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Indonesian women celebrities Indonesian women have their own peculiarities, but still can easily conquer the heart of any man.

Indonesia, in a large part, is a Muslim country. And the special attitude of Muslim young ladies to their bodies is known. But it turns out that Indonesians of all ages and Indonesian girls, in particular, like to be photographed very much. By the degree of obsession, this love probably occupies a high place in the table of inexplicable love. Potential models easily go on contact and perceive the camera as an encouragement.

Indonesian like all southerners, have dark skin, dark hair and brown eyes. People with such skin usually very well sunbathe, have a beautiful chocolate shade, rarely burn. Despite this, they do not allow themselves to lie for hours on the shore of the ocean. An interesting fact: when a party is scheduled, friends rarely call each other on the phone. The fact is that social network Facebook is very popular. They leave a message on their page with the date, place and time of the event. It’s easier to write once than to make several calls. Girls are carefully preparing for a party, because you have to be fully armed, or you inadvertently lose your prince.

As for the cosmetics, these girls are modest. The maximum that they use in everyday life is mascara. But when the day is over and there is a party or a solemn event, women use the services of a make-up artist. Here in the course are not only mascara with lip gloss, but also shadows, pencils, eyeliner, blush – everything that makes the girls brighter and emphasizes their individuality. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the make-up artist’s services. Then the girlfriends gather at someone’s house and help each other with make-up and hairstyles. In this many see more pluses than minuses, because in the course of hours of collecting you can discuss everything in the world!

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In this country there are a lot of silver stores. Sellers and owners are trying to lure you to themselves in all ways: bracelets, chains, earrings, rings, pins, brooches, cufflinks. In the rooms hidden from the curious eyes, there are masters who create all these beautiful things.

Indonesian women have a special way of dressing, even Indonesian women celebrities. In everyday life you can often meet a girl on the street in a light billowing skirt or dress and sandals. In hot weather, they naturally prefer to wear natural fabrics and shoes on a flat sole. In the autumn and in the winter in the morning it is cool, therefore girls necessarily take with themselves a jacket or a cloak. In the daytime, the sun is already shining brightly and warming its rays, sometimes even baking, so it’s best to be in a hat or tie your head with a kerchief. Those who work in the office and are forced to comply with a strict dress code, and it is not easy. Requirements are standard: business suit, pantyhose or stockings, a skirt and necessarily closed shoes, a neat hairstyle, a minimum of make-up. Almost all rooms (business or shopping centers) are air-conditioned, so even in such outfits the heat is not terrifying.


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