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Dante's Inferno
Genre: Action / Adventure / Fantasy
Director(s): Jonathan Knight
Release Date: 09 February 2010
Movie rating: 7.7
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What is the movie Dante's Inferno about?
Everyone has heard of Dante Alighieri, most of us had to read his works in school, but this animated movie doesn't have a lot in common with the original work. This movie is based on a video game, which changes plenty of things in the book. This animated movie tells a tale of Dante, who has been fighting in the Crusades for three years. He returns back home to reunite with his love Beatrice and his father. Dante notices a rider following him who suddenly disappears without a race. When Dante finally returns back home he notices that his servants are slaughtered. Lucifer appears and takes Beatrice to Hell whilst telling her that Dante had betrayed her. Dante meets a man named Vergil who guides him to Hell. Virgil explains that Beatrice had made a bet with Lucifer that Dante would remain faithful to her during the holy war and in return Lucifer would protect Dante and bring him back home safely. Dante arrives in Hell and learns that he has to traverse the nine circles of hell and meet Lucifer and him. During his travels Dante learns who doomed his family to suffer in Hell. Animation is gorgeous, all of the characters are wonderfully animated and have a certain appeal to them. Voice acting is done exceptionally well whilst the story could be better. Fans of animated movies should give this one a go, it is a nice way to spend some spare time.
Dante's Inferno Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Dante's Inferno HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Dante's InfernoDante's InfernoDante's InfernoDante's InfernoDante's InfernoDante's InfernoDante's InfernoDante's InfernoDante's InfernoDante's Inferno
Dick @ 02-Aug-2014 09:15 Report a spam

I liked this movie a lot, though it is far away from a perfect one! Half of the movie was made in the anime style, but anyway it made me empathize a lot to the main hero. I wish there were more cartoons of this kind! I insist that everyone should watch this movie, and i can say that i will definitely watch it again. Nine circles of hell, search of the beloved woman all of those things were taken from the story written by Dante, which could be shown as a not bad action movie. The only thing i feel sorry about, is the fact it was shown as a cartoon. And of course it was a thing in plus making up the relation between the heroes in the soap opera style. Of course there would be awesome if some special detail was added to the movie, but the film directors decided not to do that. And the other thing about the movie is the primitive graphics of the fantasy action movie.I think for this kind of story they could invest more into the picture. And of course this is not the Dante i was expecting to see, so that is why i do not recommend this movie.

Rodger @ 02-Aug-2014 00:07 Report a spam

I would be honest and say that i didn’t quite understood this movie! The action in it, allways changing characters, events and multiple fights with armies of demons and other kind of stuff. As a result i came to the conclusion that it is worthy to watch this cartoon, at least due to the fact that it is different to all the stuff of this kind that i ever seen. I am not a fan of cartoons, but this one has aroused my curiosity, which i could not leave like that. At the beginning of the fourteenth century was written the poem “Divine comedy” and only in the twenty first century someone was smart enough in order to make a cartoon from it! The action of this “masterpiece” is developed in the hell mostly. The hero is trying to pass nine circles of hell in order to find his love, who was in devil’s hands.
I enjoyed this cartoon, and of course there is no perfect picture. Half of the picture is made in anime style ( i have no idea what was the reason of doing that). The heroes were drawn very well, but there is too much blood in it, i don’t think it is a good cartoon in order to show it to children.

Jacinta @ 01-Aug-2014 02:18 Report a spam

Not a long time ago on some movie channel i saw this cartoon. And at the beginning i thought that i will finally see the famous poem by Dante Alighieri which is called “Divine comedy” but i was very wrong about that. I saw a different thing from the one i wanted to see. In the first place there were absent two first parts of the poem “Heaven” and “Hell”. In the second place Dante looks more like a terminator than like a regular catholic priest. And in the third place the cartoon is filled with vulgar pictures that are so common for all the anime cartoons, but do not correspond to the vision of the catholic hell. Though there are pluses in it as well. It is a lot of action, the characters keep changing all the time, the events and the battles with army of demons and other doubting personalities. As a result i can say that i was very disappointed by it. I think there are other cartoons that look much better than this one, and that would bring some good message to people watching it.

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