Trespasser arrested outside Selena Gomez’s home

0125-selena-gomez-stalker-x17-3 A 19-year-old man was arrested on Saturday morning on suspicion of trespassing at the home of Selena Gomez, TMZ reports.

A rep for the Los Angeles Police Department said that they received a 911 call at 9:25 a.m. reporting an intruder on the grounds of Gomez’s home in the 19800 block of Wells Drive in Tarzana.

Juan Daniel Garcia was spotted by one of Gomez’s family members on the property and was promptly arrested on suspicion of trespassing.

Garcia is from El Mirage, Arizona but the police spokesperson did not say whether Garcia lives in Los Angeles or had travelled from his home state to visit Gomez. When police arrested Garcia, he claimed he was there to see Selena in person, but it is unclear if she was home at the time. is not the first time Gomez has had to deal with overzealous fans. In 2011 she was followed by 46-year-old Thomas Brodnicki. He tried to contact the singer on multiple occasions and see her in person.

Things became even more disturbing when Brodnicki, who had a history of mental health issues and a criminal record, admitted he wanted to kill Selena. She filed a temporary restraining order against her stalker and hasn’t had any problems with him since.


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5 responses to “Trespasser arrested outside Selena Gomez’s home”

  1. Amanda says:

    Well, this is the other side of the coin of being a wanted celebrity. People want to kill you out of different reasons. So, I believe celebrities need to invest much time in their security. I am very happy this trial of the trespasser to kill Selena wasn’t successful. Selena is a gorgeous lady and a very talented singer. I wish her long age of glory and fame!

  2. Well says:

    Trespassers can be a great pain in ass for celebrities. I am very happy to hear that Selena is safe and sound. This young, successful and talented star deserves a great life and it was too early for her to leave this wonderful world.

  3. Shakira says:

    I was always amazed by the fact how people think they have right to chase someone if the person they are chasing is a famous one. I can perfectly imagine how Selena Gomez has felt like, as it is crazy when someone thinks he can come to your house and talk to you, or anything else, just because he thinks you are the star and belong to society. I think I would run into my pans. I saw the interview with another guy who was chasing her, an old dude, who kept saying that everything he was doing he done because God has told him to. That’s the creepiest thing I have ever heard in my life for sure. But Selena is a tough cookie, she is much stronger mentally when her ex boyfriend Justin Bieber, that guy as soon as he became famous started going crazy, probably he didn’t had such a nice and good family standing behind his back.

  4. Sia says:

    Hmmm, I am wondering why does everybody chasing Selena Gomez specifically, maybe she is the one who gives the reason while wearing all those clothes she wears in the music videos. And from the other side, who has the right to judge her? She is doing whatever she wants as she is young and beautiful and entire life is in front of her. When I hear about crazy people who are after famous people, I always remember the movie where Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner have played, it is a great one, and also was showing how a fan’s love can destroy a person’s life. I am glad Selena has a whole army of family who will watch her back and defend her from all the bad situations that would occur during her carrier.

  5. Redda says:

    I don’t like Selena Gomez, she is too much into showing off, and she was dating that spoilt brat Justin Bieber. Ohh, I hate both of them, they are so sweet that it makes me sick. Justin already understood that he is all famous and everyone wants him, and due to this thing his roof is running all they down from him, and he is not able to put it back, lol. It is a pity to admit, but Selena is much way stronger than he is, as she is able to manage the “star” disease and not fall for it like he did, who knows maybe it is due to her huge family who is constantly supporting her.