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Child of God
Genre: Crime / Drama / Thriller
Director(s): James Franco
Release Date: 28 April 2014
Movie rating: 5.5
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What is the movie Child of God about?
Child of God is set in a mountainous county in Tennessee and it tells a tale of Lester Ballard. Mister Ballard was a dispossessed, violent man who tried to exist outside of the social order. He is deprived of parents and home and is left with no ties, he starts to descends into madness and down to the level of a cave dweller as he stumbles down the road to crime and degradation. Movie is based on Cormac McCarthy's book of the same name. The book isn't easy to read and is heavy with scenes which could make an adult feel nauseous, the same can be said about the movie. Lester Ballard is a loner, he roams through the woods like an angry dog trying out multiple depraved and vicious activities ranging from assault to necrophilia. It is weird to feel sympathetic towards Lester Ballard, but that's exactly accomplished in this movie. He might be a weird and vicious individual and entirely revolting, but he has something in him which makes him human, and seem very similar to the regular people. Even tho the movie is grim and dark, it manages to make the viewers laugh. The cast did a wonderful job in making the book characters come to life and the entire movie is well satisfying.
Child of God Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Child of God HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Child of GodChild of GodChild of GodChild of GodChild of GodChild of GodChild of GodChild of GodChild of GodChild of God
Clarence @ 24-Jul-2014 03:20 Report a spam

I can say that James Franco did pretty well in this movie, especially considering the fact that from psychological point of view it was a very difficult role. Cormack is usually writing some books with deep meaning that not every person in the world is able to get, i cannot say that i am a fan of his books, as after reading them i usually feel like someone has brainwashed me. That is why i hate myself each time i start reading a new book. I think from the point of view of morality and non sense this movie is amazing, and really is a part of a modern art, but i do not advise wasting even one minute on it!

Brain @ 19-Jul-2014 08:19 Report a spam

Lester Bellard could have become an outstanding hunter or shooter if he would be born in different time and in a different place. The changes that happen in young mind due to a variety of factors are following the steps of their host, and this way they pollute the mind and the ability to think properly of the hero. So Bellard is a person who got out of history books, with not a very handsome appearance. He doesn’t like a crowd of people around him, and he got away from the people who were surrounding him, not because he is not up to its rules, but because he has a sick psychological character. He simply is not able to live properly with regular people. About this kind of person is written the story “Child of God”, and of course James Franco was as usually simply perfect while bringing this character to the viewer. I can say that it was very difficult for me to watch this movie, although i am quite good with the drama genre,but still it was hard to go through all the hard things that he was going through.

Onelia @ 19-Jul-2014 07:24 Report a spam

Mmm for me it is very difficult to write this review as i have never done anything like that in my entire life. The main thing for me about this movie is that no matter how hard i tried i still was not able to understand the meaning of it. But it doesn’t really matter because anyway i liked it a lot! The light in the movie was all the time not intensive, that was making the house look more mysterious. And of course the hypnotic track performed by Tilda Swinton who was during the entire movie holding the hand of her depressive genius lover.Only by the end of the movie i made an impression about it, is same as i was offered a candy which was same size as a huge bread. I got a almost physical pleasure from the movie. As about the plot, who cares about the plot?! The famous movie director has allowed us to enter his dream, not for us complaining about something, but in order to get amazed by it. This movie is not for boring people, it is for creative ones, who know how to live their life!

Amy @ 18-Jul-2014 07:28 Report a spam

It is very easy to rule the good people, very easy, while the bad ones it is worthless to try. I never heard anything different. I would have showed you something beautiful, but there is only dirt around. During only one year James Franco has managed to perform in a few movies that are completely different, and are in the top one hundred of the sad selfie, also he draw a few portraits of Seth Rogen by his own. “Child of God” is based on the story by Cormac McCarthy. A crazy hobo is terrifying the citizens of one village in Tennessee. We can forever pretend to be complex and special natures, but in reality we all are same as two waterdrops. All of us are children of God. the West Virginia state is the place that is based mostly on agriculture that is why local citizens are considered to be stupid and not well educated. In general this movie is a mixture of a huge variety of stories about different people in different places of living, i suggest you not to waste your time on this movie.

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