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Breathe In
Genre: Drama / Romance
Director(s): Drake Doremus
Release Date: 28 March 2014
Movie rating: 6.4
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What is the movie Breathe In about?
“Breath In” is a very touching drama. One can say it’s a very musical film resembling one of Chopin’s sonatas. Here we witness how love develops in the heart of an adult and mature musician, Keith Reynolds who has to teach music at a high school. He develops feelings towards an exchange student from Great Britain – a young pianist Sophie. She comes to stay at an American family and study music in the USA. Keith is truly a unique character; he’s very delicate and seems to be lost in life. At the same time he tries to find the freedom he once lost. Reynolds’ wife is worried by the fact that her husband seems to be attracted by Sophie. Suddenly she feels an odd man out in this family. However she’s the one to be blamed for Keith’s lost freedom. Sophie is a very shy girl, but from the moment she appears at the doors of Reynolds family, their life changes completely. There are very few dialogs in the film, but this gap is filled with a lot of quality music, very sad music that reflects the movie’s general mood.
Breathe In Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Breathe In HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Breathe InBreathe InBreathe InBreathe InBreathe InBreathe InBreathe InBreathe InBreathe InBreathe In
Marcia @ 27-Jun-2014 21:37 Report a spam

After watching the trailer to the movie i imagined how a young exchange student Sofi, would be a mean girl with a cute face, but in reality it was different, she came to a foreign country, into a family of strangers and into atmosphere where she doesn’t really have friends. High school boy whom she met, likes spreading rumors, which affected her reputation, but near her is the miserable, devastated but nice father of the family which invited Sofi, with who she was able to find common language very soon. And Keith finds in Sofi something he was craving for a very long time, such as youth, lightness and at least some freedom from the job and family he feels sick of. I think the world which is shown in this movie is full of melancholy and is not ordinary at all. It brings the feeling of the everlasting autumn, i think mostly due to wonderful music used in the movie.

Ida @ 25-Jun-2014 11:44 Report a spam

I am a married woman so eventually my first reaction on the movie was anger because this young girl has entered the life of this family, and no matter how ordinary and boring this life was, it was a family that she harmed a lot. I think it is a good movie, i don’t know whether it teaches a lesson, probably each person who dealt with this kind of problem understands what the movie is about, we others would probably see a different one. I can say that i had a real pleasure from watching it. Guy Pearce in this movie is natural as much as it is possible, sometimes i even had the idea that it is a home video, because this movie has shown all the feelings of a man who was persuaded by music. This movie has to be felt, as the main accent of it, is upon people’s feelings, and my personal opinion is that Guy Pearce and Felicity were amazing on showing was feelings. This movie is light, and full of romance, which is so needed today.

Tina @ 10-Jun-2014 00:37 Report a spam

I can say that it is a complex movie as it held me in captivity, and not the kind of captivity that you feel while watching an action movie, or than heart stops beating from fear during watching a thriller, no, not this kind of captivity, but the one that you feel when it is hard on the soul. The boring and ordinary life for a person who used to live in a different way. This life takes away all the emotions and sucks the life off. And all you get is remembering of how it was a long time ago, and how good it was. That was what happened with Keith, he has a family, a good one, but ordinary one, family that unfortunately doesn’t really understand what he likes. They do not share his passion for music. So eventually when Sophie breaks into this simple and happy life, at some point she changes everything about him, and his life is already not same as it used to be. Actually no matter the fact that it is a difficult movie, i felt pleasure from watching it, as it kept me thinking about for a few days after i watched it.

Joe @ 26-May-2014 19:24 Report a spam

The movie requires more help than it gets from the script, which turns on facile coincidence and dwindles in originality as it moves toward its climax.

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