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Faces in the Crowd
Genre: Horror / Thriller
Director(s): Julien Magnat
Release Date: 07 October 2011
Movie rating: 5.7
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What is the movie Faces in the Crowd about?
Violence and once again violence is what overfills our world. And this is terrible! However, what happens to a victim of violence, even if he/she survives, remains unknown to the rest of people, and it is not a less important tragedy, hidden from mass communication media. The movie “Faces in the Crowd” depicts exactly alike story about a young woman, named Anna, who survived miraculously after a serial killer’s attack. Anna not only survived, but also is the only witness, who saw maniac’s face. However, Annas’ trauma has caused a strange disease: she cannot remember the faces after they disappear from her visual field. The faces are being erased form the memory forever, and the maniac takes advantage of this to start a dreadful game with the unfortunate girl…
Faces in the Crowd Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Faces in the Crowd HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Faces in the CrowdFaces in the CrowdFaces in the CrowdFaces in the CrowdFaces in the CrowdFaces in the CrowdFaces in the CrowdFaces in the CrowdFaces in the CrowdFaces in the Crowd
Dick @ 02-Aug-2014 09:26 Report a spam

Would you like this way? To not ever have an idea how your relative looks like, or your friend? Or your beloved person. To get to know them a hundred times per day. Yes it is weird to keep the events in your mind, but to forget the face of your beloved person as soon as you close your eyes. Because of the head trauma. And the criminal knows that pretty well. The person whom she saw by accident on the place of crime and who become the reason of the trauma. And also he has her purse with the documents. A healthy person would feel itchy about it. And the sickness is not helping. And the killer can come after you in the clothes of the person who you know, because it is the only thing that looks familiar to you. There is something unusual in the movie, probably the way this movie was shown, though i think that it was a bit too long and could have bring more emotions to the viewer. But still i advise everyone to watch this movie, for some reason it became one of my favorite ones.

Lika @ 02-Aug-2014 00:14 Report a spam

I didn’t even expected that, but lately i became a fan of Milla Jovovich movies, that is why i decided to see this movie as well, she really knows how to perform and how during an hour and a half become close to your heart, an almost your person! I was empathizing her so much, and i wanted to sit near her as a friend to help her going through the difficult situation she was in! Damn it woman, why aren’t you living in the neighborhood house?! Aw well as about the movie, is is a great one! It has a lot of quality and is intriguing! I do not really want to go into details about the subject, but i will tell about my emotions from it! While i watched that, my emotions were overwhelming me!! this actress was able to show her feelings even through the screen, her pain was so real, that even i felt it in my heart, and i don’t think that everything else matters! The only minus in the movie for me, is that in some moments the subject line was too stretched.

Rami @ 01-Aug-2014 02:26 Report a spam

It is very interesting! I watched it till the end without having any problems about it, i didn’t want to digress from it even for a second, as there was an intrigue in it. But in the second time watching movies of this kind is not that interesting anymore. In general as it is mentioned in the description to the movie, everything is exactly like it is in it. That is why it is easy to understand what it is all about. The plot is interesting, though it is not new at all. I can say that i am sick of the fact that lately i cannot find a decent movie to watch, there are more of those that during watching i keep forward, and as a result don’t have enough patience to watch it till the end. And at the cinema there isn’t anything good as well. I am wondering what has happened to the world of cinema!? Why there are no good movies lately filmed? Is it some crisis of good scenarios?!
Well i am glad that at least “faces in the crowd” is a good movie that deserves being watched!

Alicia @ 05-Jul-2014 12:54 Report a spam

What can I say? I totally loved this movie! And Mila Jovovich is just amazing! The idea of the movie was quite lovely, didn't expect it, never seen it before. That is why my comment on this film will start with some praises but end it with less enthusiasm, unfortunately. The movie unfolds nicely, we learn more about Anna's condition, some tension building up, we start to suspect one or the other and then, well it becomes quite clear who the killer is. And from that point on, of course, things aren't that interesting anymore considering the fact that the thrill has lost its touch. Still, overall, it is a nice breath of fresh air really, trust me you can do a whole lot worse than this one, just keep in mind it's not really a horror, more of a thriller with some horror elements incorporated but few at number.

Maria @ 01-Jun-2014 11:47 Report a spam

This is a very tense and emotional movie. The plot line is very interesting and keeps you wondering what will happen next. Mila Jovovich did a great performance as she always does portraying a victim of the serial killer. I was relieving throughout the entire movie and was hopeful the killer would be found, punished and that Anna, the main character will gain her inner piece back and recover.

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