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All About Eve
Genre: Drama
Director(s): Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Release Date: 13 October 1950
Movie rating: 8.3
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What is the movie All About Eve about?
What do you think about the movies from the 50's? Do you like them? We are more than happy to tell you a little bit more about All About Eve. This is a great movie from 1950 staring Bette Davis. The director is Joseph L. Mankiewicz. Anne Baxter plays Eve, a beautiful lady who gets all what she wants, and it is more than easy for her to do that. George Sanders is Addison DeWitt, Celesete Hold plays Karen, Gary Merrilll is Bill Simpson... Here is what the All About Eve movie is all about – Eve Harrington wants to become closer with the stage artist called Margo Channing and her friends Karen Richard and her husband as well. Her boyfriend is Bill Simpson, and he is a little bit jealous. This is one of the stories of the movie, and there are at least three that you wil find interesting. Everyone thinks that Eve is just naïve and really humble fan of Margo. They all want to help her to get to know her and establish communication with her. On the other hand, we have Addison DeWitt. When it comes to reaching the top in the theater business, it is not easy and you have to be evil and a little bit of a snake in order to make it. That is what Eve is about to do and there is nothing that will stop her in her intentions.
All About Eve Cast
All About Eve Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any All About Eve HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Annie @ 01-Aug-2014 18:44 Report a spam

This film represents a sophisticated tale of ambition, glamour and backstabbing in Hollywood and show business. Perfectly directed and with a delicious sense of humor, this superb classic by Mankievicz presents not only a terrific cast but also countless memorable dialogues from beginning to end.

Wendy @ 31-Jul-2014 09:54 Report a spam

I think writing that i liked this movie, means not writing anything at all. I am thrilled by this movie, especially by the performance of the actors! The subject line is terrific but there is something about the performance of the actors, some impulse, that allows this movie be a masterpiece. Everything in it is very simple and natural. And it is in the same movie a lot of fake emotions that help the main hero Anne Buckster become successful, she performed the role of a bi*** simply great! there are a lot of books lately realized that teach young women how to become bit**es, but there is no use to buy them, it is enough watching “ All about Eve” in order to know the most important things. But it is important to think properly whether there really is a need to do that. Because when Eve became successful she lost her independence! Anne is great at putting a mask one, she can be naive, modest and cute, and at the same time arrogant, aggressive and eliminating everything she doesn’t like! When she was putting on the masks she was losing her head, but that didn't stop her from going further!

Elisa @ 31-Jul-2014 05:28 Report a spam

It is really a great movies that shows the interior life of a theatre and how the events inside are being developed. This movie is a clear picture of the fact that with good intentions is built the road to hell. As it shows all the greed that a person might have.
The actors have done very well in this movie, and it is impossible to describe their performance. Beth Davis is the main violine of a orchestra. Each of her appearance in a movie is already something. And of course i cannot pass by without underlining how great was Anne Buckster, who was able to show the vicious nature of Eve, no matter the fact that she has a cute angelic face.
This movie is not only the story of what a person is ready to do for the sake of fame, but it is also a thinking about the most important thing in our life, what will happen when the theater lights will stop shining, and there will be no “bravo” screaming anymore. And of course the offers to perform a role of a twenty years old hero would stop appearing?

Gregorio @ 30-Jul-2014 20:08 Report a spam

The show is over, at the edge of the stage are the actors who are “dipping” in applaudes and nice comments, and later there is the long awaited award and the appreciation of the entire world. Is that all the things that you are living for? Is it worthy leaving family, work, changing the name and moving to another city or even country? And is it ok to step on people's heads while chasing your dream?
A famous and experienced actress has decided that it is not ok, while Eve has decided to risk. The betrayal of the close people, lies and arrogance that was all about Eve. Not more and not less. The subject is about the way how she has become an actress, and it didn’t leave anyone indifferent. In general i loved the performance of the actors, of all of them except Eve, i think that actress could have done better. It is a interesting movie that must be seen, especially by people with creative professions.

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