Wonderful Croatian Women – Meet Croatian Celebrities


Wonderful Croatian Women – Meet Croatian Celebrities-min Croatian Women are world known for their beauty. Meet the most beautiful women from Croatia.

The southern European state of Croatia is in the west of the Balkan Peninsula. This is one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world and takes the 18th place in the ranking of the most popular countries among tourists. The state proclaimed independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. This country is also famous because of beautiful girls that live there.

It’s very easy to meet charming Croatian girl everywhere: on the street, at shop, at work, in the park, etc. But also there are a lot of Croatian women celebrities that are popular all over the world.

It’s important to point out that all Croatian women are generally friendly, they have good relations to any foreigners, there is no xenophobia. The country is small, but surprisingly beautiful, where you can see everything: plains, mountains, forests and the sea with islands. The sea is objectively beautiful in Europe, there are wild beasts, waterfalls, mountain passes – in short, beauty. The climate in the country is great. In February, you can already feel the spring, until November you can sometimes walk without a jacket. There are wonderful traditions of harvesting grapes, carnival.

Antonija Misura

Antonija Misura

Among Croatian celebrities you can find actresses, singers, models, artists, sportsman, etc. the most popular girls are:

  • Melita Fabečić – Miss Universe Croatia 2013;
  • Antonija Misura – is a Croatian professional basketball player;
  • Sanja Vejnović – actress;
  • Nikolina Pisek – actress;
  • Severina Vučković – pop singer.

What do unite such different women? If outwardly all celebrities are very dissimilar, they try their best to emphasize their individuality, then in character they still have much in common. Otherwise, they could not reach the heights of Croatian glory. Persistence, professionalism, diligence, ability to submit oneself – these qualities unite stars of different age, appearance.

Nikolina Pisek

Nikolina Pisek

Many of them only by chance, became popular, in the ordinary life they worked as a waitress or nurse. Some women were born in the family of already famous cinema stars, and so on. A well-known father or grandfather director, uncle-producer this is a real dream for most of the girls. But patronage has never helped to achieve real fame and popularity for those who are deprived of real talent and diligence. The most famous Croatian celebrities made their name themselves, so they can be proud of their high achievements and the fans’ love.

Sanja Vejnović

Sanja Vejnović

Regardless of age and lifestyle, Croatian celebrities pay great attention to their appearance. The main means, which allows them to remain attractive for a long time, is a healthy lifestyle. But the great value has also the help of the best stylists, hairdressers, cosmetologists. Stars are rarely ignored by paparazzi cameras, so they always try to look perfect (even with the most “simple” hairstyle and “natural” make-up). The style of clothes and make-up become an object of study and imitation of many female fans. Features of the profession, lifestyle, constant attention from others stimulates Croatian beauties to look spectacular and luxurious.

Top 10 most beautiful Croatian women

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