Zac Efron relieved after talking about substance abuse issues


In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter Zac Efron opened up about his struggles with drugs and alcohol and rehab stint and now he feels relieved after sharing the story.

Appearing on Today, he said: “It was a weight off my chest I think. It was great.”

The actor also said that working on his latest movie, Bad Neighbors, helped him deal with his issues.

He explained: “It was a rough year, and, it’s kind of funny, Neighbors is such a great icing on the cake for all of this. I was able to kind of channel all of that and put it back into this movie. And I feel great, really blessed to be here working with this group of guys, and I don’t know, it couldn’t be better right now. I’m really excited.”


Zac’s Bad Neighbors co-star Dave Franco added: “I’m really excited for Zac because I think a lot of people have this preconception of who he is, and once you see this movie, I think his teenybopper image is going to be completely shattered, and all these new projects that wouldn’t have come to him otherwise are just going to flood toward him.”

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2 responses to “Zac Efron relieved after talking about substance abuse issues”

  1. Ban says:

    I’d choose Seth over him. He’s good looking, but is VERY much aware of it himself too, which makes him far less attractive. Seth is funny and doesn’t lose his appeal soon as he opens his mouth.

  2. Thomas says:

    Saddest tale ive heard since windy miller dropped once of his freshly baked crusty loaves into a puddle outside his windmill in camberwick green.