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Another Man's Wife
Genre: Thriller
Director(s): Anthony Lefresne
Release Date: 21 May 2011
Movie rating: 4.0
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What is the movie Another Man's Wife about?
“Another Man's Wife” thriller tells the story of how one person can change the life of other people, unfortunately, not for the best. A family relives a car accident and in their attempt to recover from this tragedy they move to an outlying cabin in the mountains. The vacation has a good effect on them and their moral state, they start rebuilding their lives. During their stay in the mountains they meet a handsome man and become friends; however the plans of their new acquaintance are far from friendly ones. As the story unfolds his actions are directed on vengeance and the destruction of their lives...
Another Man's Wife Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Another Man's Wife HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Another Man's WifeAnother Man's WifeAnother Man's WifeAnother Man's WifeAnother Man's WifeAnother Man's WifeAnother Man's WifeAnother Man's WifeAnother Man's WifeAnother Man's Wife
Christy @ 27-Jun-2014 21:21 Report a spam

One of the worst movies i have ever seen from the quality point of view, i do not understand how this kind of crap can be even released? i saw the teaser trailer, and was very pleased by it, i thought that there is a great movie awaiting for me, and were very anxious to see it, so the anxious i was to see it, same pissed of i was after i saw it, because of its quality of course. So people hear my advice, if you highly value your own time, don’t waste it for something like that, there is a huge row of other movies that really deserve being seen. This movie unfortunately doesn’t match that list, so it is better to forget about it.

Eva @ 25-Jun-2014 11:16 Report a spam

Hmmm, i liked the plot and i enjoyed the movie very much, though i think that with this kind of plot they could have done much better than they did. I can say that this movie is my favorite type of movies, but it is filmed in such a bad quality, that it is even difficult for me to watch it. Honestly speaking, if not my friend, who advised me to see this movie, and said that it is one of the best things she ever saw, i wouldn’t ever watch it, Rena Sofer was quite good, but the rest of the staff was very boring, so boring that i felt the need to smash them right into their face. I think if starting something to do, when it is important to do it properly, and till the end, while here in this movie, i had the feeling that everything is being only half done in the best case. What is wrong with people, why not doing it well? Whatever, my rate to this movie is 6 from possible ten, and only due to the great plot, the rest of the movie sucked.

Diane @ 10-Jun-2014 03:32 Report a spam

Television project of the American channel “Lifetime”, specializes on movies which are created mostly for women, and in which the main roles are performed by the women. Thriller “Another man’s wife” tells the story of a family couple who went through a terrible car accident. Under the wheels of Hadley’s car a woman dies, so in order to get back to normal after a terrible stress that they went through they are moving into another house, which is placed far away in the mountains. That is the place where they hope to start a new calm life. The young family meets their friendly neighbor with who they find common language very fast. But their new neighbor-fireman knows much more about them when he shows. The bad thing is that family doesn’t even have a clue how dangerous is their new neighbor. I feel very sorry for the things they had to go through because of him.

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