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As Good as Dead
Director(s): Douglas Raymond
Release Date: 01 September 2008
Movie rating: 6.1
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What is the movie As Good as Dead about?
When a prom gets destroyed by a demon, and all the people get raised as zombies, who is going to be there to save the world? Is there anyone who didn't go to the prom? Of course- geeks were out of the picture, until it was time to save the day and start the real action. Douglas Raymond directed a movie "As good as dead" with Derek Fogarty as Drew Riemann in the main role. Along with him, you also get to watch Jessica Retif as Jessica Simpson and Travis Resor in a multiple role. You can find this movie named "I Was a Teen-age Prom Queen!!" as well as "Prompocalypse" which could be the best title if you have in mind what was happening with people in the story. Not only that the prom gets completely destroyed, leaving a bunch of zombies behind, this film is also focused on what could a group of geeks do when the real action is inevitable. In the end, one could always say that it definitely was a prom to remember, at least for those who survived it and were not turned into zombies by a demon. Of course, it is not really something that could happen at your prom, but... what would you do and how would you handle the situation that was considered impossible, till it was obvious that it got very real?
As Good as Dead Cast
As Good as Dead Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any As Good as Dead HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
As Good as DeadAs Good as DeadAs Good as DeadAs Good as DeadAs Good as DeadAs Good as DeadAs Good as DeadAs Good as DeadAs Good as DeadAs Good as Dead
Sarika @ 31-Jul-2014 11:42 Report a spam

I can say that this movie is a mixture of drama and thriller that deserves being watched. There are a lot of things to think about during watching it, as well as there even things to think about after the end of it. It is a good example of a very good movie that was filmed with no great budget or famous actors. I should say that this movie is filmed very well. I cannot say of course that i watched it on “one breath” but still the situation of the main hero who has no way out of the hard situation he is in, and has to tolerate all the tortures are shown very well in the movie! It looked real and vital! I could feel that the main hero had nothing to do with that and tried to justify in front of the kidnappers who were 100% sure that the cruel murder has been done by him. And how big was their disappointment when at some point he was able to turn them against each other!

Alfredo @ 31-Jul-2014 07:30 Report a spam

The first impression from the movie is the feeling that i have been fooled, and betrayed, “How could they? i believed…” And later comes the realization of the thought “Everything is right, and there is justice”, and understanding that it could not be different. The authors of the movie were able to draw a picture and tell a story, this way the viewer participated in various events, and empathized the main hero, i felt same emotions as the main hero when i was imagining myself at its place. And during the time when the plot was developing my point of view has changed completely a few times.
I cannot say that i was very “captured” by the movie, in fact at some point i realized that the subject line is too stretched, and the good thing is that in those moments, a new “ingredient” was added and this fact was making the movie look even better, under a different angle upon the new facts. And the main thing is that by the end of the movie everything was on its places. As a result i can say that this movie might be not a masterpiece, but it deserves being watched.

Samir @ 30-Jul-2014 21:42 Report a spam

This movie is a very good prove that sometimes it is better not to trust your eyes, but your intuition, because as a result the most unpleasant person has turned to be right by the end of the movie. The main hero is a successful photo reporter who is in the middle of divorce, he is a loving father with a bunch of problems when it comes to home problems, in general it is a regular person who is being attacked by two not normal men and one psycho woman, who were stating that he is a cold blood killer who shoot a person for now reason.
It is wild and awkward at the same time, and i felt sorry for the main hero who tried to convince people who attacked him that he is not guilty, but the further the things go the less are the chances for a good end for him. This movie is one of my favorite ones, as it makes me feel a wide row of emotions! though i cannot say that the end of it has become a big surprise for me, i can only say that the hero has a strong will and spirit, is able to be patient, and is counting all the actions pretty well.

Avi @ 20-Jul-2014 08:15 Report a spam

Often implausible and convoluted with stilted dialogue and an irritatingly over-the-top performance by Frank Whaley.

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