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A Christmas Story
Genre: Comedy / Family
Director(s): Bob Clark
Release Date: 18 November 1983
Movie rating: 8.0
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What is the movie A Christmas Story about?
An evergreen Christmas comedy that’s become the staple of season holiday’s film marathons, “The Christmas Story” was directed by Bob Clark. The story for the film was adapted from short stories of author Jean shepherd, who also serves as the film’s narrator. Set in the first half of the 20th century, the film focuses on the Parker family, with young Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) having one special request for his Christmas present. Ralphie dreams about receiving a brand new air rifle model with a whole bunch of fancy features, but his mother is reluctant to buy it for him, afraid that he will “shoot his eye out”. The film is a series of anecdotes surrounding Ralphie’s Christmas presents, his ongoing struggle with the neighborhood bullies, the troubles the Parker family has with their malfunctioning home furnace, and a lamp in the shape of a female leg in fishnet stockings which turns out to be the source of grave division in the household. Even though it was only a modest box office success and was met with a lukewarm reception from the critics, “The Christmas Story” found its second life on TV, where it rules the Holiday Season three decades after its original release. The overall impression of the film has also greaty improved over the years, and the film is now widely considered one of the best – if not THE best - Christmas themed films ever made.
A Christmas Story Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any A Christmas Story HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
A Christmas StoryA Christmas StoryA Christmas StoryA Christmas StoryA Christmas StoryA Christmas StoryA Christmas StoryA Christmas StoryA Christmas StoryA Christmas Story
Melanie @ 20-Aug-2014 07:24 Report a spam

“A Christmas Story” is a classic holiday film that is very funny and entertaining. This is the film that should be viewed by everyone, and can been seen on TV during Thanksgiving and Christmas time. In most families, this film is already a tradition to watch every year and that is because it has a wonderful plot, great characters and believable actors. This is the story of the average middle class family living in a small town in the 1940's. The film centers on the average family of a regular husband and wife relationship and two young boys. The eldest of the boys is named Ralphie who is the star of the film. The most cherished Ralphie’s dream is to have a perfect Christmas containing the perfect gift, a Red Ryder carbon action BB gun. This is all that Ralphie can think about day and night. When Ralphie has to write a Theme about what he wants for Christmas, his teacher replies to him `you'll shoot your eye out' which seems to be the only reply to him throughout the whole film. What makes this film so great is the ability to relate to Ralphie with his problems throughout the movie, such as wanting that one gift that everyone thinks that you're too young to have and are unable to get. The acting is very convincing and makes you think that this could even be you in the movie. There are some very hilarious parts in this film that also make it very good. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants some holiday laughs and some great family time together. I would rate this film a 9 out of ten because it's so memorable.

Claus @ 20-Aug-2014 07:20 Report a spam

This is essentially a story about childhood and is very spot-on in regards to the yearning of children and the whole Christmas era - I've been watching it since I was a child and every Christmas when it comes on TV I watch it again. It's funny, poignant and totally memorable - it has some of the best scenes of all-time and although I know a few people who dislike it because it's a bit "weird" and "dark," most people I know love it. Worth watching every Christmas, forever!

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