Weird celebrity weddings

Extravagant, outrageous, over the top – that’s how celebrities like it. Stars tend to go all out just to be unique and give their personal touch to everything they do and their weddings are no exception. Keep on reading and find out which celebrities had the most unconventional weddings.

Britney Spears








When Britney Spears married backup dancer Kevin Federline in a surprise wedding ceremony in 2004 (they told guests it was an engagement party, but it turned out to be their nuptials), the couple gave the bridesmaids and groomsmen personalized Juicy Couture sweat suits that had “The Maids” and “Pimp Daddy” embroidered on them.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

Sarah Jessica Parker







These two tied the knot in New York City on May 19, 1997. But their matrimony wasn’t the shocker… It was the unusual choice of a black wedding gown that was an eyebrow-raiser. The actress recently admitted that she regrets having worn the unusual shade for her big day. But in case the couple does choose to renew their vows, she said she would “white it up. I’d wear a beautiful, proper wedding dress, like I should have worn that day.”

Mariah Carey








When Mariah Carey married Sony music head Tommy Mottola in 1993, she had 50 flower girls at her lavish, over-the-top $500,000 wedding. But that’s not where the singer’s unusual wedding receptions end. In 2008 she and Nick Cannon got married in a secret ceremony in the Bahamas, but they held their wedding reception at the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park.

Pamela Anderson








When Pamela Anderson married musician Kid Rock, she chose something a little bit different when it came to wedding attire — with a whole lot less material. Anderson donned a white string bikini but the groom was far more formal. He wore jeans and a sailor hat when they wed aboard a yacht in Saint-Tropez on July 29, 2007. Even though the couple planned to have multiple subsequent weddings in Malibu, Detroit and Nashville, they threw in the towel before they got the chance, and divorced four months later.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand








Neither Katy Perry nor Russell Brand are of Indian descent, but that didn’t stop them from holding an extravagant multi-event destination wedding in October 2010. The couple reportedly arrived to the ceremony on elephants, traditional for Indian royalty. Unfortunately, the wedding festivities didn’t lead to a happy ending for the couple, as they divorced 14 months later.

Elizabeth Hurley








Most women only get one special day, but Elizabeth Hurley had a marathon of a wedding. The actress and her businessman fiancée kicked off their nuptials with an Anglican ceremony on March 3, 2007, at the Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire, England. They then continued the party back in India with six days of traditional Indian festivities, culminating with the Hindu wedding ceremony at Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, India, on March 9. At the ceremony, there were dancing white horses and walkways lined in millions of red chili peppers, and the bride and groom circled a sacred fire as Hindu priests chanted in Sanskrit.



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2 responses to “Weird celebrity weddings”

  1. Tifanny says:

    A very interesting article! I like it a lot! I like not a traditional approach to the weddings. This is fresh, this is new and this sis uprising! I believe it is everyone’s personal choice to have the weeding they want. This is also the matter of what you can afford, but all the celebrities mentioned in the article could afford form many things. I believe in love and marriage has t do with it, even if these are just simple vows at church with you two. There are still things money cannot buy.

  2. Alice says:

    We all have our vision of the dream wedding. We all have the vision of the outfits and the way we want things to take place still, the wedding is just the beginning. Some may find it a very important day, but what really matters is the marriage and how long, strong and happy it will be. To have a long lasting and happy marriage it should be a two way street relationship and work on both sides.