Was Brittany Murphy poisoned?

fashion week celebs 050208 As Examiner.com reports, Brittany Murphy could have died from poison.

The actress passed away back in 2009 and the LA Coroner’s report said her death was caused by multiple drug intoxication, pneumonia and anemia. Five months later, Brittany’s husband, Simon Monjack, died as a result of the exact same causes.

After years of litigation and obstruction, Brittany’s father, Angelo Bertolotti, secured the release of her hair, blood and tissues for independent testing. Based on the symptoms exhibited by Brittany and Simon shortly prior to their deaths, Mr. Bertolotti ordered testing for heavy metals and toxins.

A new toxicology report was carried out by Carlson Company in Colorado and they found the presence of heavy metals, something the LA office didn’t look for.

simonmonjack_E_20091222141211The laboratory report says: “Ten (10) of the heavy metals evaluated were detected at levels higher that the WHO [The World Health Organization] high levels . If we were to eliminate the possibility of a simultaneous accidental heavy metals exposure to the sample donor then the only logical explanation would be an exposure to these metals (toxins) administered by a third party perpetrator with likely criminal intent.”

Brittany’s father tells Examiner: “I will not rest until the truth about these tragic events is told. There will be justice for Brittany.”

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One response to “Was Brittany Murphy poisoned?”

  1. Teresa says:

    I feel pity for the dad and I can understand his search for justice. Still, will this change anything for him? Will this bring Brittany Murphy back to life? Will this bring more comfort and peace to his soul? Will this really matter? Does justice and revenge makes us feel better after we lose close ones? Well, maybe for some, yes, but I, myself do not get it, really! Maybe, I do not understand anything!