Tori Spelling offered substantial sum for love tape

dean-mcdermott-tori-spelling adult movie mogul Steve Hirsch has a solution for Tori Spelling’s financial problems. The Vivid Entertainment boss has offered her a large sum in exchange for the love tape she made with her husband Dean McDermott.

In her new autobiography Spelling It How It Is, Tori has revealed she and Dean made a love tape on Valentine’s Day 2009 and Hirsch is willing to pay a substantial sum to release the video. According to TMZ, he recently wrote to the actress, saying: “This is a serious offer for a real tape and it could yield significant returns to help you through your difficult financial situation.”

The offer comes after Tori’s recent interview with People in which she said they couldn’t even afford a vasectomy for Dean. However a source close to the star revealed that selling her tape was simply not an option for her. “She would never entertain an offer like that … ever!” a source told TMZ.

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One response to “Tori Spelling offered substantial sum for love tape”

  1. Meggy says:

    Definitely, it is a way to solve financial problems, but lose honor, dignity and the intimacy of your happy marriage. I wouldn’t do that if I were Tori Spelling either. Well, they are not starving, they live an ok life, so why agree to that? I believe many people of today can do many bad and stupid things just for money. I am happy Tori is not one among them. I hope she will never change her mind. Private things are better kept private! Always!