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Blue Valentine
Genre: Drama / Romance
Director(s): Derek Cianfrance
Release Date: 23 January 2010
Movie rating: 7.3
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What is the movie Blue Valentine about?
Blue Valentine is a romantic drama starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. It is a story of a young working class couple Dean Pereira and Cindy Heller Pereira. Dean works as a painter while Cindy works as a nurse in a medical clinic. They have a daughter named Frankie. Even tho they are both young, they are both ravaged by life and by the experiences leading into their marriage. Dean is a high school drop out coming from a broken home and he has never had a mother figure. He would never have thought of being married and having a family even tho he had fallen in love with Cindy at the first sight. He is a man without ambitions and enjoys his current work, but Cindy thinks that he has much more potential. Cindy is from a dysfunctional family and her previous relationship had an influence on her marriage to Dean. Cindy and Dean head off on an overnight getaway with their daughter which will provide a clearer picture of their marriage. Blue Valentine raises many serious questions and leaves the viewers to ponder upon them. It is an excellent movie, the way in which the couple interacts is magnificently done and the actors did an amazing job at playing their roles. Two main actors definitely have chemistry and it shows on the screen. This movie isn't like the rest, it isn't a form of escapism, it is a view of reality which surrounds us all and it should be on your must view list!
Blue Valentine Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Blue Valentine HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Blue ValentineBlue ValentineBlue ValentineBlue ValentineBlue ValentineBlue ValentineBlue ValentineBlue ValentineBlue ValentineBlue Valentine
Debbie Marshall @ 04-Aug-2014 11:56 Report a spam

Brilliant drama, “Blue Valentine” manages to really set the tone of an atmospheric picture that is elevated by a strong cast of talented actors that simply possesses great chemistry on-screen. Directed by Derek Cianfrance, a director who is skilled at crafting, thought provoking, absorbing dramas, successfully!

Mariette @ 02-Aug-2014 04:26 Report a spam

It is a very sad movie and very real at the same time, because there are really a lot of things in woman’s hands. She decides the future for her family, husband, daughter. If she wants, she can give a chance to the relationship, if not than there are no arguments in the world that can help her out. You cannot order to your heart! In this movie is shown a story of one man and woman, how they met each other, how they started living together and all the things they had to go through, as well as the tough choice that they had to do. And many years after, comes the moment when this woman cannot hide anymore her indifference towards the person who married her even though she had a child. Maybe she never even loved him. Because a loving woman during six years of mutual life has to have a different need- the desire to have a child from her beloved man. But here there is no such story, and her feelings are dying as never existed. She had the fault for her dog’s death, and this way it is underlined even more the drama of this movie. This movie is a great example of how you should not fight for the family. There is no romance in it.

Martti @ 01-Aug-2014 22:20 Report a spam

The best thing about this movie, is that it is made about you, about me, about us. We all know how to look strong, but in reality we are weak. I am sure there were a lot of girls who were tired and not didn’t love anymore, but they have found themselves in the words or acts of the main hero. And men were acting the vice versa way, they were not ready to say goodbye and to let go everything so easily! But in real life everything usually happens in a different way. I think the film director has managed to do the impossible! He caught the feelings and the mood of people who had a crisis in their relationship a loong time ago, and was able to comprise thousands of stories and fates in one single movie! I am sure that every person no matter the gender who will ever watch it, will stay under impression for a very long time! And after watching it will feel weird and empty, and sad in a way or another! This movie will help realizing many things in the successful and stable relationship, as well as in the relationship that “live” on the love of one person!

Vanna @ 01-Aug-2014 01:38 Report a spam

In the movie “Blue Valentine” are shown very well the worst sides of the family life, that happen in the ordinary life of ordinary people. But it is shown in the genre of drama. and i can say that everything in this movie is turning off! Even such innocent things as doing something together, or going to the supermarket. Yes that was the idea of the movie producer, to show how during the marriage people are growing apart. That was very difficult for me to watch this movie, but the good things is that i “opened” my eyes on lots of things, on lots of problems going on in my marriage as well! Of course the heroes make typical mistakes and if they would really want they could have corrected the situation between each other, but sometimes people are just too stubborn or proud in order to do it, and it is killing me the fact that it is easier for them to say goodbye to each other and find someone else in order to go on the most difficult path of communicating and getting back to the point of happily ever after with the person nearby.

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