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Released: 2014-06-27
Yves Saint Laurent
Yves Saint Laurent
Released: 2014-06-25
Released: 2014-09-26
21 and Over
Genre: Comedy
Director(s): Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
Release Date: 05 May 2012
Movie rating: 5.8
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What is the movie 21 and Over about?
“21 and Over” represents an upcoming fascinating hilarious comedy film, that centers on three best friends, knowing each other since childhood. One of them is having his 21st birthday; the two others drag him in the city to celebrate his 21st birthday. Things sound promising and fun, if not one ‘but’: the impending medical school examination of high importance for a promising student, whose birthday is. A glass of beer turns into more alcoholic drinks and a wild party with all the consequences, bringing friends to a mayhem and misadventure that will remain remarkable till the end of their lives.
21 and Over Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any 21 and Over HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
21 and Over21 and Over21 and Over21 and Over21 and Over21 and Over21 and Over21 and Over21 and Over21 and Over
Alfred @ 07-Aug-2014 20:15 Report a spam

One of the Funniest movies of 2013. A total blast of laughs from start to finish and does not want to stop. A hilarious and wickedly entertaining comedy that's just pure fun. It's fully loaded with non-stop antics and humor that will have you falling out of your seat laughing and in love with this special trio that take us on the whole ride with them. Miles Teller, Skylar Astin and Justin Chon are truly outrageous together, they have wonderful chemistry and have great character development. The film in all it's absurdity, it still has a undeniable heart that shines with its three young stars

Sven @ 30-Jul-2014 00:21 Report a spam

There is a big variety of comedy movies released lately, a lot of them i saw, and of course everyone knows that when appears a guy who is fu***ng a birthday cake that is crazy. But that was the idea shown by the creators of the movie, they wanted to show a movie for young people, as the more mature people would not get the humor in it. There are a lot of vulgar jokes in the movie, and a big variety of not needed words, every single character in the movie has added some spice of its own into the plot of it. That is why as a result we got a very interesting and funny picture. I understand very well the thoughts of the main heroes, three types of character, best friends. The plot is banal, and there is even a light romance story in it. All the actors are playing on a very high level especially for this kind of movie. I always turn my attention upon the money raised from movies released, and i was surprised that this movie didn’t got enough funds. It was too different, nowadays everyone likes to have fun, and look for a certain simple sense in the movies. It is a pity. The creators need to try harder about the scenario.

Jordina @ 29-Jul-2014 23:42 Report a spam

While looking for a simple comedy, which watching in a quiet sunday night i have found “21 and over”. She did great with this role, but the more i was watching this movie, the more i was realizing, that this is not the main thing in the world, to get drunk on your own birthday, and how important it is to have good friends with tho wo keep the friendship no matter their disadvantages. We all have our plusses and minuses, and the heroes of this comedy for young people are not an exception as well. All three friends have a specific sense of humor which is beyond understanding. When they are together, they are not afraid of anything, and they are capable of many things, they didn’t even dream of while being on their own.
This movie as the other comedy about drinking, there were a lot of awkward situations, from which the heroes were getting out very well, though in a lot of cases they had troubles due to their own stupid actions. And as usually, the heroes will understand everything, and the most valuable thing is friendship and youth.

Rita @ 29-Jul-2014 22:51 Report a spam

This movie shows how to spend some fun time, and how to spend birthday, and to have a memory about it for the entire life, not about crazy teenagers, but about friendship. Real friendship. About things that happen in our life very often, best friends since the school times who have chosen their own unique path. But what is this path about? And how they are living with each other? This movie is telling this story. But alcohol, variety of girls and crazy father- that is a simple add to the main course. A spicy add, without which this movie wouldn’t be interesting. What else could people who created “Hangover” create? This movie is even better as the humor in the movie is very qualitative. I was laughing so hard, that even had tears in my eyes. Though there were moments when i was blushing due to the vulgar jokes or moments. This is one of the movies that do not even require you to be drunk or in some sort of condition before watching it. Loved it very much, so have fun watching it! Swag!

Ed @ 29-May-2014 20:59 Report a spam

The film has got an energetic plot, but the characters are really obnoxious.

Howard @ 29-May-2014 20:57 Report a spam

Boozed up young people may like it. This movie will make anyone over twenty feel rather old.

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