Woody Allen: Colin Firth was the perfect choice for ‘Magic in the Moonlight’

woody Even though he initially had some other stars in mind, when Woody Allen started writing Magic in the Moonlight, he knew the part of Stanley was perfect for Colin Firth. That’s why he was so excited when Firth said yes.

Allen said: “The guys are great but they are hard to get, they are always busy. I have called De Niro, I’ve spoken on the phone to Dustin Hoffman and Jack Nicholson.

“Nicholson was going to do Hannah And Her Sisters. I wasn’t thinking of Michael Caine at the time as I wasn’t thinking of an English guy. It would never have occurred to me.”

But when he started writing his latest project, Woody knew Colon was his guy.

colin-firthHe explained:  “I was thinking of him as I was writing the movie and we were determined to have him, but he was scheduled to do another project.

“Fortunately for us, at the last minute his other project was postponed. Colin was the perfect person to play this because it requires a certain savoir faire (social grace). You want an elegant, good-looking person who can do the wit and can have that attitude without him getting on your nerves; someone you would like to watch for the whole movie.”


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