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Assassination Games
Genre: Action / Thriller
Director(s): Ernie Barbarash
Release Date: 29 July 2011
Movie rating: 6.1
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What is the movie Assassination Games about?
Brazil (acted by Jean-Claude Van Damme) and Roland Flint (acted by Scott Adkins) – are two unknown to each other bodacious assassins. Brazil is the master of cold weapon, ready to fulfill any job for the right price. Flint is a first-class shooter, who withdrew from this business after a savage attack on his wife (acted by Bianca Bree) that caused her present coma state. One day each of them gets a task the target of which is the same drug lord (performed by Ivan Kaye). The two of them want him dead – Brazil for money, Flint – to revenge his wife. However, the tycoons of the criminal world start a hunt on them and the two competitors have to team up to cope with their target before they are dead…
Assassination Games Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Assassination Games HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Assassination GamesAssassination GamesAssassination GamesAssassination GamesAssassination GamesAssassination GamesAssassination GamesAssassination GamesAssassination Games
Bree @ 10-Jul-2014 00:41 Report a spam

I read a few reviews where people are writing that there is not a lot of action in the movie, but honestly speaking not everything is about action in the movie. This movie is very strong by its action and looks good, the interest towards this movie is also strong, so there is no moment when you feel bored. There are moments when the genre is mixed, like for example drama and action movie, but no one can link it in a harmony. Of course there are some things that are not very logic, and are not motivated, but it is the weak part of all movies. It seems that Van Damme’s style is very much changed, it became tough and without silly things. That is the second movie where Van Damme and Atkins are performing together, in the first one they were enemies. Well, i can say that Van Damme is pretty strong and he still has stuff that he can show off.

Deborah @ 09-Jul-2014 07:19 Report a spam

The artistic movie “assassination games in some of the sources is called “weapon” for some reason. The main characters are performed by the famous, though not that young anymore Jean Claude Van Damme and Scott Atkins. Both of them are professional killers. The first one (Van Damme) is an active one, and the second one, has stopped doing that, due to the coma of his spouse, who entered this coma specifically due to her husband’s profession. But in some moment the interests of those two killers are getting interlinked, after Van Damme has got a contract to kill a bad guy, and Atkins wanted to kill this person as well, because he had the fault for his wife's difficult condition. After fighting for a moment those two decided to become partners in order to finish that guy, well i can say that it is not a bad movie at all for watching it once, i got a certain pleasure from seeing Jean Claude Van Damme once again.

Dana @ 08-Jul-2014 07:54 Report a spam

I watched this movie once in my life and i should say that this experience was more than enough for me, i will certainly never watch it again. And here are the reasons why, first of all Van Damme is already not that cool superhero, it is a shame to say that but in this movie he played the role of a coward killer. Cliche of a wealthy single man and of a prostitute with a modelling appearance already sucks, why not making up something new, as well as blood “rivers” are not impressing either.
The main idea of the movie to kill a man from the mob for the sake of revenge and for money is not not new or interesting either. I didn’t notice any feelings or beauty in this movie, although i tried to be not skeptical and find them. Also there were no interesting moments in the play. So if rating it from one to ten, i would give it a three. So my recommendation is not to watch this movie.

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