Top The most Beautiful Korean Women

Top The most Beautiful Korean Women 2018 Korean actresses, model and singers delight the viewer with their beauty, mystery and femininity. Learn the top-list right now.

Korean women celebrities are distinguished by their sincerity, emotionality and deep affection for their beloved. Although the feelings are very restrained, sometimes they are expressed only with beautiful eyes, with a beautiful smile, this is enough to understand their depth. It’s no secret that Korean girls are different from European, but all Koreans are famous for their eastern beauty. Women’s beauty in this country is a road to the life of every girl. Ugly girls are difficult to find a good job or succeed in personal life. That is why millions of Korean women struggle with their appearance every day to make it even more attractive.

We are introducing you the list of the most beautiful girls of Korea 2018.

Song Hye Gyo. If you at least once watched the Korean TV series, most likely you saw this girl. For the first time, Song Hyo Gyo appeared on the television screen in 1996 and after that participated in a huge number of television projects. The actress became famous throughout Asia, and then in the world, in 2000 after she starred in the series “Autumn in my Heart.” In addition to performing roles in films and on television, Song Hyo Gyo is active in public activities. In June 2009, she was appointed ambassador representing the interests of Asian pandas. In this position, she for several years was engaged in attracting public attention to the protection of the environment and the conservation of rare animal species. Also, the actress pays attention to the issue of preserving the Korean otters. And of course, does not wear fur coats from natural fur.


Lee Heri

Pak Shin Hye – is not only a South Korean actress, but also a singer and model. She won the hearts of South Koreans in the youth. More precisely, a sixth-grade student came to audition for the main role for the music video “Got” Lee Seung Hwan (well, a very popular then in Korea singer). After casting, she moved to Seoul, she was accepted into the production company Lee Seung Hwan. The start of Shin’s career can be considered the drama “The Stairway to Heaven” (2003), in which the girl immediately took the lead.

Song Hye Gyo

Song Hye Gyo

Kim Yu Rie – “Family ties”, “I believe in love” and “Alice from Cheondam” – all this is just a small part of the series where Kim Yu Rie played. And in the intervals the girl graduated from the Keng Hee University (design faculty). Now Kim is not only the favorite actress of South Korean teenagers, but also the hope of local fashion-business.

Kim Yu Rie

Kim Yu Rie

Lee Heri became a participant and leader of the POP group Fin.K.L. The band did not bring her much popularity, and the girl left it. But this gave impetus to the development of Lee’s career. She was often invited to various entertainment programs. In 2002, Hory decided to become a designer, explaining that she was not indifferent to fashion from the teenage age. Due to her unique style, Lee Hory became a famous figure in the world of Korean fashion.

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