Tori Spelling documents marriage crisis in new reality show


Lifetime will air a new reality show featuring Tori Spelling.

A six-episode docu-series called True Tori will focus on Tori and Dean McDermott’s marriage troubles, as the couple work to save their relationship, which was recently threatened by a cheating scandal that caused Dean to enter rehab.

McDermott entered rehab in January after he was accused of cheating on his wife with a woman named Emily Goodhand. The True Tori show begins as McDermott leaves treatment.

According to the official press release, Tori ”has made the courageous decision to allow the audience to witness the most difficult and unpredictable period in her life. Intimate, raw, emotional and completely real, Tori will tell her story for the first time as it should be told – by her. Since viewers will be seeing events almost immediately after they occur, nobody knows how the drama will unfold – not Tori, not Dean – and only time will tell if Tori and Dean’s marriage survives.”

Tori and Dean leave Starbucks with their hands full

A source told ”There’s no telling yet how the show will pan out and how much drama there will be since they literally just started filming this morning.”

Another insider told People: ”She once said she would never split up her family, and she seems to mean it. However, after the latest cheating rumors, Tori must have put her foot down. She likely gave him an ultimatum.”

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4 responses to “Tori Spelling documents marriage crisis in new reality show”

  1. Salim says:

    Last year this couple was claiming they have financial problems, so that they even cannot afford Dean’s vasectomy, then later the piquant circumstances of their marriage life and Dean’ cheating were revealed. First of all, Tori behave as a wise woman not commenting them and not approving them or not but then, everything changed and the entire world learned the truth, that Tori is devastated and thinks of divorce. She is thinking of whether to give her husband a chance, or quit the marriage… and now what? They are making a reality show out of it! This is a great way to raise money as people are very interested to follow stories of this kind, but how low it is and how painful this can be for the entire family, they even do not know…

  2. Sean says:

    Hmm, it is already a hella hard time for Tori Spelling, so I don’t really understand what is the real purpose of such a show as it is pretty clear to me that it will make her suffer even more and it will certainly not bring her to any good finish. In fact I am pretty sure that after it they will get divorced or at least more distant from each other. For a woman there is nothing more painful than her man’s cheating on her, while if revealing it in public, especially the reasons for it, it will mean that she will have to go through even a bigger humiliation. So here is the moment than I am wondering about the purpose of making the ultimately private thing public? Is it for the sake of money, as we all know that people love all sorts of reality show, or this is her way of getting rid of situation?

  3. Theresa says:

    I think Tori Spelling little by little starts losing her mind, and all those things are happening because she went through too many hard times with Dean and her family not willing to recognize him as her husband and so on. Well I think it is karma, she fall in love with a man who was married and had family, so she practically destroyed some other woman’s happiness for the sake of her own one, this is her payback, what goes around comes back around, there is no person in this world who could lie to this law of existence unfortunately. So this is the moment when she is supposed to gather all the leftovers of her power and to keep going on. Life is not that hard all the time, it goes with white and black stripes, right now there is a huge black stripe for her, but the good thing is that after all of the black stripes come equal according to the dimensions white ones.

  4. chloe says:

    I am wondering what does Tori’s mother think about the new show that her daughter is setting; probably she is all pissed off about it, and no wonder. From the very first beginning of the relationship between her daughter Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott she was against them being together, and she done everything she could in order to stop them from being together, she even took all the money from Tori, but it didn’t stop her daughter from the real love she was feeling in her heart. So now I can only imagine how devastated Tori should feel, especially considering the fact that her mother will not waste the opportunity to start torturing her again for the choice that she has made. I wish Tori lots of luck and strength as she will need it in order not to go nuts.