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Genre: Drama / Romance / War
Director(s): Michael Curtiz
Release Date: 01 January 1942
Movie rating: 8.5
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What is the movie Casablanca about?
Rick Blaine is a night club owner in Casablanca and he meets with his old love Ilsa who is in town with her husband. His name is Victor Laszlo. He is a leader of the resistance from Czechoslovakia and he has Germans following him. There is one solution for them to get out of the country, and in order for that to happen, Rick needs to help them. During the movie, we see these three, and especially Rick and Ilsa chatting and going through all kinds of situations in order for them to get out of the country as soon as possible. This movie was released in 1942 and judging by the ratings, it is more than obvious that people still love to watch it even though it has been many years since the release. The director Michael Curtiz has made a great story and we also need to thank Julius Epstein and Philip Epstein for writing the screenplay. It is one of the movies in which we have a chance to see Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Henreid, Cl;aude Rains and many other great actors of that golden period of Hollywood. Casablanca is all about love, war, police, gestapo, beauty and terror... You have it all in one movie and the best part is that the acting is more than amazing.
Casablanca Cast
Casablanca Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Casablanca HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Zoe @ 31-Jul-2014 08:39 Report a spam

I decided to see this movie after i saw the movie “Sleepless in Seattle” as it was mentioned this movie in it, and i thought what the heck, why not maybe i will like it, at the beginning i was discouraged by lack of colors, but later i was amazed by it! Casablanca is one of the best movies that were ever filmed in the history of cinema. In this movie there is a big variety of wise phrases, and it is perfectly demonstrated the difficult situation in which a lot of innocent people have found themselves, although they simply dreamed to finally live in peace away from the war. No matter the fact that the genre of this movie is a melodrama i can say that there are a lot of funny moments in the movie that will not allow you to stay bored, and there are a lot of funny dialogues! This movie is a great story of love, it is a story about Casablanca and the beginning of the war. The subject is very easy but there are so many important things in it. Even in the black and white colors “Casablanca” has become one of my favorite movies. I advise everyone to see it, and to feel the charming touch of the classics.

Severi @ 30-Jul-2014 23:01 Report a spam

Everything in this beautiful movie is up to this word! The amazing performance of the actors, the amazing story of love and the great movie directing! I will not say many things about it, but i can say that it is better watching this movie yourself when hearing about it from someone. All the heroes are very well organized- and not one of them can be excluded from the movie, otherwise the entire picture will collapse! Each of them is very charismatic and interesting! I really liked the police officer Reno (Claude Rains). Probably he is the brightest character of the movie. The dialogues in the movies are also amazing! Each phrase is like made of metal it is firm, sharp and bright. In general i can say that i got a lot of favorite expressions during watching the movie! There is nothing new in those phrases, and there are no plus words in it! It is pretty obvious to me that the scenario writer has done a great job while creating this masterpiece! Same as it is obvious to me he has a great sense of humor!

lila @ 30-Jul-2014 18:52 Report a spam

It is a wonderful movie about beautiful love, it is classics that will never be old. I will not describe the subject line of the movie, as this is the information everyone can find online. I will only describe my feelings towards it. This movie is a old one, it is black and white, and this special feature gives it even more charm. And i wrote about the wince not like that, i love watching this movie in a complete silence when it is dark outside with a glass of wine in my hands and being completely alone. I enjoy the touching moments of this movie and with some childish naivety of the scenario, with the performance of the main actors . The movie is very simple and light, there wasn’t anything fake about it, no pathos and so on, there are things i could smile upon, and there things i can think about. “Casablanca” is touching the thin structure of the soul, that is why it became classics, and that is why this movie has won three Oscar awards. In general i advise it to people who are able to enjoy the good old movie.

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