Youngest celebrity grandparents

While many people in Hollywood don’t even think about having kids until their late 30s, there are some stars who became grandparents in their 40s or even earlier. These famous faces and their children didn’t waste any time. Here are the celebs who were under 50 when they welcomed grandkids.

Jim Carrey








In 2010 when he was 47, his then-22-year-old daughter, Jane, welcomed a son, Jackson. And Jim, a proud grandpa, tweeted his grandchild’s photo with a caption: “This is what 7 lbs. 11oz. of California dynamite looks like.” The actor also told Access Hollywood: “It’s the greatest feeling in the world!” Young Jackson’s honorary grandmother, Carrey’s then-girlfriend Jenny McCarthy, was excited about his birth long before the world welcomed him. “I am going to rock as the grandma… I’m going to try to be there as a friend and a cool grandma.”

James Brolin

Screening Of The Weinstein Company's "The Tillman Story" - Arrivals







James Brolin first became a granddad when he was 47. Josh Brolin, James’s oldest child with deceased animal activist Jane Cameron Agee, became a dad to Trevor at age 20. He and now-ex-wife Alice Adair added little Eden to the brood four years later.

Priscilla Presley








Elvis’s only child, Lisa Marie, became a young celebrity mother, just like her mother Priscilla. Lisa Marie gave birth to baby Danielle when she was only 21, and Priscilla was 44 at the time. Three more grandkids later, Priscilla still isn’t into being called Grandma. Instead, she goes by Nonna, the Italian word for grandmother. “We say ‘Nona’ — it means ‘grandma’ in Italian,” Presley told Entertainment Tonight.

Pierce Brosnan








In 1998 Pierce Brosnan became a grandfather for the first time at 44. His daughter Charlotte gave birth to a little girl, Isabelle Sophie. In a recent interview with Empire magazine, Brosnan said, “I came to fatherhood from being a stepfather to being a young father to being an older father. I have grandchildren. I’m Pappy.” He also told Grand magazine: “If I can get away with it, why not?… To make movies and to be a grandfather and a love symbol in the same sentence is a joy.”

Kiefer Sutherland








Best known as Jack Bauer in 24, Kiefer Sutherland’s other important role is a grandfather to two young boys. Michelle, his stepdaughter, had her first child in 2005 when Kiefer was 39. Michelle made Kiefer a granddad again in 2010 when another son, Quinn, arrived. He said: “I raised two daughters. You can sit down with little girls and maybe even have a little nap. With my grandsons there is no way of even thinking about rest. After one hour with them I am totally finished and I feel like I have earned a medal.”

Whoopi Goldberg








Comedian Whoopi Goldberg became a grandmother for the first time at the young age of 34. In 1989, Alexandrea, the daughter Whoopi had at age 18, gave birth to her own daughter Amarah Skye at age 16. “I accepted the grandmother thing in my thirties, but great-grandchildren I’m not doing,” she once told The Daily Mail. “My daughter Alex is a much better parent than she was raised around,” Goldberg admitted to People. “I wanted her to be my friend. Now we realize kids need that structure!”



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  1. Polina says:

    Being a family man is always good and if you have become a parent at young age get ready to become a grandparent at young age as well. As a rule, kids follow the steps of their parents and this is also true about having kids as life shows. It is nice to be a young grandpa or grandma since you are full of forces and energy to keep up with your grandchildren and simply have fun enjoying life together.