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Genre: Action / Biography / Drama / History / War
Director(s): Mel Gibson
Release Date: 01 January 1995
Movie rating: 8.4
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What is the movie Braveheart about?
In this epic historic drama released in 1995 and directed by Mel Gibson, he stars as the Scottish warrior William Wallace who led the first rebellion of Scots against the English king Edward I. William Wallace is a Scottish commoner whose father was killed by the English when he was a child. In his later years his secret wife is also killed by the English soldiers who tried to rape her, and that proves to be too much for young Wallace who decides to take matters into his own hands and try to unite the Scottish tribes in his quest to push the English outside of Scottish territories. His efforts aren’t only hindered by the English, but also by some high ranking Scotts who believe that Wallace’s rebellion would be the death of them all. Wallace initially has plenty of military success against the English, but he loses at Falkirk, the deciding battle of the 1292 English invasion of Scotland, after he is betrayed by a few Scottish noblemen. Wallace manages to escape the battle ground and kicks off a one-man guerilla warfare against anyone who wronged him in his previous efforts. Ultimately, after a lot of enemy blood has been spilled, Wallace is captured and sentenced to death for high treason. Even though he dies, his struggle inspires the future rebellion which eventually freed the Scotts from English rule in 1314. “Braveheart” received ten Academy Awards nominations and won five of them, including best motion picture and best director.
Braveheart Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Braveheart HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Sia @ 29-Jul-2014 06:08 Report a spam

After watching the movie “Brave heart” i stayed under a great impression. The main role in the movie has been performed by Mel Gibson, who was genius in the moment when he was showing the character of the hero. This movie is a historical one, about the battle for the freedom of Scotland, against English violence and kingdom-ship. England has occupied Scottish ground. The regular “visits” of the English soldiers were burning the villages, were killing Scottish people and raping women. This way a simple Scottish man (Mel Gibson), has lead Scottish army, and due to that got the nickname “Brave heart”. There are many unexpected twists in the movie, betrayal, intrigues and it was interesting to watch the techniques of fighting. Of course there is also a love story in the movie, which was pure and lasted the entire life. For me this movie has become a real discovery, that is why i advice everyone watching it, as you will surely get a lot of pleasure from it. This movie is a legend, that is a “must” to see at least once per lifetime.

Alex @ 26-Jul-2014 09:36 Report a spam

This is one of the best history movies that were ever filmed. The amazing performance of the actors, especially by Mel Gibson is not leaving anyone indifferent towards this movie. This movie can easily be called a masterpiece, as it was honored with a few Oscar and Golden Globe awards. This movie is a story about a man who had a really brave heart, and who was able to unite around himself almost all the Scotland and could lead the war towards the king of England. He wanted to live a normal life of a human to have a family to raise children. But after his beloved woman was killed by an englishman he decided to revenge, and his revenge has grown into a war. While watching the great scenes of cruel bloody battles, i had the feeling that it really happened, and i was in the middle of that battlefield surrounded by heroes fighting with the enemy. This movie is about a person, about a real man who had a really brave heart, and i think every man needs to see it, and learn something from it, at least once per lifetime!

Teo @ 26-Jul-2014 04:36 Report a spam

It is a great movie, and unlike all the other history movies, it is not a show off, and it is not stretched too much, it is a real story, that is dynamic and after watching it you are not able to get back to normal for some significant time. When it was released i was sixteen or seventeen, and i was so much amazed by sizes of the great event going on on the screen, by the performance of Mel Gibson, and by all the reality of the movie, that during a week i have watched it a several more times.
The battlefield in this movie is a real masterpiece, because it was a real show without using computer effects. All the movie no matter how serious it looked on the screen is watched easily, due to the glance of humor that was added to the movie. The funny scenes have a lot of harmony in the movie, and give some time to relax till the next dramatic episode. The love story shown in the movie is also real, and with real end of it. The end of the movie has made crying not only women around, but even men had tears in their eyes, when they saw what was going on with Walles. In general i can say that it is a very strong and decent movie.

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