Zoe Saldana defends Allure magazine

Zoe-zoe-saldana-32442157-1280-8001 Some people didn’t like the Allure magazine’s June headline that describes Zoe Saldana as “115 pounds of grit and heartache.” Although some of her fans complained about it, the 34-year-old star believes that the headline perfectly describes her.

She said: “I come really hard, I’m a very aggressive person when you meet me because I am a devout New Yorker and I’m Latina so this is my personality. It’s not the first time that people have said, ‘For such a delicate-looking person, you’re very tough.’ And I think that was the idea that they wanted to get across as a compliment to what they saw in me.”

zoe-saldana-avon-photo-1The actress said that she didn’t understand people and why so many of them reacted the way they did. “I don’t understand it sometimes. It almost felt like you were just looking for a reason to just be upset at the fact that I allowed myself to be very free and collaborating with a magazine that is known for collaborating with the subjects,” Zoe said.

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