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Cedar Rapids
Genre: Comedy
Director(s): Miguel Arteta
Release Date: 22 January 2011
Movie rating: 6.3
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What is the movie Cedar Rapids about?
After his colleague, Roger Lemke dies with asphyxiation while masturbating, Tim Lippe, naive and idealistic provincial insurance agent takes his place and is going to show the interests of his company at the local summit in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. At this place he soon understands he is “guided” by three convention veterans... Little by little, Tim starts getting out of his ‘provincial shell’ and losing his head with the temptations of the ‘big city life’ he uncovers his employer’s white-washing machinations…
Cedar Rapids Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Cedar Rapids HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Cedar RapidsCedar RapidsCedar RapidsCedar RapidsCedar RapidsCedar RapidsCedar RapidsCedar RapidsCedar RapidsCedar Rapids
Pompea @ 23-Jul-2014 01:35 Report a spam

Hmmm, i was trying to realize who were the target people for this movie, who are the ones who will enjoy it most of all, but unfortunately i was not very lucky about it. There practically is no plot in this movie, and there is no sense in it, but the main goal is to show how good is to be proud of the country you were born in. I haven’t seen that much cliche in neither one movie. The performance of the actors also was pretty impressive, though it is obvious considering the fact that they are actors for many years in a row. According to the plot, Tim who works in insurance company goes to a business trip where he tries to win a award.
I don’t want to get deep into the subject, as i am sure you would love to see it yourself, but i will say, that this movie belongs to the category of movies that from one glance to them are obvious to be not interesting ones. It is a regular comedy about lifestyle, so for a person who is looking for some sense in a movie this film is not an option.

Orla @ 18-Jul-2014 22:42 Report a spam

Personally i have watched this movie from the third attempt, and only due to the fact that i didn’t had anything else to do and felt very bored! While watching it i didn’t have any special emotions, i felt only being bored and some moments were really disgusting! Yes there are a few funny moments, but all of them gathered together cannot make this movie look like a comedy at all! Unfortunately it is just never meant! Calling it a movie for the family i also can’t, because at the beginning it is boring, later there are a few stupid jokes, which are followed by sex, drugs, prostitute and a happy end - this is the subject line of this movie! Honestly speaking this is not a movie, but a non sense! If you want to kill your time than watch it! Even if Sigourney Weaver was not able to drag this movie into something good and higher level, although she has a supporting role, than trust me no one will be able to do it! That is why don’t waste your time on this crap like i did it!

Roseann @ 18-Jul-2014 00:37 Report a spam

It is a good comedy for young people, it reminded me a little bit the famous “American pie”, as there was living a long time ago a person who was a nerd and of course had a lot of hidden complexes. he was eventually afraid of girls, and was afraid to do something wrong, which is usually not very pleasant for every person. He was working as an office person that is why everyone was making fun of him even at work. But suddenly his boss dies, during sex, and people at the office after thinking for awhile, and probably not very proper have decided to put him as a replacement. So what? Why not? he is silent and works very well, but the most important thing he is not demanding a raise of salary and is always up to extra hours. So that is exactly how everything has started! Big city, big desires, and eventually while he is a boss now the situation is changing completely! So here the comedy starts! I can say that you will not regret it for sure! It has everything in it, comedy, love story, and some tears as well, why not :)))

Rich @ 28-Jun-2014 15:20 Report a spam

It's funny, offensive, well acted and pointless.

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