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Dream House
Genre: Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Director(s): Jim Sheridan
Release Date: 30 September 2011
Movie rating: 6.0
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What is the movie Dream House about?
They say that all houses have their own history and even memories. For one person, his home has become a place he would kill to forget. Not aware of the home infamous past, where the series of the ropey murders were committed, a family moves into it to find themselves the next target of the killer…Will Atenton, a successful publisher quits his job in New York to relocate with his loving wife Libby and their two daughters to a town in England. After settling in their perfect house, they discover that a mother and her children were killed in it. Only the husband survived, and the whole town believes this murder is at his hands. Will takes up the investigation of this criminal case, during which he teams up with their neighbor, named Ann Paterson, who was close to the killed family. Together they discover the story of the last man, who left his dream house that is as horrific as the story of the one, who came next.
Dream House Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Dream House HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Dream HouseDream HouseDream HouseDream HouseDream HouseDream HouseDream HouseDream HouseDream HouseDream House
Caitlin Szakáts @ 01-Aug-2014 19:23 Report a spam

Amazing movie with great plot, wonderful actor’s play and unexpected turn of the events! I highly recommend the movie for those, who like mysterious and suspicion films. I rate this film ten out of ten.

Naomi @ 09-Jun-2014 20:56 Report a spam

The main idea of ​​the movie was to show the importance of the family, love of children and love of the spouses. This is what I felt and what remained in my heart after viewing the film. «Dream House " from the first to the last minute kept me in tension and captivity ,due to the right set of the story that develops in a mixture of genres, it shows: mysticism , the thriller genre and detective , but the most striking is the dramatic component of the movie . And the music chosen for it is also right, I would even say perfect, as it accentuates the picture.
Perfect tandem of the actors Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz has led them to the birth of their family in real life, which once again confirms how well they got used to their roles.

Elisabetta @ 02-Jun-2014 20:05 Report a spam

For me was very surprising the turn of events in the middle of the film, although I partly overlooked it, as I saw the hints (and I watched the trailer), but for me it was a real shock. Shock, because of how much pain I saw in the eyes of the hero after the awareness of reality! And his screaming from the emotional pain. It caused me goose bumps. I felt very sorry for Craig’s hero in that moment. And I think this is the merit of the actor. He was able to show all the emotions, all the drama of Peter / Will ... His pain, his despair and confusion. I felt this movie! I even had tears on my eyes for a couple of scenes which is not usual for me at all. I cannot say that I like this kind of movies, as usually they make me very sad, and I cannot get back to my normal mood for a long time after, but this movie was totally worthy being seen.

Tina @ 01-Jun-2014 11:43 Report a spam

This movie is what we rarely get to see in recent years from Hollywood works. The film is very emotional, intriguing, interesting, full of mystery and suspense. I love such genres of movies. The movie centers on family values, house and the dreams of its inhabitants, the power of love and unity of family. The love can be so strong that even death cannot part people, who really care about each other. Home (family) I much more than most of us think daily and not all of us remember to treasure every minute spend in it. Watch this movie, and you won’t remain indifferent!

Grace @ 29-May-2014 20:27 Report a spam

I really admire Daniel Craig for the strong and emotional performance in this movie it made me wonder about the depth of this movie, for the emotionality of the movie. I liked the movie. And maybe I am being a bit presumptuous but I think I got the idea which was planned by the director. The movie is very sad, as soon as I got to the point I became all hysterical about it, and honestly speaking I was not the only person with this kind of reaction, I saw that even men in the theater were crying by the end of the movie, not like me though. At the same time, this movie made me think about the variety of things that I did wrong in my life, and how fast and suddenly everything can change and the people I cared most of all about can vanish once and for good.

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