Will Ferrell tried to avoid entertainment industry

will-ferrell-uk-premiere-of-anchorman-2_3994486 Speaking to The Sun, Will Ferrell has revealed that he actually never wanted to be part of the entertainment industry.

Looking at his musician father, Will tried to stay away from the showbiz as he didn’t want to have the kind of life his father had.

He said: ”I wasted a lot of time at 18 looking for a way to avoid going in to the entertainment industry. My father, Lee, was the keyboard player for The Righteous Brothers and I knew how unreliable the business could be. He would be up and down with work. Sometimes it was there. At other times, it was not. I thought, ‘Do I want this for myself?’ The answer was no.”

will-ferrell-anchorman-2-at-rte_3990524Ferrell, 46, even studied journalism and wanted to become a sports commentator, but he ended up performing.

”I was so miserable. I was turning my back on entertainment for what I felt was a good reason. I finally asked dad’s advice. He said, ‘Just know that it all has to do with luck. If it was based only on talent, I would not worry about you.’ I know it does not seem earth-shattering advice but knowing that part of it was beyond my control somehow took the pressure off me having to succeed,” Will said.

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One response to “Will Ferrell tried to avoid entertainment industry”

  1. Patrick says:

    This great article shows that, indeed it is not only about talent and abilities in our lives, but also like and in general it s called a fate. I am very happy the fate brought Will Farrell there where he is nowadays! He definitely occupies the right place and enjoys what he does. As they say you may run form fate, but you will never escape it!