Woman found not guilty of assaulting Tara Reid

tara-reid Maryam Hassan, 27, who was accused of smashing a glass in actress Tara Reid‘s face during a night out in London has been cleared.

Maryam allegedly assaulted the Hollywood star while she was celebrating her birthday at the Beat club in November, 2012. Tara was taken to hospital with cuts and bruises after the incident. The actress suffered a corneal abrasion which required a consultation with a plastic surgeon. Reid also received a cut to her forehead and an injury to the bridge of her nose.

Hassan was unanimously cleared of assault occasioning actual bodily harm. She was also acquitted of racially abusing a bouncer at the club.

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One response to “Woman found not guilty of assaulting Tara Reid”

  1. Tom says:

    Well, sometimes, it is very risky to be popular as alongside with your fans, there are people, who would hate you and have the intentions that are far form being positive and good. So, celebrities should really take care of their security. That is hwy many of the Hollywood stars pay crazy money for their and their family security.