Zoe Saldana has “almost ten” secret tattoos

Zoe-Saldana Believe it or not, Zoe Saldana is a genuine tattoo fan. Even though we’ve hardly ever seen any tattoos on her body, she actually has “almost ten” of them, but all of them she has are well hidden and strategically located in places that are not exposed.

Appearing on David Letterman’s Late Show, she said: “I’m running out of private places to put them on. My husband has more, his are more exposed.”

Zoe also likes to convince her friends to get inked.

“I am very proud to say I have assisted many friends and family, my sister, to get tattoos,” she said. “I get them drunk, I wine and dine them, I take them to the tattoo parlor, they come out with tattoos. The next day they’re like, ‘What the hell happened?!'” However, Saldana’s grandma doesn’t really like her body art and apparently calls the actress a “naked newspaper.”

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