Max, who was a pig died at the age of eighteen years in 2006. He was almost 300 pounds and from time to time the actor took him into his bed. George is a bachelor for many years, once Nicole Kidman and Michelle Pfeifer bet with him for fifteen thousands of dollars each that by the time he will be 40, he will be married and have a child. Kidman was the first one who sent him the check with that sum for his birthday, but he returned the check to the sender with the words that Irish people do not take money from ladies.

Alejandro Santo-Domingo Davila

Alejandro Santo-Domingo DavilaAlejandro Santo-Domingo Davila is the richest bachelor billions in the world. He graduated from Harvard, there studying for him was a piece of cake, as it seemed he was born knowing the majority of the subjects.  His passion is collecting the art masterpieces, and he is the owner of one of the biggest beer companies that he got hereditary, his company Santo Domingo Group has a few beer companies in it as well.  But the most amazing thing about him is that he owns an entire island in the Caribbean. He is a part of the board advisors for the Metropolitan museum of art’s. Lately Alejandro was communicating a lot with owner of media empire Amanda Hurst, and at the same time with the model of Sports Illustrated magazine- Julia Henderson. Amanda stopped any kind of communication with him as soon as she realized there is some other woman in his life.

Jack Dorsey

Jack DorseyDorsey grew up in Saint Louis, and by the age of fourteen was already very interested in the dispatch and logistics. A few types of the open logistics software created by him are still being used in the taxi cab services. He went to the Bishop DuBourg High School and attended the Missouri University Science and technologies, before relocating to the New York University, where he first got the thought of creating the Twitter micro blog working in the dispatch as a programmer he later moved to California. In 2000, he created a company for shipping couriers and taxi services in Oakland. In July 2000 based on his dispatch experience he decided to create a web service of small messages in the real time. When he first saw the sending of the fast messages service he asked himself whether it is possible to show the status of the person between friends. So he together with his friend has built the prototype of the Twitter approximately in two weeks. So later they created their company “Obvious” that later was renamed into “Twitter” where Williams became the general director, while Dorsey became the Chairman of the Council. The company’s motto became: “Speed, shortness and professionalism”.

Chris Colfer

Chris ColferChris Colfer was born in May 1990 in Clovis, California. At school he was actively participating in the theatre performances both as an actor and producer, he was the president of the writers club, and the publisher of the school magazine, as well as the winner of many debates. In the high school he wrote and set the musical “Shirley Todd” which was a parody on “Sweeney Todd” there the gender of both heroes was changed into a vice versa one according to the first original version. Chris has performed the role of the Mr. Lovett in the show. When he was eighteen years old he played the main role in the “Russel Fish” movie, which was presented on a variety of cinema festivals. But famous he became after performing the role of the homosexual teenager Kurt Hummel in the “Choir” TV show. At the beginning there was no such a character in the scenario, and Chris wanted another role, but he impressed the producers so much that they created a new hero especially for him. The bottom line of his character in the first season is being built around his understanding of the orientation, and his relationship with his father. In the second season he got an affair, for this role he was awarded with Golden Globe and Teen Choice awards. Chris is a open gay, according to his words his parents took his “coming out” in a very calm way, but at school he had problems due to it a lot. His sister, Hannah is suffering from the epilepsy, and Chris mentioned ones that while being a teenager he used his acting skills a lot in order to reduce the stress in the family about it.

Wentworth Miller

Wentworth MillerWentworth Miller is a love symbol of the modern society and at the same time he is an open homosexual. He made his “coming out” in august 2013. The actor refused attending the Saint Petersburg international cinema festival as a protest against the homophobic Russian laws, underlining that he cannot participate in celebrations in the country where people like him have no right to live and love in an open way. According to his confession when he was young he tried to commit a suicide because he had to hide his orientation, and later was afraid of speaking about it while being afraid for his carrier. That is why in the interview that he gave in 2007, he said that he dreams of getting married and having children and the absence of eventual girlfriend he explained with the tight working schedule and not having time for it yet.

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5 responses to “Top most wanted bachelors”

  1. Hudson says:

    Different strokes for different folks, ladies. It might help to listen to this song ‘I know you want me’ (Biffthuringer) while you look at these pictures trying to fantasize, pretending your intended is singing it to you. Things work better with an appropriate soundtrack, if you know what I mean…

  2. Juliet says:

    Jeremy Lin really deserves to be 1 of the Hottest & Sexiest Bachelors! Calling all single ladies… grab your chances now! :))

  3. Nikki says:

    Awe Gosh, I am in love; I think I have never seen a more beautiful man than Stavros Niarchos. He is the ideal mixture of brutality mixed with born charm and charismatic smirk. I am wondering what did he ever done close to Paris Hilton? They didn’t even look good together, besides, according to my own point of view he is supposed to be much more intelligent in order to throw even a glance at her. Well maybe he was a bit drunk when he saw her, as there is no any other normal excuse for him beside that one, though from the other side, if he is being so pressured by his family, he might have done it for spite, just to make them angry. Well I guess I will never know the honest answer on this one.

  4. Tina says:

    Mmm I never liked Clint Eastwood, probably mostly because the type of movies where he is performing is not quite corresponding to my age. Or maybe just because I am a girl and I don’t like movies with cowboys and stuff. But he really did one good thing to this Earth, as his son looks simply amazing, I totally like him. He has a masculine look, and hopefully he will be performing in some more girly gender kind of movies, I am sure that this way he will make a lot of young people around him very happy. I mean a lot of young women of course. Mmm I think he would be just perfect for some role in a romantic movie where he is sad because he lost his love, but by the end of the movie he finds his happiness again.

  5. Rosie says:

    Well, well, well. Prince Harry, hmm honestly speaking I am not a big fan of redheads but he really does has something about him that is captivating the attention and makes me want to get to know him. I mean the real him, and not the image that has been created by the royal family with the help of the media. I am sure he is not boring at all, and is able to do something mischievous, something that good boys usually do not really do. And that is something that usually turns me on most of all, it is the risk and the ability to take all the chances that life is giving. It is only one choice, or you win or you lose. He has already win a lot in this life when he was born being a Prince, so this life “lottery” will already be not such a big deal for him.