Top Parents in the world of Hollywood

Top Parents in the world of Hollywood For simple people it is very important to know the fact that people, who they admire so much, I mean celebrity people in their real life, are same people as they. They also have husbands or wives, they also have family routine, as well as they also have children whom they are taking care of, and love spending time with, as what can be more important and better in this world than the happy smile of your child who is always there for you, and no matter what you will do in this life will always love you with a loyal unconditional love.

Bruce Willis

Bruce WillisWe will start our rating with discussing the father of many children famous “Die Hard” actor- Bruce Willis.  Bruce is a wonderful father, as though he divorced his ex wife Demi Moore a long time ago, under a row of not very pleasant circumstances, he never stopped taking care and spending lots of time with three of their daughters. Bruce believes that in order to educate some good people it is necessary to be nice with kids, and share their good and bad times with them, that is why Rumer, Scout and Tallulah Belle are not spending even a day without calling their father for an advice or in order to know how he is doing. Currently Bruce Willis is happily married again, with the young Emma Heming, with who he has two daughters Mable Ray born in 2012, and their second daughter who was born in May 2014. It is very touching and cute to watch the rough and tough cookie Bruce being so tender with his baby girl while being on a walk with pregnant wife Emma Heming and Mable Ray. What can be a better thing to see for a woman than the ultimate view of her beloved man playing with the result of their love- their child? I think there is nothing better in this world than that, it makes the woman feeling complete.

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber

Naomi Watts and Liev SchreiberOur next heroes who held the second place of the rating would be the famous Australian actress Naomi Watts with her not less famous husband actor Liev Schreiber. Those two actors are one of the best parents in the entire Hollywood planet, as practically in all of the pictures they appear with their children Alexander Pete and Samuel Kai with who they enjoy spending time. The couple loves the outdoors, so they do not really like being at home as a result there is a bunch of their pictures caught by the sneaky photographers. One of favorite things to do for the entire family, are their walks on the bicycles, and why not? The climate in California allows them to do this kind of trips almost every single day a year. The other thing the entire family loves to do is going on camping; there they have a tent and all the needed supplies that usual tourists are using. Naomi states that it helps her and Live keeping their primary feelings towards each other same as they were the first day they met, as well as their children are always happy, and usually so tired by the end of the day that they sleep very well, which allows their parents sleeping very well as well.

Puff Daddy

Puff DaddyThe third place is held by one of the most famous rappers in the world Sean (Puff Daddy) Combs, who besides being a rapper is also famous for being a fashion designer who has his own line of clothes. He is also a great fan of active outdoors. His weekend he prefers spending with his children in one of the Beverly Hills parks, where he is able not only to enjoy the warm sunny days, but is also teaching his children how to play football. It is interesting to know that though Sean Combs was always in a relationships with the most gorgeous women in the universe, nevertheless he was able to keep loyalty (in this or that way of his own) to one and only woman in his life, to the model Kim Porter with who he was getting back together and breaking up for good for many times in the row, and with who he will continue doing that probably till the rest of their lives. Together they have a son Christian and two twin daughters: Delilah Star and Jessie James.  Also the famous rapper has a son – Justin from his previous relationship with the actress Misa Hylton- Brim. Diddy loves all of his children and is craving to have some more, as he enjoys being a father and feels that he have so many things to give and teach his children.

Britney Spears

Britney SpearsThe forth place in our rating goes maybe not to one of the best mothers in the world, but certainly to one who is trying very hard to become one, it is hold by the pop diva and actress Britney Spears. No matter how many problems she has and how busy her working schedule is, she always finds time for her boys in order to be there for them in all the activities they are involved in. Like for example their games she always attends and is a very active fan of each of the moves her sons do on the game field. During her marriage with Kevin Federline, in 2004, this lasted till 2007 only, were born two of their sons: Sean Preston and Jaden James. Unfortunately the entire breakup was very painful for Britney as she didn’t expected that Kevin will betray her in such an awful way, she truly believed every single word he was saying to her, and trusted him completely while he simply used her for his own benefit. The pain caused with the collapse of the family, drowned Britney into a deep depression which resulted in a lot of mistakes that she has made, but fortunately, sometime later with the love and support of a good man by her side she was able to rise again and become same good girl she was before the story with Kevin.

Gisele Bundchen

Gisele BundchenThe fifth and not less important place goes to Gisele Bundchen who is not only a famous and top wanted model, but is also a very good and caring mother for her children. All the free time that she has, she prefers spending on the seaside together with her children who she loves very much.  All the free time between works, she usually spends on a Brazilian island Fernando – di – Noronja with her five years old son Benjamin and the one year and a half daughter Viviane, with her husband, and her sister Patti and their friends. Gisele loves her work, but at the same time in all of her interviews she is stating that she never been happier in her life than in the moment than she became a mother, she never even knew that this kind of feeling exists, when she is the person who gives life to a miracle. She mentioned that the pregnancy time was very difficult for her, but she forgotten about that as soon as her baby first cried and took her finger with the arm. Family for Gisele is always on the top of priorities, which she is showing all the time to people who are surrounding her, and to the paparazzi who enjoy their selves by following the models every step.

Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham CarterThe sixth place is held by the famous British actress Helena Bonham Carter who for the sake of her children has taken a few timeouts in her carrier. Some celebrities and their children are spending their weekends or simply their free time while being on the nature, while the other ones prefer spending a few hundreds of dollars while shopping. This is the way Helena Bonham Carter prefers spending her weekends, she does shopping with her children usually in one of the London’s malls at the choice of her children, and afterwards usually the entire family goes to the cinema. Helena is married with the movie producer Tim Burton since October 2001. Together they have a son Billy Raymond Burton who was born in October 2003, and a daughter- Nell Burton who was born in December 2007.though Tim works mainly in Hollywood, the place of living for his family he have chosen a completely different country- The United Kingdom, as this way it is easier for Helena who after having children is not working that much in the theatre or cinema, but she is same interesting to her husband, and the moments that they get to spend together are the most precious ones for her.

Halle Berry

Halle BerryThe seventh place is occupied by the famous actress and Hollywood cougar woman Halle Berry. Halle loves spending time with her daughter and does it all the time when she has at least one free minute. They always go to the grocery together where they choose what they need to buy. Nala enjoys the fact that her mother is always taking into the consideration her opinion and needs. Nala is Halle’s first child from her marriage with Gabriel Aubrey, currently the famous star is married with the actor Olivier Martinez, their relationship was all the time full of passion, and they appeared not once on the yellow pages, but the best thing about them is that they care about each other, and Olivier is like a real father for Nala. In October 2013 the happy family has welcomed their son Maceo Robert Martinez, who is Halle’s second child, but first son. Halle loves her family very much and does everything she can in order to spend more time with them, rumors say that the actress is very close to the decision of taking a time out from her carrier as this way it will be easier for her to see her children growing, not to mention the dealing the problems with her ex Aubrey, who is giving her a hard time as he wants the full custody upon Nala.

Nick Nolte

Nick NolteThe eighth place goes to Nick Nolte who is though being already seventy three years old has a seven years old daughter Sophie Lane, who enjoys spending time with her famous father. Nick has been a very famous actor a long time ago, so eventually he was very popular around women, and mostly due to the fact that he has a very charming charisma, and he knows how to make a woman falling in love with him. This way even his age, is not stopping him from being wanted. The actor has been married for three times. With the actress Sheila Page (1966-1970), with Sharon Haddadh (1978-1983) and with Rebecca Linger (1984-1994) together they have a son Brawley. Of course besides being married Nick has also had a long row of relationships. But the most lasting relationship he ever had was and actually still is with the actress Clytie Lane who born him Sophie Lane. The actor and his family are living in Malibu, and no matter the huge age difference they are very happy together, Nick says that his age is the way he feels, so if he feels like being eighteen years old, than he surely is eighteen years old and not even for a year elder.

Lisa Maria Presley

Lisa Maria PresleyThe ninth place is legally occupied by the daughter of most famous singer who is famous and actual even after his death- Lisa Maria Presley. Lisa has been married for four times. Her first marriage was in October 1988 with Danny Kio. In this marriage Danny and Lisa Maria created two children: Riley Kio born in May 1989 and Benjamin Storm who was born in October 1992. This marriage lasted till May 1994. Only two weeks after getting the official divorce, Lisa Maria married her best friend Michael Jackson in May 1994. Their wedding was in a chapel in the city Altos de Chauvin, but their marriage was not meant to last for too long as well, they got divorced less than two years after their wedding.  Also Lisa Maria was married with Nicholas Cage, but they divorced in less than four months after their wedding. And all of her men were stating that it is simply impossible to live with Lisa Maria as her character is very mean. In 2006 the singer got married for the fourth time with the movie producer Michael Lockwood. In October 2008 Lisa Maria Presley has born him two adorable twin daughters: Harper and Finley. The actress enjoys spending time with her girls, and most of all they like travelling together, Lisa never leaves girls no matter where and for how long she goes.

Claire Danes

Claire DanesThe tenth place is held by Claire Danes for the fact that even the cold New York weather is not stopping her from a long walk together with belong husband and their son. The whole family likes spending their free days outdoors even if the air around them is a bit cold. Her Cinderella story is very simple, she was in a relationship for a long time with the Australian singer Ben lee, but in 2003 the relationship that lasted for more than six years has finished due to the irreconcilable disputes. After that the actress was devastated and depressed, but her partner on the movie “English Beauty” Billy Cradap was able to melt her heart, though their relationship has also finished in December 2006. Since December 2009, Claire is married with the actor Hugh Dancy who was born in 1975; she was in a relationship with him for two years before they got married. Together they have a lovely boy-Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy who was born by the end of 2012. They are very happy together and rumors say that Hugh is literally begging his wife Claire about one more child, he is dreaming about a baby daughter who he will spoil and make his little princess. Claire who had quite a difficult pregnancy is still thinking about it.

Jay Z and Beyonce

Jay Z and BeyonceJay Z and Beyonce are situated on the eleventh place mostly due to the fact that they do love spending their time together but are not really showing it in public. Jay Z literally fall in love from the first sight with the R’n’B singer Beyonce since their mutual work upon the song Bonnie & Clyde. Their relationship started very smooth, as he was afraid to scare her away if being too insistent, so he kept spending time with her as friends until the moment than they both already could not deny that they both have much deeper feelings towards each other. Later Jay Z appeared in the video to the song “Crazy in Love” in her debut album as a solo singer apart from “Destiny’s Child”, which was called “Dangerously in love” practically this whole album was about their relationship with Jay Z. Also Jay has participated in her songs: “Déjà vu” and “Upgrade U from the “B’ Day” album. In the video to the “Upgrade U” song Beyonce has appeared in his image. The interesting thing about this couple is the fact that they were hiding their relationship from the media for a very long period of time that is exactly what made their relationship stronger according to their own words. They married in April 2008, and in January 2012 was born their daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen StefaniOn the twelfth place of our rating is placed the most mischievous and cheeky singer of our times- Gwen Stefani. Gwen being surrounded by the four boys in her own family has become a sort of boy in her character as well. While Gwen is taking care of her newly born (in 2014) son Apollo, her other sons Zuma and Kingston are on a walk with their father Gavin Rossdale, and their dog Chewy. Gwen got married with Gavin after six years of a relationship, and working together in the same music band. Usually being together practically all the time is scaring people away but not in the case of Gavin and Gwen they knew they were meant for each other as soon as they met, and they were not ever falling apart. As a result of their love we can see three of their wonderful children, unfortunately the happy parents were not blessed with a baby girl yet, but who knows maybe in the future they will make some more attempts in order to succeed in this subject as well.  The whole world would be very happy for them, as they are a great example in the music, as well as in their loyalty and dedication to each other. They have set a very high standard in the show business industry, and there not that many families whom would be able to be proud of the same thing.

David Becham

David BechamOn the thirteenth place is placed the football star known throughout the entire world mostly due to his attractive physical appearance and all the time changing style and image- David Becham.  David and Victoria Becham (before marriage Adams, and also known as “Posh” Spice) had a really royal wedding, and all their friends and guests were stating that their marriage will not last for too long as they both are used with getting a lot of attention, but not very used with giving this attention to anyone else beside themselves, but nevertheless the happy couple was able to prove to the entire world that they are not only truly, madly and deeply in love with each other, but also are very loyal to each other, and for the sake of their family are ready to do give up on many things that seemed to be important for them a long time ago. Like for example Victoria’s carrier in the “Spice Girls”. Together the happy couple has four children, like Gwen Stefani they have three elder boys: Brooklyn Joseph Beckham (born in 1999), Romeo James Beckham (born in 2002) and Cruz David Becham (born in 2005), and the youngest child is a baby girl Harper Seven born in 2011, daddy’s little princess. So probably that is a good thought and hint for Gwen Stefani. The whole family has currently moved from London, to Los Angeles, where Brooklyn already became quite famous around teenagers.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra AmbrosioThe fourteenth place is occupied by the gorgeous model and TV presenter Alessandra Ambrosio. According to “Vanity Fair” magazine, Alessandra enters the top list of the most wanted women in the world.  She loves spending time on all kind of fashion weeks, but at the same time this all fashion routine has became a bit useless and not very important to her after she has born her first child, the baby daughter Anna Louise who was born by the end of August 2008, from her long lasting relationship with the businessman Jamie Mazur. In May 2012 the couple welcomed their second child, the son Noah Phoenix Mazur. For the sake of her children the famous model has decided to step out from her carrier in the modeling industry, as for her it is more important to be a good mother, than being an icon of style. Though during her carrier she had some very loud relationships, like for example her relationship with George Clooney, still she has chosen that family is more important for her that is why her previous relationships before Jamie were completely senseless for her. No matter the popular belief that models are not very smart and all they need are money, Alessandra was never acting this way, as she had another priorities set in her head.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Kanye West and Kim KardashianThe last place in the rating but not according to its importance is being possessed equally by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The couple has welcomed their baby daughter North West, and Kanye who was mad about Kim for a very long time before their relationship has started, in the moments when Kim was still married to her ex husband, in one of his latest interviews he declared that his future wife Kim, has become even more for him as soon as she born their daughter, as her affection and tenderness towards their child shows him that she is even better person than he ever though and he is planning to get to know every single special feature of character she has till the rest of his life, as well as the couple is already planning to have a second child. Kim comes from a very big family, and she is very happy about it, as she never feels lonely, and she knows that no matter what will happen with her in life, she has a few people by her side who will take care of her no matter what will happen, that is why she would like her baby North to have same things. So as soon as they will finish everything with the wedding they will go for a Honeymoon there they plan to create their second child.

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