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Creed of Violence
Genre: Action / Crime / Drama
Director(s): Todd Field
Release Date: 26 January 2012
Movie rating: 0.0
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What is the movie Creed of Violence about?
Universal has bought the film rights to a western novel “Creed of Violence”, even before its publishing. The story is taking place in 1910, the time of Mexican revolution, eyed by the two opposite characters: an assassin, Rawbone and an agent from Investigation Bureau, John Lourdes. The fates of the two interweave when Rawbone is caught at smuggling weapons from USA into Mexico and is offered immunity by his lawyer in exchange for his cooperation. Rawbone agrees to a deal and together with Louders, presented to everyone as his son, start on a journey in the underworld of Mexico. Coming right in the heart of professional hitmen, thugs and smugglers, Louders has to overcome his fear towards Rawbone and concentrate on his survival…
Creed of Violence Cast
Creed of Violence Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Creed of Violence HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Creed of ViolenceCreed of ViolenceCreed of ViolenceCreed of ViolenceCreed of ViolenceCreed of ViolenceCreed of ViolenceCreed of ViolenceCreed of ViolenceCreed of Violence
Cara @ 09-Jul-2014 04:04 Report a spam

i don’t want to write too many things in here, but i would like to say my opinion. I think sometimes it is better not to touch some events of the history, as different people have different perception and feeling towards those events, that is why i think it would have been much easier to watch it, if not linking it to revolution happened too long time ago in order to remember about it. there is a lot of violence in this movie and lack of sense. But the most important thing for me while watching a movie, is to have a feeling that it will teach me some good thing, unfortunately this movie doesn’t teach me anything, in fact after watching it i had such a mess in my brain, that i think it made me less intelligent than i was before wasting my time on it. So my review is for people who don’t like wasting their time.

Sarah @ 08-Jul-2014 01:27 Report a spam

Hmm, i can say that the plot of the movie is ridiculously funny. I started watching it as i was looking for some thriller and thought that it would be nice to find something released recently, not some old cheap stuff. I probably did the worst choice ever as i cannot even say that this movie at least has a subject line. The first twenty minutes of the movie i was watching it because i thought there will be some deep and interesting meaning which not all the time develops in the beginning of the movie, after my twenty minutes have passed, i decided that i should not be that bit** and give it some more chance, so after watching it for almost one hour, i realized that there is nothing good awaiting for me in it, but still decided to watch it till the end, as it would be a shame not to do after “killing” so much time on it. That was a mistake, that is why i decided to write my opinion here, in order to help people avoiding the mistake that i have done.

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