Wonderful Greek Celebrities: Top 10 Greek Women

Wonderful Greek Celebrities_ Top 10 Greek Women They say “There is everything in Greece” and we would like to add “And beautiful girls are no exception”.

Greece is a sunny country, where a lot of beautiful Greece women live. But in our case we would like to provide you with the list if the most charming Greek women celebrities that are popular not only in the country, but beyond its borders. It included well-known actresses, singers, models and winners of beauty contests, living both in Greece and abroad and having Greek roots.

The Greeks are a people with a rich history, numbering more than 4 thousand years. In the 5th century BC the number of Greeks reached 7 million people, which accounted for 7% of the world population. Now in the world there are up to 17 million Greeks (0.23% of the world population), most of them (11.3 million). Live in Greece. In addition to Greece, the Greeks are an ethnic majority in Cyprus.

Hereinafter a list of the most beautiful well-known Greek women:

  1. Angelika Daliani s a Greek actress.Angelika Daliani
  2. Beti Kuraku – Greek model, known for her love-story with the Italian footballer of Ghanaian origin Mario Balotelli.
  3. Christy Agapiu – British model, representative of Cyprus at Miss World 2013. Her father is Greek Cypriot, her mother is an Englishwoman.Christy Agapiu
  4. Dimitar Alexandraki (born 13 July 1990) is a model and an actress. Shows for covers of fashion magazines, starred in the series: “Top Model in Greek” and in the film “Hardcore.”Dimitar Alexandraki
  5. Helena Paparizou is a singer. In 2001, as part of the band “Antique”, Greece represented Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest 2001, taking 3rd place. In 2005 she performed solo in Kiev and, having improved her result, took 1st place.Helena Paparizou
  6. Kalliopi Zina better known as Peggy Zina is a Greek singer. Since 1995, she began her singing career and released her first album. Already more than 12 of her music albums have been released. In 2010, she was ranked 24th among female performers (since 1960) for the entire era of the national music industry in Greece. Has released 9 platinum and 2 gold discs.
  7. Katia Ziguli – famous Greek model.Katia Ziguli
  8. Vasiliki Tsirojani – is the winner of the national beauty contest Miss Star of Hellas 2012, which has Greek-Turkish roots. Will represent his country at the contest “Miss Universe-2012”.Vasiliki Tsirojani
  9. Irini Merkouri (born May 26, 1981) is a pop singer and performer of the Laika genre (translated from the Greek genre, written by Greek texts in the traditions of the Greek people).
  10. Georgia Salpa is a Greek-Irish model, with Greek roots on the paternal line. At the age of 4, she moved to Dublin with her family. After graduation, she got carried away by mountaineering and traveled a lot of countries around the world. She starred on the covers for many magazines. In 2009, she posed in a scandalous photo shoot for the magazine Food & Wine magazine. She took part in the English reality show Celebrity Big Brother. In May 2012, she took 5th place in the survey of 100 FHM sexiest women.

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