Top stars who were able to win the war with cancer

Top stars who were able to win the war with cancer In 1985 the World Health Organization has announced October the month of struggling with cancer disease, in this day a variety of hospitals have offered women the chance to go through a total medical survey on the matter of cancer. Doctors are advising people throughout the entire world to go through survey not less than once per year, as early diagnosis helps preventing and curing the disease. Breast cancer around women is one of the most widely spread diseases; there are more than one million of cases on the yearly basis. For a variety of people it sounds like a sentence, but not for the today hero’s of our rating, who have shown on their own example that this disease can be cured. Their positive struggle with it has given hope to a lot of people.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina JolieOn the first place is located one of the most beautiful women in the world, the famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. As soon as she found out that she is the carrier of the BRCA1 gene, which is responsible for the development of female breast cancer as well as of the ovarian cancer. The thirty seven years old actress has decided to take the preventive measures, this way in February 2013 she has removed both mammary glands and replaced them with silicone implants.

Angelina confessed that she has made a double mastectomy, for the sake of her six children, who need a healthy mother, as well as for her beloved man Brad Pitt, who was a great support for her while she went through the operation.  Recognition of the actress about the operation in front of the media had the effect of a bombshell, as she always was considered one of the sexiest Hollywood beauties.

However even if Angelina has silicone implants, and the effect of the operation was not very noticeable, she didn’t feel very attractive afterwards, and has fallen into depression, from which she escaped due to love and support of her beloved husband. The actress made a confession about the operation in front of the media in order to urge other women to check their blood for the identification of the “defective” gene, and to not be afraid of mastectomy, as it will help those preventing tumors.


AnastaciaOn the second place is located the singer Anastacia. The singer was twice diagnosed with breast cancer; ten years ago she went through a course of medication in order to beat the disease, but in February 2013 the disease has come back to her. That was the moments when the singer has cancelled her European tour in order to be able to take care of her health, and soon after it her official representatives made public the news that she got rid of breast cancer once and for good. As soon as she turned forty five years old the singer had also removed both mammary glands, it was not very easy for her, but now she feels much better and is ready to start a new chapter of her life.  The star has confessed that the identification of this terrible disease on the early stage of it has saved her life that is why she is willing to help some other women in the world who are fighting with it as well. Now Anastacia is living her life at the fullest and is preparing to release a new album.

In April 2007, in Mexico Anastacia has married with her bodyguard Wane Newton who worked with her for three years, but unfortunately it was not meant to work out, as three years later they filled the papers for divorce, by stating that the reason of their separation are irreconcilable circumstances.

Kylie Minogue

Kylie MinogueOn the third place is located the Australian singer Kylie Minogue, who became one of the first celebrities who openly started talking about this illness. Kylie hoped that her confession will make all the other women in the world start focusing on their own health, and it was a very right thing to do.  On one of the latest interviews she confessed that she was very happy that young women all over the world began taking actions, as the quantity of medical examinations aimed to prevent cancer disease have significantly increased. In 2005 the singer has underwent through a medical surgery in order to remove the tumor that was the reason why she had to cancel her world tour. Many fans that were supporting Kylie had sent their money, which they received as a return for their tickets on her concert, to the Australian fund which fights with breast cancer.

After going through a course of chemotherapy and the rehabilitation period the singer has continued her carrier in the show business. Now Kylie is recording her twelfth studio album and is getting ready to work as a judge in the British song contest “The Voice”.

The most important thing for Kylie is her body that is why it is interesting to know that she has insured her buttocks for five million of dollars.

Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia NixonOn the forth place is located the star of the “love and the city” TV show- Cynthia Nixon.  The actress’s mother had breast cancer twice, which is why by the time she turned thirty five years old, she began to regularly visit a mammolog.  On one of the surveys doctors have discovered that she had a tiny tumor, and as usually all the women are doing, she didn’t paid a lot of attention to it, if not the results of the previous inspections.

Due to the fact that in her family there was a genetic predisposition to the breast cancer she started to go to medical examinations quite early. And this thing has saved her life. The actress underwent though a course of curing, and due to it was able to get back to normal life. Now the actress is an active campaigner who fights against breast cancer in the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization.

Since 1988 to 2003 she was living with the English professor Danny Mozes from whom she bore two children, a daughter Samantha born in 1996, and a son Charles born in 2002. Since 2003 till current time she is in a relationship with Christine Marinoni who she met on protest action attended by parents who were outraged by reduction of budget support for public schools. Some picketers were arrested, including Cynthia and Christina, so they got to know each other.

Sheryl Crow

Sheryl CrowOn the fifth place is located the famous singer Sheryl Crow. In 2006 she came on the planned examination to a mammology doctor, which is how the singer found out that she has breast cancer. As all of the tumors were small, she was able to overcome the disease completely. Sheryl returned to the stage, and one year later she adopted a child- a son Wyatt.

In 2013 the singer has become a mother for another adopted child Levi, and in August she has opened a modern diagnostic cancer center in Los Angeles, that has her name- The Sheryl Crow Imaging Center.

Sheryl Crow has never been married. Since 2003 to 2005 she was in a relationship with the famous cyclist Lance Armstrong. After breaking up with him, it was a very difficult time in her life, when she felt very unhappy and lonely that is why she has adopted both of her children. In 2003 Sheryl was diagnosed with breast cancer. In November 2011 only a few years after she has won the battle with cancer, she was diagnosed with different variety of this disease- brain tumor from which the singer is suffering till the day of today. But she is not paying a lot of attention to it, as she is very happy to have a job that she loves and her children by her side.

Christina Applegate

Christina ApplegateOn the sixth place is located the actress Christina Applegate who during her carrier has won a variety of awards. In 2008, Christina after going through a examination has learned that she has breast cancer on a early stage, in order to prevent the reoccurrence of the disease, the actress went through a surgery which removed both of her mammary glands.

The experience of fighting with the disease has inspired her to create a charity organization called Right Action, which helps women who face cancer diseases. Now Christina admits that she doesn’t like remembering the times when she had cancer. She was very healthy until January 2011 when she became a mother for the first time. The actress had a daughter Sadie who she adores very much.

In 2001 to 2007 Christina was married with the actor Jonathon Schaech. In February 2013 Christina got married the second time with the musician Martin Lee Noble, with who she was in a relationship for four years before their wedding.

It is interesting to know that Christina is vegetarian, and refuses wearing fur or eating meat. She leads an active socio-politic activity. She supports Democratic Party, foundation which struggles with cancer diseases, and in animal protection organization.

Martina Navratilova

Martina NavratilovaThe seventh place belongs to the famous athlete Martina Navratilova. In 2010 the ex tennis player was diagnosed with breast cancer, according to Martina who never was observed by a mammologist this news has plunged her into a huge shock. In one of the interviews the athlete confessed that she will never forget that day, as her life has completely changed since that day.

Martina went through a operation meant to remove the tumors, and only two weeks later she attended triathlon championship held in Hawaii. Now the fifty four years old Navratilova leads an active lifestyle, and in winter 2013 she climbed the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro.

It is interesting to know that Martina Navratilova was a star athlete in the ex USSR, so after she ran to the West, in 1975 it was forbidden in the Soviet media to mention her name. That is why the “Truth” newspaper mentioned her first victory in the final Wimbledon, with the next words: “In the male Wimbledon Championship the Swedish athlete Bjorn Borg has won the victory from the American Jimmy Connors, in the female Wimbledon has lost the world’s triple champion Chris Evert.  The athlete does everything she can in order to help other women who are suffering from this terrible disease.

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon OsbourneOn the eighth place is located the famous British TV presenter, and the wife of the dark lord in the rock music- Sharon Osbourne.

By the end of 2012, Sharon has confessed that she has done a double mastectomy, same operation that later did Angelina Jolie, as soon as she was diagnosed with BNRA gene. The operation lasted for thirteen hours, and it completely changed Sharon’s life. According to her own words there was no need in persuading her. She was not ready to live with the thought that upon her, like a shadow was floating the threat of the cancer. She wanted to live a long and happy life, in order to see how her granddaughter Pearl will grow.

Sharon became famous after the release of the reality show on the MTV channel “The Osborne’s” in which was told the story of life in their house. Broadcast of the show has started in March 2002; the last episode of the show was broadcasted in the United States in March 2005. The show had the highest ratings in United States and in Great Britain.

In 2005 Sharon released an autobiography book which she wrote together with Penelope Dening. The book was called “Extreme or My Autobiography” in it told the story about her difficult childhood, about the ups and downs in her personal life.

Melanie Griffith

Melanie GriffithOn the ninth place is located the wife of the macho man Antonio Banderas, who is a few years elder than he is- Melanie Griffith.

The doctors have found that Melanie Griffith had skin cancer; the actress went through a surgery, so the tumor has been removed on a very early stage. The journalists were stating that the emerged bruises were due to Antonio’s fists. The fifty two years old actress successfully removed a cancerous tumor. The press secretary of the star Robin Brown has told to the Associated Press that skin cancer was early diagnosed that is why she could have been saved. After the operation, under the right eye of the actress appeared a bruise that is why the journalists started blaming her husband for physical violence.

In August 2007 Griffith went to a rehab in Utah in order to get rid of the addiction to painkillers. According to Banderas, his wife’s bad habit appeared three months after her operation on the knee which was injured during skiing in early 2008. The couple was scared with the fact that the addiction to painkillers might grow into a more serious addiction, addiction to heavier drugs.

It is interesting to know that the actress was married for four times, twice with Don Johnson who she dumped in 1996, in order to be with Antonio Banderas.

Brooke Burke

Brooke BurkeOn the tenth place is located the American actress and model Brooke Burke who confessed that she had cancerous thyroid nodules. In her blog she had written that she is ready to fight the disease and she is sure that she will be able to do it. The forty one year old star was postponing her visit to the doctor for more than eight months. She done her best to be a good patient and was following all the recommendations of doctors.

The mother of four children has added that she is determined to beat the disease. Before going to the operation, the model said that everything will be great, she is ready to deal with it, and she will be fine. Also she added that she feels strong, which according to doctor’s was a very good sign.

Also Brooke said that she went through a variety of analyses in order to know what kind of nodules she had, even considering the fact that due to all those tests she had a variety of scars on her neck.

She never thought that one day she will receive a phone call that will tell her such a bad news. And for a very long time she felt guilty for being too busy to take the examination, she felt irresponsible for all the excuses she was making up earlier. That is why she decided to make it public in order to help the other women in the world being more responsible for their life and health.

Olivia Newton John

Olivia Newton JohnOn the eleventh place we find the star Olivia Newton John. In 1996 she was diagnosed with breast cancer- it was a great shock for the actress, later in one of the interviews she mentioned that she joked a lot about it, as this was her way of dealing the stress.

It is interesting to know that Olivia Newton John is the granddaughter of the famous physician Max Born. Olivia was born in an English city Cambridge, in September 1948. Her father was an officer in the British Army; he was the person in charge with Rudolf Guess arrest in 1941. In 1954 the entire family has moved to Australia, where they settled in Melbourne. When she was sixteen Olivia has created a pop band with her classmates and won in a local contest of young singers. Soon after that she got back to Great Britain with her mother, and that was the moment when her carrier went up. In 1968 she performed with Cliff Richard in the movie “The Case”.

The peak of her musical carrier became the release of a scandalous single “Physical” in 1981. A variety of radio stations have refused to roll this hit due to its lyrics. The video to the song became very famous; it was filmed in a gym where she was doing the propaganda of aerobics.

Cybil Shepherd

Cybil ShepherdOn the twelfth place is located the actress Cybil Shepherd who was diagnosed with melanoma and skin cancer. Her treatment was a successful one that is why she decided to tell the entire story to all people in the world, in order to help those avoiding same problems as she has went through. Cybil performed in about thirty full movies, as well as in TV shows. She was able to perform the characters of regular young women, who are not able to escape their regular lifestyle or social circle. Her heroes as a rule were charming, intelligent, and smart and practice, but at the same time they are independent and have a strong character.

In November 1978 Cybil married with David Ford, during that time was born their daughter Clementine in 1979. Two years later they got divorced. While performing in the TV show “Moonlight” she met the chiropractic Bruce Oppenheim, and married him. From this marriage they have twins a son Zach and a daughter Ariel. Their marriage lasted until 1990. When she was young she had a relationship with the singer Elvis Presley, though they were not for too long, later she wrote about it in the auto biography book “Cybil Disobedience”. Her elder daughter Clementine is an actress also.

Edie Falco

Edie FalcoOn the thirteenth place we find the star of the television show “The Sopranos”- Edie Falco, who during filming was going through a chemotherapy course, as she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She revealed the story about her treatment only five months after she beat the cancer.

Falco was born in Brooklyn, her mother was the actress Judith Anderson, and her father was a jazz drummer. Her father had Italian and American decent, while her mother was half Swedish, half American. Beside Edie her parents had three other children: Joseph, Paul and Ruth. Her grandfather was a novelist, play writer and poet.

Her childhood she spent in Northport on Long Island where she graduated the high school in 1981. After graduating the school she performed in a musical “My fair lady”. Later she attended the courses of art performance Suny Purchase where she met such actors like: Stanley Tucci and Wing Rhymes with who she is friends till nowadays.

She has started her carrier by the end of eighties, so by the end of decade she mostly performed supporting roles in the independent movies. She was nominated for the “Independent Soul” award for the best female role in the movie “The law of inevitability”.

Kate Bates

Kate BatesOn the fourteenth place we find the famous actress Kate Bates. In 2003 the actress managed to beat the ovarian cancer. In 2012 she officially declared in her Twitter network that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. In particular she wrote that she apologizes for a long silence, and also she said that she was diagnosed for a few months with breast cancer and that is why she made a double mastectomy operation.

Kate was born in Memphis, in the family of Bertie Talbert who was a housewife, and of Langdon Bates who was a mechanic. She has a few elder sisters: Mary and Patricia.  She finished her education in the South Metodic University in Dallas, where she became the head of the female community “Alpha, Delta, Pi”.  In 1970 she moved to New York in order to continue the carrier of an actress. Bates debut in 1971, since 1973 she worked in the theater, where she became especially famous only after the role in the performance “Heart’s Crimes” in 1978. In eighties she actively performed in various Broadway shows. She appeared a lot on the television, and in the cinema, but mostly on the supporting roles.

She became especially famous after performing in the movie “Misery” for which she got the Oscar award and a Golden Globe award.


Carly Simon

Carly SimonOn the fifteenth place we find the singer Carly Simon. The singer officially announced that she had cancer, after she lost her close friend Linda McCartney who died from breast cancer. Carly knew that she had tumor for a long time, but she kept refusing its removal as she was afraid of an operation. Finally in 1997 she made a mastectomy and underwent a course of chemotherapy.

She was born in June 1945, in the family of Richard Simon, one of the founders of “Simon& Shuster”. Her music carrier she started with the duet with younger singer Lucy. Duet the Simon Sisters has entered the charts in 1964, with the single “Winkin’ Blinkin’ and Nod”. The solo debut was in February 1971 when was released her first album. One of its singles became a hit in the Billboard Hot 100.

It is interesting to know that Carly Simon is a one man, woman, in November 1972, she married with James Taylor, and they divorced in 1983. The ex spouses have two children who are also musicians- Sally Taylor born in 1974, and Ben Taylor born in 1977.


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3 responses to “Top stars who were able to win the war with cancer”

  1. Annie says:

    Honestly speaking most of all in this list I respect and appreciate the singer Anastacia! She is a real woman who was able to show a great example to every sick woman in the world. I mean sick or diagnosed with cancer. She never stopped performing and do the things she like, as she wanted to show that cancer is not a problem and she will not stop living her life just because some disease has appeared in it! And I think it is a great thing of her, only the power of her will and spirit have helped her going through the entire process and eventually heal, even though sometime later the disease came back, but Anastacia gave it one more battle and finally beat it for good out of her life! That is very brave of her!

  2. Maggie says:

    Hmm I guess Angelina Jolie was so scared that she might have the disease of her mother that she was eventually the one who made it come into her life. I am one of those people who think that our thoughts are material, so if we think about something for too long, even if we think that we wouldn’t want that, or wouldn’t want that to happen with us, we are making this thought material, that is why it is very important to think properly before even thinking. The fact that she has done the mastectomy operation I cannot call brave, as in reality she done a not needed at all operation as she was scared that later she will have cancer if she won’t do it, so here is my logical question, why not butching off something else off her body!?

  3. Jennifer says:

    My dad is a fan of Kylie Minogue, yeah yeah right, I know hot it sounds, but it all started with the song “I just can’t get you out of my head”, for some reason I think that he was more a fan of the music video, in which Kylie was half naked, but still, I guess it doesn’t matter the primary reason, as much as the result, so that is how the entire family became “a fan” of her as well. I remember when we found out that she has cancer and she is struggling with it very intense, I guess that was the moment when I stopped thinking of her as of a regular singer with no talent, and started respecting her for the strong spirit and for not giving up being in front of a terrible disease that knows no mercy. By the way same is situation with Cynthia Nixon who fighted it very hard and only after beating it has revealed her story to the society.