Zachary Levi choked on cheeseburger during Broadway show

Zachary+Levi+5EJmDIUd1sWm During his Broadway show First DateZachary Levi choked on a cheeseburger in the middle of his monologue. The actor took too big a bite during a certain scene and started choking. But no matter how terrible the experience was for him, the audience loved it and had a great laugh.

Levi said: “Live theater has some hiccups every once in a while. There’s a scene, where part of the show I’m eating a cheeseburger, and I start choking in the middle of the show and everyone started laughing I was like, ‘I could be dying right now and everyone is loving this’. I kind of screwed up a couple jokes and a song that I was supposed to sing because I couldn’t talk, but it was fine, everything worked out and I didn’t die.”

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