Winona Ryder looking forward to having wrinkles

tumblr_mlsplcnkd31qb5p93o1_400 She made her movie debut when she was 15 and today Winona Ryder is 41 and is one the rare women who actually welcome their wrinkles.

She said: “I love getting older. And I was really excited to turn 40. I feel like the older you get, the more yourself you become, and I think the roles, even if they are smaller, are more interesting. I do look forward to the wrinkles, actually. Really, I won’t mind. I started out so young and part of me always wanted to be older to get those more interesting parts. Now I feel like I have more life experience and I embrace it.”

tumblr_mmelnaVkNY1qb5p93o1_400The actress also spoke about women in Hollywood who are pressured to stay young. “Being the ingenue is fun for a while, and if you are lucky you get a couple of years. I feel like I got really lucky because I had a lot longer than that. And part of me never thought that I would still be acting now, so I relish the work. There’s a lot of pressure in Hollywood on women to stay younger looking, which I don’t quite understand,” Winona said.

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