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Released: 2014-07-01
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Captain America
Genre: Action / Adventure
Director(s): Joe Johnston
Release Date: 22 July 2011
Movie rating: 6.9
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What is the movie Captain America about?
“Captain America: The First Avenger” represents a movie adaptation of the classical comics “Marvel” and tells the story of the events that took place when Marvel Universe just was seeing its start. Steve Rogers was born during the Great Depression times in a poor family and was a very weak boy. During World War II, he is desperately trying to get into the military duty, but gets rejection due to his poor health and physical condition. His burning desire has got Dr. Abraham Erskine’s interest and he is enlisted in military duty, to help in the war, taking participation in the experiment, the goal of which is the creation of the totally new ‘super-soldier’. As the result of getting a special vaccine Rogers’s weak and fragile body has turned into a powerful brawny body of a super-hero. Afterwards, armed with a shield and dressed in a patriotic red-blue body stocking, Captain America is sent on his first mission. Together with other soldiers he needs to fight the criminal organization, known as HYDRA. The main goal of the brave Americans -is to get their ringleader...
Captain America Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Captain America HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Captain AmericaCaptain AmericaCaptain AmericaCaptain AmericaCaptain AmericaCaptain AmericaCaptain AmericaCaptain AmericaCaptain AmericaCaptain America
Cindy @ 27-Jun-2014 21:08 Report a spam

I enjoyed the marvelous action scenes, the heroic destruction of terrorists which looked like nazy all those things made me enjoy this movie. well first of all i should say that i watched in on the notebook, that is why i would rate this movie lower than it probably deserves. In this movie i enjoyed seeing a new character (the Winter Soldier) who is same strong and powerful as the main character. And for me it was a great surprise to see who was hiding behind the mask of the evil “monster”. My conclusion is that authors have made a captivating, qualitative and great action movie which has not only an amazing graphics, but also reveals the true sense of friendship and loyalty. The end of the movie as usually gave a hint about the continue and the third part which i already can’t wait to see. And according to the tendency of this movie i am sure it will be even better than the previous parts.

Sharon @ 25-Jun-2014 10:44 Report a spam

I can certainly say that i liked the second part much more than the first one, because this time the events are spinning in the modern world full of brand new electronic devices, modernized armes and very strong wae ships, this way watching the entire movie is much more interesting. Chris Evans who played the role of captain America was simply irresistible, his hero is very strong, honest and a brave soldier with his own principles and beliefs, he is very dedicated to his work and his friends. Scarlett Johansson as usually was at the top of any words, her hero is beautiful, mystique and very brave, for a tiny little bit i got confused whether her hero really is sincere or not, but later i understood how things in reality are. Samuel L. Jackson was also awesome, and got a plus from me for his ingenuity and wit. this movie captivated me from the beginning till the end, as i couldn’t solve the mystery who is the betrayer.

Emma @ 09-Jun-2014 21:17 Report a spam

I can say that the first Captain America has left a very good impression upon me that is why I waited for the second part. And I can say that I wasn’t disappointed at all, I guess it is even more successful than the first movie, and one of the most important things about it, is the performance of the main characters that were simply amazing during it. Personally I am a big fan of Marvel Studios, and I never regretted even a second of my time spent in the cinema while watching this or that product of this company. The special effects are simply awesome, the working staff is amazing, and of course the scenario and directing are all the time pretty good as well, I cannot add anything, because I consider that a great work has been done during filming, and all I can say is that I truly enjoyed it, it is a great action movie, and all the two hours of it, I was in total captivity and worries about main characters. I highly recommend it to everyone who likes action fantasy genre of movies.

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