Top sexiest men alive

Top sexiest men alive And God created the man, creature maybe not that intelligent as a woman, but a very strong, passionate, and even wild one from time to time.



Idris Elba

Idris ElbaIdris Elba was the single child in the family. He was born in London. The first time he was studying at the Canning Town School that was also the place where he first appeared on the stage. Due to the fact that he was growing being a very artistic child, he was helping his uncle in the DJ business, and also performing on the weddings in 1986. Later he started being a DJ on his own. As the majority of other actors, Idris started his carrier on the television. His first significant role was in 1995. Later he was mostly playing the second parts in the movies. One of his first main roles, he played in Guy Ritchie’s movie “Rock’n’roll man”. In 2011 was released the “Thor” movie where he performed one of the main roles, and due to which became famous. In 2012 he also took part in two significant projects, such as “The Ghost Rider 2” and the fantastic thriller “Prometheus”. The actor was nominated for the Golden Globe award in two nominations:  as the best actor in supporting roles and as the best actor of the TV shows. Since 1997 till 2001, he was married with the actress Dormowa Sherman, with whom he has a daughter Isan (she was born in 2002). The actor spends the majority of his time in London. Also he owns a house in Atlanta, this way he is able to spend some more time with his daughter. Elba is a fan of “Arsenal” football club.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh JackmanHugh Jackman was born in October 1968, in Sidney. He was the youngest child in the family, which totally numbered five children. His parents Chris Jackman and Grace Watson were emigrants from Great Britain who moved to Australia in 1960. When Hugh was eight years old his parents divorced, that is why Grace got back to England with daughters, while three sons have stayed with their father. A few years later, by the time when Hugh turned twelve his parents tried to get back together but their attempt was not lucky. Grace started visiting Australia for three weeks each half of the year for a few years in a row, until Hugh turned fourteen and became old enough in order to travel and visit his mother and sisters on his own. It is a an important thing that his father while being a deeply religious person has taught his children being the same way as he is as well. Hugh’s brightest memories from the childhood are the basketball games (he was the captain of the school team) and the camping’s with his family. In April 1996 he has married the actress Deborah Lee Furness who is elder than her husband with thirteen years. Four years after their marriage the couple adopted a newly born child- Oscar Maximilian, and five years later they also adopted a baby daughter Ava Elliott, in all of his interviews Hugh says that his wife is the best mother in the world.

Robert Pattinson

Robert PattinsonRobert Thomas Pattinson was born in May 1986 in London; he is a famous musician, actor and supermodel. The entire world knows him under the name Edward Cullen, after performing in the “Twilight” saga. It is interesting to know that performing the role of a mystic creature in the “Twilight” was not his first role of this kind, Robert also performed Cedric Diggory’s role in the “Harry Potter” which is also known throughout the world. In 2008 for the performance in the movie “How to be” he got the main prize in the Strasburg Film Festival for the main male role. Also he got the MTV Movie Award in 2009 for the best kiss. Actually he won this award twice, in 2009 and in 2012. In 2014 in the honor of Robert, a Russian astronaut has named an asteroid, from the kind of one’s which have connection with the Earth. On the motion set of “Twilight” saga in 2008, Robert has met his one and only woman- Kristen Stewart. Since that time they were never falling apart, till the year 2012 when Kristen cheated on Rob with the director of the movie “Snow-white and the Huntsman” – Rupert Saunders. After this story the couple broke up, and sold the house that they planned for their future family, though only a few months later they got back together.

Adam Levine

Adam LevineAdam Levine was born in Los Angeles, in March 1979; his parents were trying to raise their children in a religious atmosphere that is why their life was quite simple. Adam has a brother Michael, and a step sister Julia. Adam loved playing basketball when he was small, mostly due to the fact that his father was coaching the team. By the time he was seven; in one of the games on the local championship he threw the ball and made his team win that was the moment that turned him from being an optimist into a self confident person.  Adam attended the Festival of the Performing Arts Camp where he met his future group mates, who are also Jewish as he is. Currently he is a fan of Los Angeles Lakers, whom he loved since being a kid. He has a huge collection of cars, his favorite one is blue Mercedes of the year 1971. Levine is a vegetarian, and he is an ambidexterity- he writes and draws with his left hand, while eats with the right one. He used to lift weights, but in 2006 has broken his chest, and after that spent a lot of time in the hospital. That is the reason why in 2007 he started practicing yoga. Since 2012 started the relationship with Behati Prinsloo. In spring 2013, they announced of their breakup, but a few months later was released the news of their engagement.

Justin Timberlake

Justin TimberlakeSince 1997 till 2001, Justin was in a relationship with Britney Spears, his love towards her was so crazy, mad and deep that he suffered for a very long while their breakup; while for her it was quite easy. That was the moment when all of his suffering evolved into the song “Cry me a river” which he dedicated to Britney, and which later became a world hit. In 2003, he started a relation with the actress Cameron Dias, who was also blonde right like his ex, and rumors were saying that Cameron was just a chill pill for Justin, so when she insisted on wedding in 2007, he simply finished their relationship, after almost five years of being together. Later in January 2007, Justin was jarred a few times with the starting actress Jessica Biel, and together they were marked on the snowboards in Park City, also during the Sundance Film Festival. In May 2007 were published their romantic pictures, and that made Cameron Diaz really upset. In 2011 in media their representatives announced that they broke up but stayed being friends for the sake of their past, but nevertheless of their breakup, one year later they got married. Currently they are planning to make their family bigger by having a child.

Ian Sommerholder

Ian SommerholderIan Sommerholder is one of the most wanted bachelors in the world, and all due to the role he is performing so easily, and at the same time the sarcastic vampire Damon, has become a part of his own essence. While filming the “Young Americans” in 200 he started a relationship with a beginning designer Sarah Malatesta, they were very happy for almost three years, but broke up due to the fact that Ian got a crush on Nicky Hilton (sister of the famous Paris Hilton). Their relationship lasted only six months. In spring 2006, one of the magazines announced that Ian is dating with the actress Maggie Grace (she performed Shannon’s role in the TV show “Lost”. But both actors even were appearing everywhere together never admitted or denied that rumor. Since the year 2009 Ian started a relationship with his partner in the TV show “Vampire’s Diaries”- Nina Dobrev, it was announced that in 2013 they got separated in May, but nevertheless, in December 2013 they were choosing a Christmas tree together again, which of course was a perfect news and gift for Christmas for all of their fans, who are watching their story from all the parts of the world and are very worried for them.

Justin Theroux

Justin TherouxHis debut in the cinema was in the 1996, in the movie produced by Mary Herron “I shoot Andy Warhol”, also he appeared in the movie in 1997,  it was “Romi and Michelle on the graduation”, since that time he started performing mostly on the Broadway stage, as the world of cinema didn’t attached him so much. He played one of the main male parts in the play “Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme” by Frank McGuiness, and in many other out of Broadway plays, also he played in various comedies, such as “Charlie’s Angels”, “Baxter”, “The club of the broken hearts” and many others. During his carrier he also appeared in serious movies, such as for example “American Psycho”, “The inside Empire” and in “Mulholland Drive”. In 2006 for the role in the movie “Dedication” he got a nomination in the Sundance Film Festival. Besides all of his obvious talents, he is also a very talented screenplay writer, as he is the person who wrote the scenario for the “Iron Man 2” movie. Theroux is a one woman man, he had a fourteen years relationship with the stylist Heidi Bivens, since 1997 till 2011. Since May 2011, he is in a relationship with Jennifer Aniston who he met while playing in the same movie. Same year they moved to New York, and in august 2012 was announced their engagement.

David Becham

David BechamDavid Becham is a love symbol and in this or that time certainly every woman in the world was dreaming of him. But though he can get any woman he wants in his life, he has chosen one woman to whom he is being loyal for almost fifteen years. Their first meeting was at one of their mutual friends, in the moment he saw the arrogant Victoria his first thought was that she will become his girlfriend. Since July 1999, they are married. Their wedding ceremony was held in an Irish castle Lattrelstone. Together they have three wonderful sons and a baby daughter. During their family life, Victoria has left the music band she was in “Spice Girls”, for the sake of her husband, and dedicated herself to the family completely, so for her it was not such a big deal or problem moving from one place to another according to her husband’s contract. The family lived for a very long time in Los Angeles, after what they have moved to London in 2013. Together they are called the most stylish couple in the universe, and the icons of the fashion.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley CooperBradley Cooper was born in Philadelphia. His mother Gloria is an Italian America, while his father is an Irish American. He worked on the stock exchange for a little while, but it was not that interesting for him. His parents were very religious, and as Bradley have mentioned later the faith has helped him a lot during his carrier. Cooper studied in Germantown Academy in Fort Washington, which he graduated in 1993, after it he went to the Villanova University, and only a year later he moved from it into the Georgetown University. The movie which became crucial in his carrier as an actor was the “Elephant man” by David Lynch. In 2006 he got married with Jennifer Esposito, but their marriage lasted only for four months. In august 2009 he started a relationship with the actress Rene Zelveger, but two years later they announced of their separation. He had affair with Zoe Saldana after it, but it also didn’t last too long, and in the beginning of the year 2013 they broke up, since March 2013 he is in a relation with the British model Suki Waterhouse, whom he proposed and calls the One and only. It is announced that their wedding will be in the autumn 2014 in one of the old European castles.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton KutcherAshton Kutcher has been in a relationship with Brittany Murphy for awhile. But he stopped this relation in 2003, when he met Demi Moore, whom he was calling the love of his life.  They got married after two years of relation, and no one thought that their marriage will last longer than a year, as the age difference between them was more than fifteen years. On their wedding were presented less than two hundred of people, and it was a private Jewish ceremony, where Demi’s ex husband was also present.  Their marriage lasted till November 2011 that was the time when Demi asked for divorce after it became public the fact that Ashton cheated on her.  Since 2012, Ashton is in relation with Mila Kunis. He falls in love with Mila as soon as he saw her. Since 2012, they never fell apart, and it was announced that they got engaged a few months ago, and that Mila is expecting their baby. Ashton is a co owner of an Italian restaurant Dolce, and the owner of the Japanese restaurant “Geisha House” in Atlanta and in Los Angeles. He is a fan of such sport teams as Iowa Hawkeyes, Chicago Bears and Chelsea. Currently he decided to step out of his carrier as an actor for a little bit, in order to try himself as a movie director.

Gerard Butler

Gerard ButlerIt is hard to believe that now, but there were times when Gerard Butler was abusing alcohol, that made him losing all of his friends, and it took him a really big effort in order to be able to say no to it. So now he is not drinking at all for many years, and at the same time he never got back to his law carrier, which doesn’t stopped him from being a Hollywood actor with the less possible working hours. Though he is very attractive, it is very sad that in his private life he is very lonely, there are of course a lot of rumors concerning his personal life, but as far as for now, the only girlfriend of his that the world knows about is his ex assistant Tonya, relationship with her lasted for almost two years. In July 2012, Gerard met a Romanian model, they both were happy and a very beautiful couple, together they had a great vacation in Rome, but due to the fact that they both were living in different parts of the world at some point it became very hard for them to comprise the relationship with the carrier, as a result they broke up in the 2013. The interesting thing about the actor is that though he gets millions for the movies he is performing in, he still is not sick with the star disease, and the other interesting thing is that he is very careful and nice with his fans, he is always ready to sign and autograph, or to make a picture together.

Jason Statham

Jason StathamHe is an English actor who became famous due to performing in the movies directed by Guy Ritchie, and also due to such movies as: “The adrenalin”, or “The Transporter”. Jason was born in Sherbrook; he was the second son of a lounge singer and a stylist who later became a dancer.  Later he moved to Great Yarmouth where he started learning the art of performance, also he was playing football and swimming. Sport was always his hobby, while money he was earning while selling perfumes and jewelry in the streets. His father was a boxer and taught his sons the martial arts as well. His carrier started with appearing in the advertising for the “Tommy Hilfiger” brand that was the beginning of his carrier as a model. Sometime later his agent provided him a place in the audition for one of the movies by Guy Ritchie. The movie director was very much impressed with Statham’s experience of trading in the streets and his modeling that is why he was offered a role. Jason is a one woman man; he doesn’t like having a lot of women around him. During seven years he was in a relationship with the English model and actress Kelly Brook, till the year 2004 when she met the actor Billy Zane and left Jason for him. Since April 2010 Jason Statham is in a relationship with a British model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu ReevesKeanu is a very interesting person, ten years since the beginning of his star carrier Reeves preferred living in rental houses or hotels. He was living in the “Chateau Marmont” hotel for a very long time. Reeves bought his first house in Hollywood Hills in 2003; also he has an apartment in the Central Park region of New York. Reeves was never married, in December 1999, his girlfriend the actress Jennifer Syme has bore him a daughter who was born dead, they named her Ava Archer Syme-Reeves. It was a huge tragedy for both of them, as not Jennifer, not Keanu were able to get rid of depression that started living in their souls. As a result in 2001 Jennifer died in a car crush in Los Angeles. Since that time, Keanu never had any relationships, he continues being single and dedicates himself completely to the world of cinema. He is an atheist, probably due to all of the problems he had ever had in his life, he stopped believing in something good. But all of his fans really do love him, and they even made one day on the facebook for improving his mood, this day was pronounced fifteenth of June. In 2011 Keanu has formed his own motorcycle company- “Arch Motorcycle”.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan ReynoldsHe was born in Vancouver, in the family of retired policeman, and a seller for a grocery store He is the youngest of four brothers in the family. His carrier started when he was a little boy, and performed Billy’s role in a Canadian soap opera “Hillside”, which later was renamed in the USA, into “Fifteen”. In 2002 he got a few roles that made him famous, such as “The American party” and “Buying the Cow”. Ryan has performed the main role in the movie “Yes, no, maybe”, where he plays the positive hero, but during his carrier he played also negative roles.  In 2009 he played another role that made him famous, it was the role in the movie with Sandra Bullock, which was called “The proposal”, and after which there were rumors about him dating with Sandra. Since 2002, till 2007 he was in a relationship with the singer Alanis Morisette, they announced their engagement in 2004, but three years after it they split. In May 2008 he got engaged with the actress Scarlett Johansson, and in September of the same year they got married. Their marriage lasted for only two years, and left Scarlett broken hearted afterwards. In 2011 he started dating with the “Gossip Girl” star- Blake Lively, and less than a year after they got married.

Brad Pitt

Brad PittOn the motion set of the movie “Seven”, Brad has met Gwyneth Paltrow, who performed the role of his wife in the movie, and they started their relationship during which they were breaking up and getting back together many times. But in June 1997, they finally broke up for good, without even spreading the news of the reason for the breakup.  Pitt was suffering a lot, until the moment when he met the America’s sweetheart Jennifer Aniston who was able to cure his broken heart with her sincere smile. Five years later they divorced due to the fact that Brad fall in love with his partner in the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”- Angelina Jolie. It was a very difficult divorce, as Jennifer was going through it very painfully. In 2006, it was announced that Angelina is waiting for her first child from Brad, and in 2006 was born their daughter Shiloh Nouvelle. Two years later the couple also welcomed twins- Knox Leon and Vivienne, beside that Brad adopted all of the children that Angelina has adopted before he appeared in her life. All of their children have the last name Jolie-Pitt.  Brad is a fan of healthy lifestyle, he is not drinking or smocking, as he doesn’t want to harm the people he care about with all those bad habits.

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4 responses to “Top sexiest men alive”

  1. Katherine says:

    These men are desirable by many women and many adore them on the screen. I wonder if they are the same in life as we see them in the movies. Ian Somerholder and Gerard Butler are my favorites. I have never seen the sexiness so smart and so addictive! Every time they appear in the movie, I am sure I am going to love it! I do not miss any series of “Vampire Diaries”. Damon character is simply hard t resist, m-m-m-m-m, so hot!!

  2. Amy says:

    How come did they put Ian Sommerholder that far in this rating, I think he should be on the first place, as there is no man on this Earth, at least alive one, who would be sexier than he is. His performance of Damon’s character is fu***g awesome, he is so good at it, that I think he already is Damon with some part of his soul. Awe I guess Nina Dobrev is a very lucky woman for getting him into her life, and I just can’t believe it that she is trying to play some games with him, and pretend like they are not meant to be together and she doesn’t need him in her life, I mean what is this? Are they doing it for the sake of the show? Because Damon and Elena have broke up? Or their life became so united with the show that they started acting with each other like their characters?

  3. Sally says:

    Awe yes, here are indeed the sexiest actors I have ever seen. The first one Idris, mm he has such a look like he sees your entire soul with only one glance at you, I think this is the ability that a man is learning while going through a lot of experience. And I guess that it is something that has happen to him. Not to mention his charisma in the interviews. I do not associate myself with some crazy fans, and cannot even imagine myself doing something crazy like they do, but I can say for sure that if were able to get some of his personal information than I would certainly not hesitate to get in touch with him. Who knows, I believe in the “Cinderella” story.

  4. Tara says:

    Gerard Butler and Keanu Reeves really are very sexy and two of the most desired men for the ladies, but at the same time they have a very sad look, I don’t know what it is associated with, but it looks like there was some tragedy in their life, that really hurt them and now they just can’t allow getting too much into the feelings, and allowing their selves falling for someone. Well Gerard at least is trying while going out with all those top models. While Keanu has stopped all the possible relationships since his girlfriend has died many years ago. I guess the only reason for this kind of behavior can be, is the fact that he is blaming himself and cannot forgive himself for something, which I am sure he doesn’t have anything to do, sometimes it is just fate.