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Released: 2014-09-26
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Released: 2014-12-16
Genre: Horror
Director(s): Jon Knautz
Release Date: 31 December 2009
Movie rating: 5.5
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What is the movie Cult about?
There are horrors that are really scary because they have good special effects. And there are those horrors that are so real life like that they carry totally different kind of fear. This one has both of them. This movie is called The Cult or, as the former title was, Shrine. The original idea for the story came from Brendan Moore and Jon Knautz. It was only later adapted into a movie by Trevor Matthews, Brendan Moore and Jon Knautz, who also directed the movie. The plot is based on some real life events that surround us every day and happen almost all the time. Whenever someone goes missing, the first reaction to that is- he/she will soon be back, because it's an act of rebellion. And in most of the cases it's never that way. This movie covers the story about three young investigators/reporters, Carmen (Cindy Sampson, Supernatural), her boyfriend, Marcus (Aaron Ashmore, Smallville), and an intern, Sara (Meghan Heffern, Almost Heroes), who stumble upon a pretty unusual story and decide to follow the leads. Tracks lead them to an old remote village, where it was reported to have people vanish after visiting it. As they are determined to discover the truth, they are yet to find out what they are getting themselves into. And that is where the whole horror begins and they are about to see just how far that actually goes.
Cult Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Cult HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
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